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Anyone Involved with Intelligent Salary Services (ISS)

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon1269, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I have been approached by ISS after a recommendation by my usual agency. ISS take responsibility for your pay and arrange tax relief on travelling expenses. An illustration shows I will be £30 a week better off. For this they charge a fee

    Has anyone any experience of using their services and is it worth making the switch from being paid in the usual way?
  2. I have been approached by ISS after a recommendation by my usual agency. ISS take responsibility for your pay and arrange tax relief on travelling expenses. An illustration shows I will be £30 a week better off. For this they charge a fee

    Has anyone any experience of using their services and is it worth making the switch from being paid in the usual way?
  3. heartfelt

    heartfelt New commenter

    "Tax relief on travelling expenses"?
    That sounds like being self-employed. Do they make you your own company?

    If it can be arranged as an employee, then others including agencies can do it also, without ISS.

    There must be something in it for them, and that must come out of your pay. I'd read the small print very carefully.

    I travel a lot usually, but tax relief on the petrol wouldn't amount to all that much per week, I think you would have to be spending about £150 per week on transport to get £30 per week tax back. I would only be getting under a fiver tax relief for petrol on that basis.

    From my experience, the best financial supply deal, at least at the more experienced end of the pay scale, is through direct LA employment, payment to scale on "day rate", opting into superannuation (adding 13.5% employer contribution). M6 will be £150.90 per day gross, plus £20.37 superannuation, minus up to about £5 diesel, for comparitive purposes, approximately £165 daily pay.

    That would be my bench mark for comparing to ISS.

  4. i have worked with several companies offering such schemes, most of which are totally legitimate. some schemes have now been shut down by this wonderful government but others are still managing to operate through loopholes that cannot be closed easily.

    the best i have seen is a company called JSA based in Watford - they let you offset several expenses against your tax including travelling expenses, £7.50 a day fro lunch, £15.00 for an evening meal if you are out of the house for 10 hours at day ie, leave home. at 7am return at 5pm. effectively you can offset around £150 per week, if you are paid to scale as well then even with a small fee taken out the scheme is well worth looking at.
  5. Hi

    Last December I was persuaded by my supply agency to sign up with ISS. I was a bit dubious but was assured I could only benefit. Still thought it sounded dodgy about claiming expenses but found something on a gov. website that showed it was all legit. I was claiming 40p per mile and about £13 for lunch. The total tax per week that I saved actually covered my petrol.
    The problem I now face is trying to claim Statutory Sick Pay which I am told is available to agency workers. (I was duboius about this aswell) May Bank Holiday I became seriously ill and spent 2 wks in hospital. I am still off sick. I complied with the requirements to claim SSP and sent off my med. certs. ISS have just responded that they don't have to pay me because they don't make employer NI contributions as they are based in Sark. I am in the process of querying this with my agency and will let you know more if interested.
    Apart from this current problem my pay always arrived on time and as it was legit I couldn't (at the time) see a reason for not being paid this way.
  6. I use Keyportfolio for the same reason. I posted about this before and after thinking I was self employed I have realised my mistake and am employed by key,However I can and do claim expenses. I can claim quite a lot. Mainly I keep all bus and taxi tickets and receipts send them in and the tax is then paid back to me the next week. I also claim lunches every day a standard fee of £7.50 and breakfast if I start travelling before 7am. I can also claim for some stationary, postage, etc etc. It all adds up and in my case I just see it as money back that I would not have each week if I was paid straight from the agency. I have not had to claim sick though or come across other problems.
  8. Sorry about caps lock!
  9. I work mainly for two agencies: one pays through ISS and the other through Key Portfolio. I've found both to be efficient and, although I have to pay a fee and employer National Insurance as well as employee, my take home pay is always a bit higher than it would otherwise be. I also claim union and GTC fees, pens, the occasional ream of paper and reward stickers, etc.
    The only problem I have is that working for two umbrella companies, I don't think I paid enough tax in the last financial year. Key Portfolio has sent me a P60, but ISS hasn't yet, so I'm waiting until they do, so that I can sort it out.
  10. Does anyone have any experience of Giant?
  11. I don't think even working for an agency you would be entitled to SSP because neither the agency nor the umbrella actually employ you unless you are working at a school to whom they have introduced you ie if you don't get a call for a job you are not employed ergo if you are sick you couldn't fulfill the contract to work.
  12. Sounds like a bunch of malign, parsitic fraudsters using flattery to entice and recruit the gullible and desperate?????!!!!
    Beware all the bovine scat and hot air promises!
  13. I'm still not sure about umbrella companies - I get paid through them for 2 of my agencies - direct through a LA and by another agency. I've nearly got all my P60s through now, and I've definitely saved money on tax through the umbrella companies (although I've paid employers as well as employees NI contributions), and I think I've saved more than the cost of the admin fee.
    In regard to SSP - I looked into this a short while ago when I was ill as I wasn't sure how long I was going to be off work.
    I sought advice from a local advice agency - they told me that agency workers (including supply teachers) should be able to claim SSP as long as you had earned over a certain amount a week (I think it was about £93) for the last 8 weeks. Apparently school holidays are not counted when working out your entitlement as they are not normal work days.
    Maybe if off shore umbrella companies are not willing (or legally obliged) to pay SSP supply teachers should all use those registered in the UK?
  14. teacher0

    teacher0 New commenter

    Its a company that takes money out of your account, but apparently your garenteed to be better off, although. I have also heard your tax increases
  15. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    If I am ever given an option I will opt to do my own tax returns ... you cannot go wrong then and you can claim your expenses direct if necessary. Although as a supply teacher and employed.... the expenses you mention should not be claimed as you are not self employed.
    If the terms of the Agency states that they pay you for Lunch and mileage allowance then thats part of your contract of employment. If it does not then it is not appropriate to claim for them.
    Dodgey area............ watch out you do not get a wacking tax bill after some investigations.

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