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Anyone in/heading out to Manila?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Physallis, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Gosh! Lucky you! Were you at Search? Which post? I was sniffing around too. PM me if you'd prefer! Congrats.
  2. Anyone out there already? Would love to get some more info...:)
  3. Ha ha ha, Kaznost, I am sure we must have met this weekend! I was in the running for a job in Manila, also!

    Looks like a fantastic school! Enjoy!
  4. Ha! Bonkers eh!
    I had the interview 21st Dec, so prob not, but looks like we have the same taste in jobs! I've PM-ed you some Vietnam info! :)
  5. Pmed you. Also managed to get a job there. It was the school that sold it and it was the only job I applied for in the end! Spoke to a really nice teacher on the day from there who patiently answered my 82 questions about the school. I can pass on some info if you need.

  6. Meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  7. bilby

    bilby New commenter

    Will you be the new Thriller in Manilla???x
  8. Oh dear. I'm rubbish with this code stuff. Erm....mine's not a new school.

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