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Anyone in the process of prepping for interview AND studyong for exams???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nicole_lancaster, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Just needed to vent. I am really struggling this week. I have assignments due and have an interview in 7 days!!!! [​IMG]

    Is anyone else out there doing the same??? Wanna vent too?
  2. Hi all,
    Just needed to vent. I am really struggling this week. I have assignments due and have an interview in 7 days!!!! [​IMG]

    Is anyone else out there doing the same??? Wanna vent too?
  3. im in the same position. in my final year of uni, have essays, a dissertation and revision to do and havent even started preparing for my interview which is in a few weeks. quite why unis are stupid enough to leave interviews this late is beyond me.
  4. My best advice is to chill. I had my interview in January, on top of assignments, exam prep, dissertation, presenataion, 20 hours of mangerial work per week, and a boyfriend in need of a lot of attnention. I spent two or three afternoons preparing for my interview, reading up on the TES, and revising for maths and English exams (my interview was for primary.)
    The say went well and I have now been offered a place. I feel like I over prepared to be honest, much of the stuff I prepared for did not come up on the day. They seemed more interested in me telling them how I had engaged with my experience in schools, and finding out about me and my personality, to see if I am suited to teaching. One of my questions for example, was, 'tell me about an event in your life in the past three years that has changed the way you think.' This did not have to be related to teaching in any way, and my answer wasn't!
    Use your time wisely, and no not neglect your univeristy work. You can have the best interview in the world, but without the final classification you need you will not get in!
    If you are gong for primary I'd be happy to answer any questions, or if you would like general advice too!

  5. Hi HayleyR88
    I have an interview in less than 2 weeks. I was jus wondering did u have to do a presentation??
    I have started preparing for this but am really nervous bout it!! I am also trying to jott down some questions that they might ask me, but like you say they might not b questions you expect!!
    What bout current educational issues?? how much do they go into that?? I have been looking on here n few other websites for any recent headlines, etc
    Sorry 4 all the questions but I jus want to get it over with now n hearing from someone who has been through a similar thing helps! [​IMG]

  6. Hi elcannon1
    Yes, my presentation was on the resouces I would need to teach (choose subject) in primary classroom setting. We got the topic before lunch and had one hour to eat andprepare. Strictly two minutes. Given to 8 interviewees, two headteachers and course leader. That sound v scary when it's written down, but it really wasn't. It was very easy to talk about, and others with different topics said this wasn't a problem either. Others in the interview helped wach other with the knowledge we had colelctively.
    Other presentation topics were "I would manage behaviour in my classroom by..." "Books are important for..." and "My ideal classroom environment would be..." Very much opinion based.
    I was not asked anything about current educational issues, but was able to implent my knowledge of these in the presentation breifly, and also in a group discussion which was assesed.
    My advice is to get chatting to others in the interview, they could be of help! Stay calm and be yourself!
  7. I got asked about at my interview what I'd do if a child was misbehaving in my class. Wasn't suprised to be asked that, so went through a behaviour policy at a school I'd been through lately. Then got asked "and what if all that didnt work?" which kind of threw me as thought i'd answered well but was obviously a test! fortunately i'd been in a really challenging school and learnt about loads of other procedures to give more answers. So that's a question you may want to prepare for! Hold something back just in case!
  8. Dear HayleR88,

    Thanks so much for your response. It's really helpful.
    My interview in next Wednesday and I am trying so hard as I've left my job and in the process of redoing 2 gcses in order to get in - doing these by distance learning and its been a real pain after not being in education for a few years!
    I'm really focussed on giving a good interview but at the same time I know I may be over doing the preparations a little - buts only because I want it so bad and don't really want to wait another year to try again as its taken me so long to actually give this a go!
    I'm interviewing for primary also (this is a 2-part interview - the second stage is actually being observed in a school). My interview includes an english, reading and maths test and I also have to be able to give a brief summary of a current educational issue. Was your interview similar? I have collated a few questions and I'm revising but as you said I also expect them to through in questions not related to teaching.
    Well....fingers crossed!! I'm keeping motivated and planning to give this my all!
  9. Hi Nicole,
    I did not have to be observed in a school, I've not heard of this before! Where was your interview for? Mine was for Northumbria.
    In terms of testing my interview was similar. We had a maths test and an English test. The maths test did worry me, as I was never that good at maths, and my skills are rusty. However the questions were easy - basic mental arithmetic and calcualtions. I genuinely think I only got one, or possbily two wrong (out of twenty), and the pass mark was only 60%. The English test was made up of spelling (words like 'intervene', 'necessary' etc (I hope I haven't spelt those wrong!!!) Words that you will be familiar with but may be a little tricky to spell, but not much. It also had a comprehension part, the text we had to read was Education based from a journal/newspaper type publication, a sort of academic text. That went fine too.
    With regards to educational issue summary - the best bet is to zone in on an issue written about in the TES - then read related articles online from the Guardian/Independent/Times/Telegraph. Normally these have discussion boards at the end of the articles, so you can get views and opinions of the public and current practitioners to give you another side - not just the journalists view!
    Hope this helps.
  10. I think the problem is that no two providers interview the same way!
    I was totally over-prepared for my interview, I'd spent hours and hours looking at current educational issues, I'd read The White Paper, The Rose Review, The National Curriculum etc etc and wasn't asked ANYTHING at all about any of it!!!
    My interview day was;
    • Maths/English tests
    • Observed lesson with a group of Year 2 students - based on a story of my choice (I did a science lesson based on Jack and The Beanstalk)
    • Written evaluation on the observed lesson
    • Team Task - we had half an hour to prepare a presentation aimed at SMT for 'an educational visit where money is no object!' - we had to decide on 6 aspects, and then we each had to present 1 aspect
    • Formal interview - which was not like any formal interview I have ever had! It was very relaxed and was just a chat about how I felt the lesson and the team task had gone, and then a couple of questions like "How would you deal with a child that hung around after class had been dismissed?" "Think of a time where you have dealt with conflict within a team" and "What do you do in your free time?" followed by "Which of those hobbies will you keep during training?" and that was it, literally 4 questions that weren't linked explicitly to the day. I was a little gutted that I hadn't had the opportunity to show how much research I had done!!!
    You need to focus on what the day expects of you, don't worry about the kinds of questions that might be asked as your natural enthusiasm will show, I had prepared by looking through the threads and writing a list of potential interview questions from other peoples experiences - and not a single question I had prepared for was asked!!!
    Honestly, as petrified as I was, as soon as I stepped onto the school grounds I felt at ease, it felt like the right place to be, and thankfully it showed - I have an unconditional place!
    Best of luck, relax and it will all be fine!

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