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Anyone know any christmas songs but with Nursery rhyme tune?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Msz, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  2. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    Hi if you email me i have a great play which was sent to me by someone of here its called we are going on a baby hunt and all the songs are to Nursery rhymes .
  3. Tune of 'Frere Jacques'

    Father Christmas, Father Christmas,
    He got stuck, he got stuck,
    Coming down the chimney, coming down the chimney,
    What bad luck ! What bad luck !


    Christmas Pudding, Christmas Pudding,
    Steaming hot, steaming hot,
    Sprinkle on the sugar, sprinkle on the sugar,
    Eat the lot ! Eat the lot !

    Am slightly in awe of anyone thinking about Christmas now ...
  4. I wrote a short nativity called 'The Greatest Present of all'for last Christmas. All the songs were to Nursery rhyme tunes and told the Christmas story. If you're interested I can email them to you.
  5. Wow... now THAT is being prepared!! :)
  6. I woud appreciate copies too if possible.


    When you think about it now is the best time to be preparing for Christmas - not when we are stressed out of our minds with children up to high doh.

    Does seem a tad unseasonal though.
  7. I know it's early but... could I have a copy of each nativity too, please? Many thanks!

  8. Here I am thinking about summer activities!Those self written nativities sound great with nursery rhyme tunes. Would ibe abel to have them emailed through too please. sporty38@hotmail.com
  9. oh could i have a copy. we have a foundation stage of 60 children and easy songs are always good!!!

    my nursery nurse always says we sholud pick our play now so we are mot stressed at christmas - we always talk about it but never do it

    both those plays sound great. could i please have a copy??

  10. Hi - I wrote these with my class. From what I remember -
    Twinkle twinkle Christmas star
    How I wonder what you are

    Sing a song of Christmas
    Look up really high
    Four and twenty angels
    Flying in the sky
    When the shepherds saw them
    The angels began to sing
    Off you go to Bethlehem to see the new born King

    I see snowflakes
    I see snowflakes
    All around, all around
    Flutter flutter twinkle
    Flutter flutter twinkle
    To the ground, to the ground

    Three Wise Men, Three wise men
    See how they come, see how they come
    They all come travelling from afar
    Following after a shining star
    Don't they know how lucky they are
    Three Wise Men

    Sure others can come up with more like this! Although why anyone would want to be thinking about Christmas at Easter .....!! Beats Tesco. :eek:)
  11. Nursery Rhyme nativity is a commercially produced nativity story. Sorry publisher info at school. Used it twice not consecutively very easy for 3-5's to pick up.It's one of the best concerts we have done.
  12. Please could I have copies of Nativity plays too? I am new to teaching so have not yet produced a play. I am impressed that anyone thinks ahead. I cannot think further ahead than tomorrow yet!!!
  13. Hi - I am also preparing myself early because I'm moving to an International School in August - would anyone mind sending me copies too?



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