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Anyone here grew up in and around Canterbury?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by albertdog, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. What! Nobody at all from East Kent?
  2. There are probably loads, albert, but let's face it..who the hell is going to admit it?
  3. I will! But I wasn't that close to Canterbury so don't remember those places. I remember entering the Kent Festival every year and I spent a summer in the props and costume dept at the Marlowe. As a small child I remember running down the Mound and as a teenager smoking and drinking coffee in a pavement cafe outside the cathedral with a load of French tourists.... I like Kent!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Grew up in East Kent, near Canterbury. I am still here!! Its a lovely part of the world which I love dearly.
    I remeber watching Star Wars at the Odeon cinema on the site of the current Marlowe.
    I remember going to the old wooden Marlowe theatre on the site of the current Marlowe shopping arcade.
    I remember the excitement the arrival of a Macdonalds caused.
    A day out at the St Lawrence cricket ground is the perfect way to spend a summers day. When I was a kid we would catch the train to Canterbury East and then walk to the hospital and crawl through the hedge near the maternity unit to get in for nothing.
    There are some beautiful beaches in Thanet (Botany Bay being the best)
    Canterbury Catherdral takes my breath away every time I go inside (it was free when I was a lad)
    Sandwich is a charming little place to live.
    Dover Castle is the best in England.
    Walmer Castle gardens are a great place to have a picnic with the kids and play cricket.
    France isn't far, the Cote D'opal is much underrated.
    The cliff walk from Dover to St Margarets bay is stunning.
    The cliff walk the other way to Folkestone isnt bad either.
    The Crab and Winkle cycle path between Canterbury and Whitstable is great.
    The Kent Downs are an area of outstanding natural beauty and rightly so.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    It had paragraphs, honest.
  6. I went to university in Canterbury but grew up in Surrey. The main thing I remember from my time there was all the students complaining as the Odeon cinema had refused to screen Brokeback Mountain as they felt it was inappropriate.
  7. This is more like it. I will lay my cards on the table, then. I was born in Herne Bay and spent my first ten years there, going to Hampton Primary School. We then moved to Canterbury, living near Mandeville Road, while I went to the Simon Langton Boys' School. I went to King's College, London, for my undergraduate degree, but did my post-graduate degree at Kent University, followed by a PGCE at Christ Church College.
    Since Kent had, and still has, selective education, as well as a relatively ageing population, finding a teaching job in East Kent was difficult, even in 1973, so I went to work for ILEA.
  8. The old Marlowe Theatre was decepit, even in the Sixties. I think that it had a repetory company that put on the O level Eng. Lit. play each year. The automatic flushing cistern in the gents' lavatory puncuated the performance with the regular, high-pitched sound of water cascading.
  9. By the way, does anyone remember that Burger take-away that opened in, I think, late 1972, down near the Westgate Towers?
    Does anyone remember the name of the Pizza Restaurant that opened in the early Seventies, near the Shakespeare Arms? I just cannot bring it to mind.
  10. I was born in Canterbury and lived in Herne Bay and in a small village near Sandwich until the age of 18 (I don't want to be too specific in case I inadvertently reveal too much information!).
    Beautiful county (not called the Garden of England for nothing!). In Canterbury, I remember the Bus Station (always used to get the bus to and from school), Ricemans (which as since been knocked down I believe), walking down the High Street to Westgate Towers (sorry, the Burger Take-away was before my time I think), Our Price and that little square and a shop that didn't last long called The Sweat Shop (thinking about it, with a name like that, I'm not surprised!), the area round the Cathedral (went to a school near there), the Precinct and Gardens around the City Wall.
    Also, whoever mentioned Botany Bay - loved it there and the coastal walk near the White Cliffs.
    Would love to live there again (and the fact that it used to be quicker for us to get to France than to London is great) but sadly, can't see it happening.
  11. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I, too, was born in Surrey and went to UKC (1981-1985): I do remember the burger place, but cannot find its name at the moment.
    I don't recall the Shalespeare Arems, so not sure about the Pizza Restaurant. Where was it?
    We always went to aplace called Sweeneys : fancy burgers and pizzas, cocktails and huge sharing plates of ice cream called Rupture Rapture. We usedto go down into town in teh evening and order a RR for 4 with 6 spoons, please!
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Ash? Ham? Eastry?
    I went to school in Sandwich in the 1980s - do we know each other?
  13. the burger place was star burger. It was yummy :)
    radiator - UKC graduate 94-98
    taught in Folkestone , Herne bay , Canterbury from 1999 - 2007

    LIved in canterbury from 1994 - 2007
  14. I grew up and went to school in Canterbury in the 70s. Ignatius Dempsey was a legend - he served us at lunchtimes and we went back to school giggling. I used to play table tennis with his son, Aloysius. They had 2 dogs, called Brandy & Whisky, I think!

    I've moved away but love going back. Refuse to go into the cathedral because they charge you - I still see free entrance as my birthright. We used to go to a wine bar opposite the old Marlowe, but I can't remember its name. Think it began with 'A'? We thought it was the height of sophistication.

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

  16. I was born early 80s so we probably don't know each other - but the small village was Eastry.
    As a side note - always loved the signpost that said Ham Sandwich!
  17. That is right, Henriette. If you went to the top of the University Road, you reached the top of St Stephen's Hill. If you turned right you ended up near London Road. If you turned left, you went towards Chestfield and Whitstable, but if you turned right into Thornden Wood Road and right again into Greenhill Road, you ended up in Herne Bay.
    I think the awful Saver Centre opened up on the Sturry Road.
  18. Hi! I worked at Bakers Record shop back in 1977 and then left and worked for Our Price in London, eventually working my way back to the Our Price in Canterbury Longmarket where the old Baker's was!! There was a fab burger joint called Quines, brilliant food and loud music!! Use to drink at the Olive Branch in the Buttermarket and go to Sweeny Todds for pizza!! Canterbury was exciting back in the 70's!! Lots of great bands up at the Uni!! I then went full circle and worked for Lakeland which now occupies the space of the Our Price shop!! Talk about deja vu!!!!! :)
  19. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Is it me or does it seem odd that a new poster, who has joined today, has resurrected this thread exactly two years after the last post was made, by none other than the late, and highly controversial, poster that was Albertdog?

    (Harsh is slacking in his duty.)

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