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Anyone ploughing through their reports today?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kateyp, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Could do with a bit of sympathy or a collective whinge...
    I'm currently into my second day of report writing this holiday [​IMG]
    Is anyone else trapped in report writing hell? What are you doing to get through the day?
  2. Could do with a bit of sympathy or a collective whinge...
    I'm currently into my second day of report writing this holiday [​IMG]
    Is anyone else trapped in report writing hell? What are you doing to get through the day?
  3. Yes, me too. I've eaten a lot of cookies!
    I've also forgotten my report assist password. It's the default. Anyone know it???
  4. Oooh, just found it - domino in case anyone needs it.
  5. I've been reporting all morning, - progress is slow, however, I still think I'm going to reward myself with a shopping trip in a bit!!
  6. Big box of Maltesers, every time I do x amount I treat myself. So far most of the box is still there! (it's early days yet though)
  7. Ah you see - I have no money and am also dieting...
    No food or shopping based rewards for me!
  8. I've cleaned the inside of the oven door, washed out the kitchen bin, vacuumed, ironed everything needed for school next week, scrubbed the grouting between the tiles in the shower....
    Anything to avoid writing my reports[​IMG]
  9. I've set myself a target of 5 per day until the end of the week which should see them finished apart from the odd tweak the next time I look at them.
    My reward is a big bag of Revels. However, I need to make sure I don't reward myself EVERY day with this treat or I shall go back to school about a stone heavier!

  10. Wow - 5 a day! I'd be rewarding myself with Revels everyday if I could get through that many. I'm pleased with myself because i've got 6 sections of ONE report done today!
    I'm hopeless - have just written 'Child X now needs to work on concentrating until written tasks are completed' This could also apply to me today - i've got this open, facebook on, zoe ball on iplayer in the vain hope that i might stay in front of the lap top long enough to get any thing done!
  11. Me!!! I'm a third of the way through....got...to...keep....going.....[​IMG]
    When I finish a whole group (8 children) I can have a Cadbury's twirl! I did a group on Sunday and rewarded myself with cake. Food rewards are the only motivator with me unfortunately!!
  12. I needed a break from reports - so reading this forum - and writing about reports!
    I'm am really strict with myself, write them in subject blocks (all the maths, then all the science etc.) and in alphabetical order otherwise it's too tempting to leave the difficult ones till last.
    I reward myself with coffee & biscuits TOO OFTEN.
  13. Me too. All the maths, all the English etc. Then write a top, middle and bottom for all subjects, a girl version and a boy version. Top comments in green, middles in orange and bottom in red. I then select the right one for each child. At the end, write all general comments and change whole report into black. Lots of coffee breaks, biscuits and moaning to anyone who will listen. :(
  14. I feel my approach is much less systematic! I'm almost there with it and I also have regular food rewards! I also have my eye on something frivolous for when they are all done!
  15. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Yep I am report writing... I can't believe how slow I am!! I have over 40 to write and no where near the end.
  16. I know how you feel- someone said to me yesterday 'well you chose to teach' Yes i chose TO TEACH not to WRITE LONG ESSAYS. On a side note does anyone have a better way of phrasing if someone is 'silly in class' ?
  17. eek I haven't started my reports yet. I just need to do the washing, wait for the washing to be washed, put the washing on the line, wait for it to be dry, fold the washing...... and then I will start reports honest!
    I really really will start today and that's a promise.
    So for someone who is silly, can you turn it into what they should be doing? Bob needs to remain focussed during shared learning time or something like that?
    Happy report writing day everyone! Bring on the chocolate...xx
  18. My partners called Bob so that just makes me giggle! But it's a really good way of rephrasing something, so thank you!
  19. Apologies to Bob! :)
  20. Damned42

    Damned42 New commenter

    I'm ploughing through mine too!!

    Thinking of chilled wine later as a treat!!!

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