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Anyone moved from WJEC to AQA or other board?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Yogi, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Yogi

    Yogi New commenter

    We do RMT, Graphics and Textiles at GCSE and Product Design at A Level, Getting frustrated with the lack of resources and support.
    Was thinking of moving to AQA, any one else moved from WJEC? Would like to kno how you have found it.
  2. Hi Yogi, this is funny becasue I'm thinking of switching the other way! We do only Textiles AQA now, food and graphics both gone over to BTEC, which is great in that it's 100% A*-C but that's another story.

    AQA do give lots of support, although I have just attended the last face to face standardisation meeting, they will all be video conferencing in future as 'teachers can't get out of school'.

    The reason I am thinking of changing is that the AQA seems to be moving away from making skills on the mark scheme, which is detrimental to my lower ability students. The Controlled Assessment is still 60%, but the making is only a 3rd of this mark.

    How do you find the Welsh board then? I was told it's good for Hospitality/Catering?

  3. Janeboo1998
    You seem to have missed the obvious that with the AQA specifications making can appear as part of the investigation, development, testing and evaluation as well as the obvious making category. Unlike every other board there is no artificial barrier between designing and making. All of the development could be through making as there is no compulsory requirement to draw! Making could easily be 75% of the activity.
  4. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    AQA Tasks fine for all abilities in GP. Where they are totally killing it is the exam, long dry, difficult and totally offputting for the less able. WJEC looks more friendly. AQA have to have a rethink if they are to compete.

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