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Anyone managed Gina Ford successfully and did your baby sleep?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by seriouslikecrazy, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I had a read of Gina Fords Contented little baby when PG and felt it was more a book to read, get hints from but not stick to it religously as it seems very constricting.
    Anyway had baby and was in hospital for 5 days and whilst there she slept all day and was awake all night. Midwifes told me to demand feed only and not to wake her when she was sleeping. Couldn't cope with that when I got home so I started waking her for feeds and demand fed if she wanted feeding sooner, it was a very very loose take on the book timings etc.
    Baby is now 5 weeks and I have no real routine. She is fab and sleeps most nights from 11-4am and then until 7 after a feed. This is excellent and I'm so grateful for a good baby. The only problem I have is a lack of routine in the day and evening. I don't seem to be able to get dressed before lunch and then she is bathed around 6pm fed and then she will not settle at all until 9 when she stays downstairs with us. She is then fed at 10.30pm regardless of when she last fed and she generally sleeps until 4.06am (very exact lol).
    Today I'm doing Gina Ford religously. I've just put her down for a sleep now and I am going to prepare tea and tidy a bit (boy my house is a mess). Has anyone else done Gina Ford and how did you manage to have a life. I want to go to mum and baby groups and baby massage but the times don't fit with her routines. How have other people coped or is this book just too strict if you want to actually leave the house other than a walk at 4pm?

  2. I like the pattern idea. I had a pattern it just needed sorting out a little bit so I have some time to cook tea and eat it. I had a pattern and I think that is what I'll stick to. I think that Gina Ford wants babies to sleep less in the day and so sleep at night.
    I stuck to Gina ford all day (even going back a routine so it isn't too advanced for her) I'm shattered and feeling stressed a she is over tired and won't feed so won't sleep when she is meant to. Also when Iput her to sleep for 2 hrs earlier she only wanted one and then was hungry but wasn't meant to feed for another hour. I haven't leaft the house as people popped round at pram walk time so boring day and my house is still a tip because she didn't sleep at the alloctaed times.
    Back to my pattern tmr with a more fixed bedtime routine. Thank you ladies for your input. My official conclusion is that it is a pants routine and impossible to impiment as babies don't like time tables.
    Oh and Lady marm thanks for the congrats. Labour was a doddle compared to what I thought.I was 6cm before the midwife realised I was in labour (I went in to be induced andshe checked me earlier than she should because I'd moaned I was having some pain lol). Thanks for all your advice. How is your LO now?
  3. 5 weeks is so, so teeny - give yourself the first 12 weeks at least to a) recover from the shock of becoming a parent! and b) get to know your baby. 5 weeks! Awwwww. Notbroodynotbroodynotbroody.
  4. congratulations x
    babies don't really do our normal social routines and there is psychological research that suggests that a Gina Ford routine could harm your child as your child learns that it's needs will not be met when it has needs. try googling to read about the research yourself and make your own mind up about it. i had no routine until 6 months - it was very hard and for a control freak like me it was quite frustrating, but forget the housework, forget the cooking, forget the ironing - focus on the little miracle you have in your arms, learn about who this little person is, listen to them, find out what they need and when they need it. if people offer to help (which normally means "cuddle the baby"!) ask them to wash dishes or do laundry or cook a meal. that's the help you need now, your baby needs you!
    good luck x
  5. Yeah it is impossible. I'm back to my "pattern" today and much happier. I woke at 7.15, I woke baby at 7.45 she fed we played, she vomitted really badly (so now I'm watching her like a hawk to make sure she isn't ill and I'm taking her temp etc), wanted a little feed as I'm guessing she was hungry after vomiting. Woke up we had some cuddles andplay and she wanted her next feed and now she is asleep.
    i THINK i'M COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE AND i REALLY SHOULDN'T. Opps sorry for shouting. My baby is an individual and we will do things our own way. If she won't go to sleep until 9pm so what? She is super happy (got my first smile today yay) and that is all that matters.
  6. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    That smile says it all! You are being an excellent Mummy and doing everything you LO needs and wants.
  7. Awww thank you, what a lovely thing to say. We have done the same today and we are loving it. My tea is cooking away in the slow cooker, I've wrapped some pressies and I've expressed when I wanted to.
    Thanks for the input everyone.
  8. Mine didn't go to sleep til around 11pm at that age (although she did have fairly long naps during the day in the sling) as she cluster fed from about 7:30 - 11pm. She sort of grew out of that around 3 months and wanted to go to bed earlier, so we gradually started bringing it earlier til it got to around 7pm at roughly 6 months ish. She still doesn't sleep through the night consistently even now at 22 months, but she's happy, I'm tired but happy mostly, and we're doing what is right for her as an individual.
    That is definitely the bit that matters most. Those early smiles are so precious, and you find youslef acting like a loon just to get another one (or was that just me?) The first laugh is fantastic too, and now my little lady has the most incredible chuckle going on.
  9. Congratulations - 5 weeks - sooo cute
    I guess for some peopleGina Ford must work - but a big NO from me!
    I think being a mum is hard enough let alone adding extra stresses that a baby isn't sleeping/eating at the 'right' time! Having said that, I do find that my LO fell into his own routines (not timed) and we did input a bedtime one (again not timed) but roughly dinner, bath (or not) milk (breast and now out of a cup), story, bed.
    Good luck - do what works for you and try not to feel pressurised by what others are doing.
  10. pixel

    pixel New commenter

    Look up Gina's childcare qualifications and her own children.
    Then do what is best for you and your baby. You sound a really caring mum.

  11. You sound like you are doing BRILLIANTLY!
    If at 5 weeks my daughter had been sleeping anything like that I'd have been an elated mum - like many others we didn't often get more than 2 hours sleep at a time day or night.
    As for getting out and about just do it when it works for you and when it feels right. If there is something you want to go out and do you can put to sleep in pram rather than moses basket etc so that you can just go out when you are ready etc.
    As for getting dressed / feeding yourself I know that this is a little controversial (people do things differently which is entirely appropriate for different mums with different children!) but I am of the opinion that if I needed the toilet I went, if I needed to get dressed (including very quick swish in shower) I did it, if I needed a sandwich I made one.... these things take a matter of a couple of minutes and I therefore would try to do it whilst she lay happy or asleep, but if necessary did them quickly whilst she cried. I felt a need to look after me, too, and was a better mum when I had eaten and been for a wee and was clean etc. I got a bit fraught otherwise (a bit!! ha! ).
    I will no doubt leave this baby to cry here and there too (I am 29 weeks preg) as I will still have needs... and so will the 2 year old!
    Sounds like your little one is lovely, happy, well looked after and a lucky little girl xx
  12. Beachhut- you'll probably find number two is left to cry a little more than your other daughter was... Sad but true as the toddler is way more demanding than the baby! Re OP, I'm glad you're following your instincts x
  13. Hi, congratulations on your lovely little girl! A good friend told me when I was pregnant nopt to worry too much about routines as baby would settle into their own ways on their own - this did happen eventually, I htink it was around 4 months when I knew what to expect fromt he day! I was a bit anti-ford, but know others who have stuck to it and had success. a bit more alid back attitude was the baby whisperer book - it's a bit like that pattern idea mentioned by a previous poster. I found it made sense to feed baby when he woke and it got me out of the habit of feeding to sleep. anyway, there's a good forum with ideas in it (and large chunks of the boolk copied to it!) so give it a google.
  14. Thanks for that. I've not heard of baby whisperer. Will google. Gina ford is IMO, impossible. I'm just doing what baby wants and we have a good pattern. In fact last night she slept through from 10-7. I'm sure it was a one off but she is now waking at 9.30 for her night feed instead of 10.30pm and we have a general day time routine.
    She really is a contented baby and that is what I want.
    Thanks again for info, will check it out.

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