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Anyone not heard about their offer yet and want to vent out some stress!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by hioannidis, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. My course has been cut in half from 13 to 7 and I still have not heard if my conditional offer has been made unconditional. I am feeling very stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My course has been cut in half from 13 to 7 and I still have not heard if my conditional offer has been made unconditional. I am feeling very stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. In excactly the same boat as you! Just want this to be over so I can get on with my life lol
  4. whats your course?
  5. IOE secondary - social science - havent met anyone on here whose the same! What about you?
  6. Central School of Speech and Drama - Media Studies PGCE - I havent met anyone either that has got on to this course on here. So what do you teach in Social Science~?
  7. Me too! :(
    Im waiting for a letter of intent to be turned into an offer, however I believe my course has been cut by a number of places :( so im reallllllllly nervous.
  8. I've never heard of that place before, is it in London? For social science you specialise in psychology, sociology or politics. I'd be psychology, then you tend to teach citizenship to lower years too. I haven't put a second choice down as there's only about 4 other places that do it and they're over 2-3 hours away. Not regretting it now the bursary has been cut though as couldn't afford to move away!
  9. I'm not even sure how much mine had been cut, as the number of places given includes flexible full time and undergraduate, which is down from 114 to 64!

    I'm soooo sick of waiting for a response, and spend most of the day checking gttr over and over again! :(
  10. Yes its a college part of the University of London. Very well respected for training withing Acting and Theatre. It is the best place to train for Media and so hard to get on to the course! I would love to teach those subjects too! My degree is in Media though so don't think I could of even applied! I've changed my whole life for this course got on and now it might be taken away from me! Im so fed up!!
  11. Hi Kimberly welcome to the fed up club! whoo now up to 3
    Ooh ok that sounds interesting! And with wanting to teach those subjects... I think when you're qualified if you're interested you can take on other subjects if your school is happy for that. So sure you'll get the chance. Like especially for the subjects your A levels are in i.e. i may have to do some business studies too. But doing lots of subjects would be good - bit of variety!

  12. kimberlie* sorry! hate it when ppl spell my name robin!
  13. Yes im the same 53 places for Grad and undergrad, and there were 84 spaces last year! :(
  14. I've got an A level in sociology and psychology so that would be great! I had to create this thread to get away from all the lucky (but quite rightly) relieved people that now have offers!! Anyone else reading this get involved and let the stress out!! [​IMG]
  15. You still have a good chance! Ive now have a 50% chance. :(
  16. Well we haven't heard a no so we all still have A chance. GTTR logs you out if you dont use it for a bit which is annoying haven't to keep doing it. I hope that by the end of the day none of us have to set "what's your back up plan?" thread!!
  17. that ticks the box for subject knowledge so sure you'd be able to teach them at some point!
  18. I phoned my uni and they say they don't know what is going on but will inform us when they know. This wait since the 8th November is a killer!!
  19. Thank god for this thread.. I am so angry at the moment and need to vent!! I applied for marjon uni as my first choice, Plymouth as second and Exeter third.. I had my interview with marjon on 10th November and other than two letters stating apologies for the delay due to government funding issues I have heard nothing!! My status on GTTR says interview! Phoned marjon this morning to find out when I would hear and was told 'soon' - when I said that Plymouth were giving out offers she said 'oh that would only have been yesterday as we only got our numbers yesterday and I wasn't here..' What bloody difference does it make if one person is absent from the dept?? Now I'm in a situation where if marjon now turn me down and my application has to go to my second and third choices, after all this time, there's no chance they'll have any spaces left!!! I can't afford to take a year out as I have two children under two so without student loans I'll have to get a job and then the children will have to go into nursery so all my money will go on childcare!! Totally screwed.. And now marjon won't pull their finger out and let me know that my life can stop being on hold.. All I want to do is cry, and I'm too old for that!

    Sorry, rant over..
  20. I know the feeling, I just hope that the Uni's pre-empted this situation, in terms of their offers, or letter of intent.
    My gttr status has changed from Interview to Stop, which is apparently means the Uni needs more time to consider.
    I now know my ID number off by heart, from signing into GTTR so often!

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