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Anyone out there using prezi?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by veh01, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hi there, Prezi is an amazing tool! I used it for a presentation on TD specifications to my HOD and he was very impressed with it! So far, I have not had the time to incorporate it into my lessons, as it takes quite a while to prepare and.... I've noticed that it's a bit of a challenge to write on top of it when teaching (or bringing the children up to the front to write on it...etc) - however if you figure out a way of doing this, please let me know! All the best and sorry I wasn't much help.
  2. brewer86

    brewer86 New commenter

    I've had a play with it, but I didn't really like it for lessons. I tried a few quick fire style revision lessons, which it worked quite well for, but for "proper" lessons I found it was lacking. Still I think if I have to use it for a presentation to "real" people then I'd probably use it over something like Powerpoint.
  3. Thanks, that's pretty much what I was thinking. I'm planning to use is to show an example of a mind map, and I would also consider using it for a "presentation" presentation, but I can't see it for general lesson use.
  4. dav1970

    dav1970 New commenter

    Please let me know if anybody is using it in lessons, specifically Primary. I reckon this could create the 'Wow factor' however, I'm not a fan of 'death by powerpoint' and prefer to use other visuals when introducing a lesson.


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