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Anyone here doing Titan Primary SCITT in Birmingham?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by fishnetstockings, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hiya,
    Is there anyone currently doing the Primary SCITT course at Titan Partnership in Birmingham?
    Or even the Secondary SCITT?
    I have been successful at 4 stages of interview process and have been invited to undertake 2 further observation days in one of their partnership schools.
    I am wondering what is involved in these two days? What can I expect and what are they looking for?
  2. S27


    I successfully passed all my 4 stages and had my observations which is just going to one of their partnership schools to see how teaching is. I am very upset with their decision because they have put me on a reserve list,what about you have you heard anything?
  3. Hi, are you going for Primary or Secondary? All I have been told is that I have been successful with tests, presentation and reading/writing task, and I am now waiting to hear from them with details of the school placement to observe teaching. How long did you have to wait for this to happen? I assume they tell you after this if you are on the course or not? Did you have to teach anything yourself whilst in school? I am really worried now, I can understand why you are upset at being put on a reserves list, I assume I may be too?
  4. How did you guys get on in the end? I have my 2-day placement this week for secondary scitt.
  5. Titan is a long process.

    I've been through all the stages except the observation, but at the moment I've been told I'm on the reserve list.
    However, this doesn't help my current situation with my employing school as I cannot give them any definitive answer as to if I'll stay with them next year!

    Would you guys rather have a straight forward "no" or wait and see as a reserve?

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