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Anyone like me had enough of tutor2u?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by tamsyn36, Jun 6, 2017.


Have you had enough of tutor2u?

Poll closed Jul 26, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. tamsyn36

    tamsyn36 New commenter

    I might be putting myself out there for undue criticism - however I just about had enough of tutor2u. The resources (in my opinion) are over-priced, not actually that good and they appear to have a clear bias towards AQA. They increasingly like to be seen as the sages of business/economics and I have had enough of their arrogance. I for one will boycott their materials since I think it stifles true creativity in the classroom with a 'this is the best way of doing things' approach. Maybe I'm mad to say this but I'd be interested to know what others in the world of business teaching think.
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  2. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We have just bought into revisionstation for the new spec pretty cheap and look okay.
  3. storm123

    storm123 New commenter

    Agreed. Personally stopped using tutor2u resources a couple of years ago.
    Revisionstation and time2resources are the ones we've switched to.
    We do still however take students to tutor2u revision conferences.
  4. thebusinessone

    thebusinessone New commenter

    We offer OCR so Tutor2u has never appealed to me, although I do like reading the blog to keep me up to date. I like revision station and have bought the Controlled Assessment materials for a couple of years now!
  5. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    Stick to Murphy Resources, revisionstation and businessEd - we know each other and each have different styles and ideas. I get the impression Tutor2U on the other hand distance themselves from everyone else, though they do have some good resources i've heard.
  6. tutor2u

    tutor2u New commenter

    Tamsyn36 - sorry to hear your negative views on what we do. I'm tempted to vote Yes like everyone else! Please email me (jimriley@tutor2u.net) if you are happy to explore what we might do to make amends. Jim
  7. sohara1

    sohara1 New commenter

    Still like Tutor2u, but I have been disappointed with a couple of their resources in the past couple of years, especially the attempts at the OCR GCSE A293 resources. Plenty of good resources and advice from them though!
  8. Sportsman23

    Sportsman23 New commenter

    I have to agree - I was at a GCSE Business training event hosted by Edexcel and one of the teachers there had been on the Fasttrack tutor2u edexcel course and had model answers from her tutor2u resource pack there. Over lunch the chief examiner who was running the course stated that tutor2u were taking an incorrect approach to the application of the mark scheme and I and the other teachers there also agreed. So you pay a fortune to go to a tutor2u course and get misinformed or go to a free course run by the exam board and get told the right thing. I know which of the two is the most effective and cost efficient option. AVOID TUTOR2U LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    Edexcel course was good though and I thoroughly recommend it - made my mind up on spec choice!
  9. QueenieBianca

    QueenieBianca New commenter

    What do you think of the PGOnline resources, anyone use them?

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