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Anyone off to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this September?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by the hippo, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Jeddah Prep & Grammar is okay, but it's not as good as the Conti. Few schools are.
  2. Could you define 'really cool'.
    Not sure I would want my Head to be so.
  3. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Is that the Famous Toad, or has he hopped off to some other riverbank?
  4. Still the same.
    Be prepared for your bubble to be burst - and this thread to be deleted.
  5. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    There are many bubbles in a bottle of Kingfisher but I suspect that this particular bird is a wind-up merchant who is already familiar with the Hall and its inhabitants.
  6. Could be worse. Poor bod could end up at MAN...RATS.......in Jeddah.Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh run for your life.
  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    If I remember correctly, Jeddah Prep & Grammar School bought the old school building from the Conti when the latter moved to its new site.
    The Human / Rodent school is pretty bad, but do not forget wonderful educational establishments like Dar Al Fikr (aka Dar Old F*** You or Dar All Thick Ears). Yes, I did teach there for one year and lived to tell the tale!
  8. You do remember correctly - although some of the old Conti site was converted into accommodation for BAe attached to Conti Village, the next door compound. When JPGS first moved to 'their' new site they couldn't believe how high the electricity bills were, not knowing that Conti Village had tapped into their suppy [​IMG].
    Regarding the current JPGS Head, all I can say is that I always liked him and found him OK.
  9. cantonbean

    cantonbean New commenter

    I am sorry to say but I think you are the only new person coming to the school! The staff are so happy here that no one is leaving. I think you can agree that is a good sign. You should be excited. It is a lovely school to teach in. I guess you are the new Maths teacher as that was the only vacancy as far as i know ( Grammar school). Kids are fab to teach. Staff welcoming and fun. Personally find the head great to work with- and I am not a spy or senior management. I am there now have signed for extension to contract as did all other staff. I wonder how many interantional schools can say they only have one leaver of their own volition? The Maths teacher leasving is only because of family not settled ( older kids ) in saudi. This is prbably the best move you will have made- if your wife likes it here. If you post e-mail adress I will write to you- we will probably be neighbours. I do not wish to reveal my identity. Can give you useful advice on what to bring etc. We could also meet in holls if you wanted in UK.

    By the way school exam results were amazing- maths department tops- all native spaekers and all British trained. Had TOP STUDENT IN THE WORLD for maths A level this year- can't be that bad. (sure you could find on Cambridge international A level website to verify)

    Beware of out of date postings - things can change relatively quickly in international schools. Beware of past axes to grind.
    Different schools do suit different people- this may not be the place for you- even top schools are not always the best place- you just have to find your niche. Be positive. You have made a good choice for a fisrt step into the starnge world of internnational eductaion.

  10. Wow this thread hasn't been deleted yet! The toad must be busy! Don't want to burst your bubble, just be prepared. Under that cool exterior there is a very dark side. He will happily put you straight back on the plane when he feels like it. It is not a threat I've seen it done several times. Come and enjoy the experience. Just remember keep your Head down and don't try to knock him off his throne! Every school has it's problems it is no worse than others (or better) The Head is the only thing to watch out for, don't fall for the arm around the shoulder!
  11. lmfao......blind and deaf??? seriously, are you talking about Jeddah Prep School??? The black women that rummage in the waste bins have a clearer strategy and methodology than the chief chimp and monkey grinders that run that school.
  12. My previous message was in response to comments from Cantonbean
  13. Hello! (To kingifisher - congrats on the job!) Just curious if this was in fact a Maths teaching job at Jeddah Prep? I'm interested because I'm a Maths teacher and I have just started job-hunting here in Saudi - moved to Jeddah a year ago as a dependent on my husband's iqama. I am British, did my PGCE in the UK but have just 4 months 'formal' teaching experience as my hubby got the job during my NQT year and we had to move.
    Have a number of questions for anyone who can help - first of all, how does the Iqama/visa process work if you are already here.. do they just transfer your iqama? Salary-wise, does that mean you are hired on a 'local' package or if you are British trained, etc. you can still expect the whole overseas deal? And also, given that I am an NQT, what are my chances of getting into a good school such as Jeddah Prep or Conti.. Do they advertise on TES? How picky are they, how should I go about it, and what other reputable schools do people recommend? Any advice from current teachers at the above-mentioned schools would be greatly appreciated! Also any inside info on job openings - Thanks!
  14. Glad this got bumped up. What is a cool Head? I have known some who are/were down to earth, honest and hardworking (not many it has to be said....), but cool?
    Nah! Doesn't happen.

  15. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Someone enjoying life in Saudi . . . whatever next!
  16. To the OP are you a woman? I would be interested in hearing about western women's experiences ofliving in Saudi.
  17. cantonbean

    cantonbean New commenter

    My best advice to NQT- go and see them- take CV- make termly contact just to check up- Im sure that at some stage supply/ or vacancy may come up. Brit qualified maths I am sure will be in demand some time. Helen Mack at conti. Paul Hay at Jeddah Prep. - botrh deecent folks and will advise. Bad news is that if you are on wife's igama guess you will be local hire- but still you could always negotiate. If not working - at least volunteer- try Jeddah prep or conti. You will get to network and see for yourself- make your own judgements- as you will see different people have hugely different opinions- Do not go to other schools- most have probs. American school may have some work too but not sure of situation there- alot of staff leaving and changes. Conti employ on the job- (GTP style) pgce students- so you I am sure would be a better option than that- local hire are often prefered as they do not have accomodation/ visa issues. You just stay on wife igama - work and get paid cash- do not inform anyone I think- schools would advise.

    Look up previous postings on saudi for info on life as woman in Jeddah- certainly most have fun- a small percentage hate it. There was alot of info previously.
    Still wondering if new teacher to Jeddah prep is out there- hope not put off- let me know you are ok and still looking forward to coming.

  18. How are things in Jeddah is the head still cool. Are you still cool? how have things worked out??
  19. Hi did you end up working for Jeddah prep? What was it like? Was the weather bearable?
  20. many of you posting on this topic are well out of touch / date with your info. The 'Toad' is long gone for a start and the post about only one post / one new teacher could not be further from the truth. As for the comment, one of the top schools, I assume this is from the website; all I will say is don't assume what you read or have been told is true.

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