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Anyone heard of the agency Teaching Personnel?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by daisychain79, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. oooh didn't know that that may be interesting then to see what happens....
  2. I had exactly the same experience on a maternity cover, the kids loved me, the acting HOD and her nasty sidekick hated me and caused me no end of problems when she returned, I lost work from an agency for the poor reference and feedback they gave me.

    Was handled badly and that agency made amends later as I'd been with them for 10 years with only positive feedback and admitted they should have handled it better.

    ALL schools give references to ALL agencies and if your face didn't fit in that school then your always onto a loser, the agency will invariably not want to upset the school, it's easier to replace a teacher than lose a whole contract.....

    TP actually said they look at the overall profile, unless it's a serious misconduct thing of course not just a general complaint and one off they will simply not send you there......

    it looks like different offices have different approaches judging by on here but Brighton are indeed one of the best I've come across too
  3. I work at Teaching Personnel Liverpool and they are great.

    They try and have me working 5 days a week but I usually refuse a day because I have a weekend job.

    Really friendly and fantastic
  4. I have been with many of the agencies in Birmingham for many years and I experienced the same. The market in Birmingham seems to be so saturated with agencies that the competition for teachers seems to be relentless.

    However I joined an agency called Prospero teaching (plus points for the Shakespeare reference already) after one of their consultants found my cv online. I can not recommend their primary team enough! since working for Prospero i have been out 5 days a week every week and have been offered a guaranteed pay scheme for the end of September - The only clause is that I can not get booked out by my other agency which is fine with me as I would be paid whether they find me a days work or not! my consultant is really personable and she seems to genuinely want to get to know me which makes a nice change!

    They also have offices in London and Cardiff (as well as other places dotted around the uk and abroad) which is great for me as I travel between the two to see my son and daughter and they can have your file transferred if you decide to visit another part of the country but still want work.

    Great agency and honest staff which makes a refreshing change, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone to be honest.
  5. msussams

    msussams New commenter

    I find in Bristol TP very good, a little (minutely) under my other agency but get me work, they like to keep teachers in the same schools so last year got to know a couple of schools quite well. They seem to get to know you and your style...

    I have been with 4, but i've dropped 2 because either lack or work or just didn't get on with th systems...

    But it helps I can travel/live outside of Bristol easier, so I get work that not many people choose to travel to.

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