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Anyone lived in both Abu Dhabi and Oman?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by sidinz, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Who could answer some questions comparing the two?
    Alternatively, Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Though this one would be less useful.
    The situation is, I just wasted a year of my life being miserable in Oman. I don't want to repeat that mistake. I'd pretty much decided that the Middle East wasn't for me, then I spent a weekend in Dubai. Not long, no. Enough to notice that a few of my biggest frustrations didn't exist there, but obviously not long enough to get a real feel for the place for daily life.
    Anyway, some good jobs have come up in Abu Dhabi and I'd like to know if the things that made my stay in Oman miserable are present in Abu Dhabi.

  2. I agree, you need to state what made you miserable. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very different. I am just going into my 4th year in Abu Dhabi but would not want to live in Dubai - personal preferance but love to go to Dubai weekly, however, a friend has just moved from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and another lives in Dubai but commutes daily to Abu Dhabi. What are you looking for then you may get some answers to help you make your decision. Good luck life is far too short to me miserable xx
  3. As I said, I am looking for someone to answer some questions. If anyone jumps up and says, "Yes,me," then I will ask my questions.
  4. I am happy to answer your questions if I can, email away if you like.
  5. Ok so I lived in oman many many years ago but also have visited more recently as we had frineds there. We now live and work in AD.
    As someone has said you dont say what made you unhappy. The two are very different. Oman social life is more home orientated with people socialising more within the home. Whereas in AD and D there is a wealth of venues ad social activities to participate in.
    I would go to Oman at the drop of a hat. We started our expat life there in the early 80s and we would like to finish our working life there.


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