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Anyone here do ACF or CCF at their school?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by fundisi, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    If you do, how much personal time do you have to put in? What role do you play? CI, NCO or Officer?
  2. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    I didn't but know those who did. Heck of a lot of time. Every Thursday it was drill. RAF section having to go away and fly planes on weekends. I guess telling the Head you're a pacifist no longer works?
  3. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Thanks, if anyone has actually been in the ACF as a adult volunteer etc I'd like to hear about their experience.
  4. pennyh.

    pennyh. Occasional commenter

    Which section- navy, army or RAF? they are all different re experience although you can access the different section courses once in. Navy is the least military and more into offering holiday courses.There are amazing training opportunities for free. Time in school will depend on what the school currently does and expects. As an extra curricular offering it is a good one because there is so much structure, support and money. Contrary to what many think the military content is actually thin and not the priority. It is not like the ATC. Again it depends on what the school does -if it is a school you are enquiring for.
  5. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Army - for a school I've recently joined. Just wanted to no more before I commit myself.
  6. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    ...know...it was late.
  7. pennyh.

    pennyh. Occasional commenter

    You need to talk to the army members in the school. The army usually send people to help -so check what happens in your school. It all depends on your skills and interests on what you might want to do. Some go more for adventure training-anything from canoeing to walking. Some people I know have gone off and trained as mountain leaders etc etc. Some like outdoor exercises and Bear Gylls type camping experiences . The army sections usually go to a camp for a week in the summer- You do not have to go but can find it landed on you. ( There is pay I think for attending) Army do more basic weapons training if school has facilities but it is all very controlled. Yes army like parades and marching but then again it is low key in some schools and others love it. No you will not be called up! Basically you can use the opportunities beyond your school or not and for this you need to know what courses are on offer in all the sections. If you need 'brownie points' for doing an activity it is a good one. There is a lot of money being ploughed into it for adventure and leadership skills. Basically gleaned from others that is the best I can advise and they say go for it.
  8. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    I have been in the acf and the ccf both are very different beasts. I will add more detail when I'm near a computer, takes ages to type on this phone.
  9. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Thanks - Rob, I look forward to your input.
  10. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    The acf and ccf whilst both using military type activities have totally different aims and structures.

    The acf seeks to teach kids pride, discipline and teamwork through the use of military type activities it is not part of the army although if you chose to become an officer in the acf you do get a group b ta commission. This is because of the oversight provided by the mod and to provide accountability when using weapons and training areas. However the acf have very little interaction with the army and cadet training teams beyond using facilities such as training areas and base facilities.

    All members of the acf hae to undertake a training package run by the cadet training teams which are regular soldiers, it's pretty easy to do and it's to ensure that all AI,a are at a basic quality across the board as after this cadet counties work quite independently with training kids right down to detachment level when I ran a detachment I had free rein of te training program, detachment funds and recruitment of cadets all I had to do was make sure I sent a list of cadet to the company how and numbers I would take on training weekends.

    The ccf has a much different rationale each detachment is free standing they are given kit and weapons to maintain by the army, typically there will be a detachment commander who may or may not be a teacher usually ex forces who are paid to administrate the unit ensuring te crazy amount of paperwork gets done. The cadet training team will be down constantly to train the cadets for you. The role of the ai is to undertake some training and supervise the kids almost all weapon training will be done by the Ctt. When I was with the ccf they were amazed that I could run the ranges do the weapons tests and training because ccf officers are not routinely trained in these skills but acf officers are more jack of all so many of us are. All adults in the ccf are commissioned. The role of the ccf are to train future generations of militsry officers so they have more support, resources and training.

    Now the other difference read carefully.

    An acf detachment in a school operates totally outside the control of the school. The staffing and equipping is totally upto the local acf county hq. The school have no control over the conduct of staff or cadets. Whilst I know many good instructors I have met many who are in it I look like soliders and treat the kids like something out of full metal jacket. If that happens it could look bad on your school and you can do NOTHING ABOUT IT. If the detachment does well then you can claim the credit though.

    In a CCF detachment you have complete control the head is usually named as the contingent commander and can get appointed in an acting rank of major or higher number dependent even though they will probably have no actual roll.

    The head can decide the contingent name, the cap badge, bits of the teaming essentially it can be tier little private army with cadets and staff rolled out at loads of events and publicity material. If you have a good strong detachment commander whose ex forces this can usually be controlled. This is also why the CTT visit frequently.

    Both will take up obscene amounts of time but the ccf will usually operate straight out of school hours and be more friendly than the acf which starts at 1900-2100 mostly and two nights a week ccf is usually one night per week.

    Hope this helps any questions ask.

    P.s ccf adults receive very little training acf adults get more but are expected to do much more.
  11. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    Apologies for spelling and punctuation still didn't get to my laptop so I've done that from my phone.
  12. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    On your phone? Then you Sir are a gentleman! Many thanks for all the info - I've got a meeting with the co after half term sp I'll find out more then . Interesting differences between the ACF and CCF.
  13. Ireton

    Ireton New commenter

    I was an CCF officer and ACF one. Robfreeman (hopefully not his real name) basically sums it all up well. You will find that CCFs tended to have a lot more funding, I can recall going from CCF to ACF and seeing how little equipment there was available. However, the ACF camps were better run with a lot of ex soldiers really helping cadets. Is your school independent or state? Very few CCFs are in state schools though numbers appeared to be growing. I attended a number of excellent courses such as First Aid at work for free, could have gone on an exchange to Canada, got the Mountain Leadership Certificate plus colleagues got their HGV licenses, went to Germany a few times etc. You do have to aware in ACF where Adult instructors mostly are Sergeants treating cadets like mimi soldiers but likewise some CCFs I saw many years ago, seemed to be more like a club for some of the officers. Plus you do get 24 day's pay for training. In ACF this can be easily swallowed up with unit and county training but in CCF a few field days plus one anual camp isn't too strenuous; the paper work is!
  14. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    State grammar. Have lots of skills picked up from paramilitary ops in Africa however I'm a bit of a fat ******* now - I could never pass the BFT!
  15. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    I don't miss the days of BFT's and BPFA's or CFT's usually after you have spend the whole day being run ragged first.

    I do however miss the fieldcraft, shooting and mates.

    Ireton yes that is my real name. I know some people find it strange and I may one day get told off by the school I'm at but my view is that I would never post something on here I wouldn't be willing to say to the face of the principal, SLT or anyone else.

    One more massive difference between the ACF and CCF is the variation in training. I found on ACF camps having been in two counties (Humberside and South Yorkshire then Nottinghamshire ACF) the interaction with the regular forces greatly varied between county. HSY had really good relations and used to have a lot of regular interaction, local TA regiments and local regular regiments used to send men along to foster good links with the kids they were basically trying to recruit.

    Notts ACF I never saw a regular solider on any of my camps or annual camps outside of the 4 members of the cadet training team and the TSA (Training Safety Advisor).
  16. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Thank you all for your advice/contributions.
  17. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    ACF? CCF?

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