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Anyone heard of/would recommend lovereading4schools.co.uk...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by whodbeateacher, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I've been trying to think of ways of raising the profile of reading in our school, in the sense of engaging children and parents with keeping up to date with the latest books, encouraging book swaps and recommendations etc, without spending vast sums of my (non-existent) budget and I came across this website.
    I've not heard of it but it says it is endorsed by the PTA association and has a comment by Jacqueline Wilson too. I like the idea in principle of having lists that parents can browse to get ideas/recommendations for good reads. Was wondering if any schools had signed up (registration is free, it says) and would recommend it.
  2. We are registered with Lovereading4schools and use their lists to support a book ordering service that I run at the school. (Khartoum is a city with few bookshops) Parents and students can log in to our own school lists hosted on the lovereading site and also access the lovereading lists that are regularly updated.

    This is a free service and there is no obligation to buy from them- and indeed we order from our normal book supplier- but parents can of course also order directly from the website if they have a UK delivery address. Others can just browse the lists prior to going to a country that does have good bookshops- to help inform their purchases.

    I think the service offered is great. The website is a little dated and could do with revamping a bit- but the lists, the reviews and the recommendations are all very sound. All in all I would definitely recommend the site. Especially refreshing as there is no intrusive advertising or links to Amazon!

    One thing that does annoy me, however, is that at the top of the page they have mispelled the word 'convenient'. It is just a typo- but has been there for over 2 years now!!!!
  3. Huge apologies for the typo in our page title tag - it has now been corrected.
  4. Thanks to both (good to see lovereading that you are 'in touch' with teachers at ground level through TES).
    I'll see what SMT think - love the idea.
  5. They probably don't have permission to use JWs quote. But they know she would probably never know and that it gets gullible teachers like you to sit up and blindly grab at their product.
  6. gcf


    What a cynical and snyde remark. Have you looked at their selection of books?
    I hadn't heard of them but was impressed by their choice (although this was a tiny fraction of the books they have available). It was refreshing after the dumbed down selection sometimes recommended .

    And perhaps you could do OP the courtesy of actually providing some useful advice.

  7. Strange response! I was simply interested in other teachers' opinions (based on what they know). Clearly you don't know much - anyone else with anything useful to add?
  8. In response to the quote we most definitely have Jacqueline Wilson's approval to use her quote. In fact she wrote it for us specifically after having seen the site. All the quotes we use on Lovereading4schools and Lovereading4kids are with the permission of the people concerned. It's sad that the internet has made some people so cynical and untrusting. I hope the post doesn't put any teachers off looking at the website and seeing if they find the services it offers useful.
  9. ecawemma

    ecawemma New commenter

    I love the website and recommend it to all parents as a way of getting the best books for their children. And hopefully you will all get your kids to vote for the book awards - anything that gets them reading!
  10. Thank you! V helpful and I'll take it back to staff and see what we think. That's exactly the sort of thing I was aiming for at school.[​IMG]

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