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Anyone organised a school newspaper, written by pupils for pupils?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mamatotombili, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hiya,
    I've started an online student newspaper, to save paper and increase ICT skills as my school is a bit more artistic and creative. We've been running it for two years and it does take a bit of work but the students involved are really keen. I have the Y6's apply to be editors of different sections (news, school, sports etc) and we meet weekly to design the pages and upload the "articles". You can see it at http://rpbulletin.moonfruit.com [​IMG]
  2. Looks really good! what site do you use to host the website?
  3. Hi Deirdre,

    This looks fabulous! I am really interested in your newspaper and how you have organised it with the view of setting one up for my school with the help of my year5/6 class. Would be grateful for any help and ideas...I have never considered an online medium...I was hoping to organise a leavers newspaper (I teach in Australia so my kids don't leave until Dec so plenty of time) but I think your idea is excellent and my kids would really benefit and enjoy it!!
    My email is jodie.holt@det.nsw.edu.au ...... thanks...looking forward to hearing your ideas!
  4. Have emailed you a copy of one of mine. Hope it helps [​IMG]
  5. Hey Tiggerwhitty is it possible for me to get a copy of your newspaper too please?? Would love to have a look!! Email address is jodie.holt@det.nsw.edu.au

    Cheers Jodie
  6. You have mail [​IMG]
  7. Thank you!!! Looks great and gives me some ideas!! Thanks for sharing! Jodie
  8. My pleasure, anytime [​IMG]
  9. Tiggerwhitty
    Would you be able to send me a copy of your newspaper too please? I am hoping to start up a newspaper within school, and would really love to have a look for some ideas.

    Heather xxx
  10. You have mail [​IMG]
  11. Fantastic! Thanks
  12. Hi tiggerwhitty...could I possibly see a copy of your newspaper too?? I'm looking to do something similiar with my p5 class and currently fishing for ideas! Thank!

  13. you have mail! [​IMG]
  14. Hi I am setting up a school magazine with my year 10 students as part of the enrichment curriculum. I am loving this thread and would really appreciate it if someone could email me/ forward any examples of newspapers/magazines and advice.
    Thank you
  15. Hi emily,
    I will happily send you a copy of mine, but it was created for and by Primary children
  16. hya sorry to intrude not posted before but could i have a copy too, off on maternity leave at the moment but thought i could go in once a week for couple of hours and get it up and running ready for when i go back..must be mad missing the place lol
  17. you have mail [​IMG]
  18. ginawina

    ginawina New commenter

    Hi tigger,

    I'm also setting up a school newsletter with Year 3/4 children.. could you possibly email it to me too? Need all the help I can get!! NQT running the first ever for children by children newsletter at my school... argh! :)

    Thanks a lot

  19. Hi everyone
    I really fancy doing this with Year 6 and would love some examples or advice.

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