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Anyone in Slovakia or moving to there this summer?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by zacky, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm starting a new job in Slovakia in September. Am really excited but also getting pretty nervous. Was just wondering if there was anyone else who's been teaching there or is moving there this summer,
  2. Beautiful country. Lovely to live and work there. Just research your school with care!
  3. jut1233456

    jut1233456 New commenter

    I wish I was:(
    I hope you're not going to the locally owned F one though, as much as I want to be in Slovakia I had to turn down that particular school.
  4. Me too. Definitely not the one to choose!
  5. Thanks guys, am going to be teaching at a bilingual school. Thanks for the advice though, there aren't too many schools I can teach in over there so was lucky to get a job. Have heard a few things so was aware I needed to research carefully. I went for a visit and it seemed really nice. Have any of you lived over there before?
  6. Stunning place to live. I was there for six months. Icy winters but the central heating is effective. Magnificent scenery and lots to do. Easy to get around, shops are as good as London. Many historical places of interest and the people are friendly. Just beware the queen of the castle and her establishment.

    You will have a great time.
  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    zacky, I have sent you a PM.
    I have never been to Slovakia, but I have been to the Czech Republic (well, it used to be the same country) five times. I have also bought a house in Bulgaria, taught in Romania and married a lady from the Crimea, so I hope that I know a little bit about the joys of Eastern Europe.
    There are some small differences between Czech and whatever they speak in Slovakia (Slovak, I suppose), but really it is the same language. You will find that even a few words in the local lingo go a long way, especially as so few people bother to learn any. I think that you will find that quite a lot of Slovaks speak either some German or Russian, but English is popular with the younger generation. Slovakia is not a country for vegetarians. I absolutely agree with Jay1015's point about the winters!
  8. Thanks so much for your replies. Hippo thanks for your message it was really helpful. I will send you one back. Jay1015 thanks for your advice. I am intrigued by the queen of the castle and which establishment you are referring to.

  9. Was trying to clue you in :) British royal family's home (castle) = owner's name. Best of luck. I would love to return to Slovakia.
  10. Thanks for the clue, sorry was being a bit dim. No phew! Don't need to worry about getting in the queen's way. Not going there. Thanks for being so positive about Slovakia, am really looking forward to it. It's a shame you're not going back there.
  11. Hi, just spoke to a school today in Slovakia. Just wondered if you went and how it was? I'm thinking about going with my family and the school said they could take my kids. Its also a bilingual school so thought it might be the same one? Any advice?
  12. The F school mentioned earlier is apparently merging with another school. Do any Slovakian experts have any comments about this? I.e. which school it's merging with and if it's likely to make the school any more/less attractive to work in?
  13. jut1233456

    jut1233456 New commenter

    Unless they really up the pay at the F school I would stay far far away.
    I was offered 1200 EUR pre-tax, followed by 1600 EUR pre-tax when I said no to the first offer.

    I know money isn't anything, but if they are penny pinching on teachers, then you can be assured that they penny pinch on things like resources. And as a good teacher, would you be willing to be insulted with that kind of compensation?
  14. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Hmm. I am not terribly au fait with the overall economic situation in Slovakia, but as general rule I think that it would be true to say that if many countries in Western Europe are feeling the chill wind of recession, then most of Eastern Europe will be freezing to death. Well, that is the gist of what I have heard from friends in the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania.

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