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Anyone ploughing through their reports today?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kateyp, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. In a similar-ish situation! Only at my school for the summer term, covering a teacher on a secondment...yet I'm writing 29 reports...
  2. I was so relieved to read yours - our reports don't have to be done until the end of term, so I have been putting them off for as long as possible! Not sure why, as it will mean some long nights, but at least I got to spend half term with my children and celebrate the fact that we had survived Ofsted the week before! Am very impressed with people who have already written theirs - well done! Guess I'll be resorting to copious cups of coffee and cake (shopping doesn't do it for me - very happy hubby!!)[​IMG]
  3. Hi
    I just wondered what report assist is ? Hope it might be some godsend I could use to help me gert thr. report wiring!
    many thanks
  4. Report assist is a software package that schools buy to write reports. It is the work of the devil and leaves most of us in our school very stressed! A lot of the statements are poor, the text takes too long to appear when typing in your own and misses lots of letters out and you end up having to spend hours correcting gender and punctuation mistakes that it makes.
    The company has gone under too, so there is no longer any tech support.
  5. Please tell me how much your daughter charges [​IMG]
  6. Please let me know how much your daughter charges [​IMG]
  7. Love it! That says it all too. No use to anyone but a right pain to write. x
  8. Find the time - you must find the time. Holidays are not holidays even though most folk think they are.
    Just completed 38 full subject reports for Year 10 (Sunday during half-term holiday). Year 7 full subject reports started Monday after half-term (60 reports to complete). In two week's time I will need to submit teacher grades and ATL grades for 278 students from Yr 7 to Yr 10.

  9. Have done 17 out of 32 - so not bad!
    We use reportassist - can't get access to their online service so we're still using old package - have to say that I quite like it. It takes the thought out of writing them - and I love the group writing feature!
  10. You are all making me feel like I should start writing mine. Have spent the whole of the holidays ill (as usuall) so didn't feel up to it. Think I must have a date with report assist at the weekend! [​IMG]
  11. I have done a few but they all need revising. Have to give 7 to the head by next week. We still have to do class assemblies as if report writing and preparing chn for assessments are not enough to keep us occupied. [​IMG]

    Roll on July
  12. Oh, I am sending sympathy big time! As a Canadian teaching here, I am amazed with the amount of testing/reporting you do here. As a middle school teacher, and a "jack of all trades" teaching 7 subjects, I spent the whole of half term writing over 400 reports. It is a killer. I found a walk around the block every 2 hours helped stave off thrombosis of the legs...and gave me a little Vitamin D boost as well. They are finished...but so am I! resignation letter delivered!
  13. I teach art and work across 2 schools in a federation and teach from yr 6 to yr 13- first lot of reports were yr11, followed by yr 7 followed by yr6 and yr8 and then yr 9 to do by next week. That's 550 reports- sympathy please!
  14. oh and I forgot yr 10 that but that was only 25 so got off lightly there!
  15. Corkycat...I send sympathies...and will stop whining! That is a LOT of reports.
  16. What is report assist?, and why do you need a password? -my reports are due in next week, and I am making very slow progress -so anything that will help along the way would be most appreciated
  17. finished

    last lot ever

  18. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    Report assist is a report writing tool with a bank of standard comments for you to select from for each subject/child. I think from memory there was a group function too. We have moved away from it because we asked our parents what sort of report they would prefer - most parents just switch off when presented with the verbiage. We now do a little sheet with a tick indicating level achieved in each subject and another tick recognising effort and attitude, with a short summary of strengths, weaknesses (areas for development) and a very small bit of social commentary...X is a friendly boy who is always willing to share his observations with us...type of thing. You could look at the comments bank on here for something similar to Reportassist: http://www.rayslearning.com.
    I think reportassist is bought in at a school level, and needed to be individually loaded onto your laptop (another bind), although that may have been an old version which may well have been superceded by a more recent online version, so don't let that put you off. Hope that helps.
  19. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    Sorry...last post was in reply to Deckchair but I haven't yet unfangled the Quote thingy.
  20. Yes this is exactly what I've done. Another delaying tactic was to try to learn to type on Dance mat typing. Not doing bad but hasn't made the report writing any quicker!

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