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Anyone heard of the agency Teaching Personnel?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by daisychain79, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Roadrunner55

    Roadrunner55 New commenter

    Hello, while we're on the subject .....
    nyone had any good or bad experiences of the Birmingham branch?

    am interested in signing up
  2. The bad news, Roadrunner55 ...

    ... but that's only my experience ...
  3. Do agencies actually charge you for CRBS???!!!

    I take it that they must guarantee you at least a few days work then to make up for it.
    I signed up with Monarch and they pay for the CRB check.
    But then, i wouldnt have thought otherwise.
  4. Roadrunner55

    Roadrunner55 New commenter

    thanks titrevoesra
    anyone out there have anygood reports about them ?

    thanks in advance
  5. I get most of my work from TP and I have my tax code with them. They are good marketers.
  6. I was in a school today which had 3 cover supervisors from this agency on daily supply cover.

    I know our resident stalinist says it doesn't happen and will demand my post is removed, but that doesn't change the fact that I was sitting chatting to them in the staffroom at break. I'm being paid as an instructor too.

    This is a very tough inner city school and they obviously need a lot of cover and are using this method to keep costs down.
  7. I joined them whilst I was doing supply a few years back. It took them about 3 months to get my CRB sorted, although they paid for it. They then lost all my papers and photos, so that had to be sorted again! I was interviewed at the end of August, but didn't get my first days supply until mid Novemeber.


    They were the only agency that could get me work in Cumbria! I ended up getting a job in one of the schools that they hooked me up with (although I never told them this). I still get a yearly phone call off them!
  8. They pay less than any other agency I know.
    You to pay for your CRB.
    They expect you to travel further (you tell them you want work within 20 miles, they'l offer you jobs 40 miles away).
    They'll tell you a failing school is a good school.
    They're rude.

    To summarise, they are sh*t.

  9. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    It will be getting worse for England soon. Everybody knows how dire it is in Wales with supply, and much of the bad practice happens here, with LA supply pools going. Well, the bad news for you, they are all expanding into England. Prepare for everything to be driven down.
  10. I'm with them (Leeds branch). They've been very good about getting me work that's accessible on public transport, and delivered on a 3week job instead of day-by-day stuff. I'm also with another agency who have offered me jack **** apart from nursery nurse (eww) and last-min calls to places I can't get to without a car. Teaching Personnel are much more accommodating. The staff all behave as if they are your best friend and have known you for years lol, which I found a bit unnerving at first but now it's just nice. My adviser-person phoned me this morning and chatted for so long about her plans for the weekend I began to wonder if it was purely a social call ha, then she got to the point and said she was working on updating my CV and wanted some more details on stuff. I thought: GOOD! She is obviously not sitting twiddling her thumbs but actually doing stuff to get me seen by schools.
    The expenses and My Key Pay is a bit of a pain (I always under-submit expenses because I can't be bloomin' bothered printing out and posting the separate form about public transport fares, stationary etc.) but I have always been paid on-time. I earn £95/day. I know I could get more but my only other jobs have been £5.52/hour waitressing/skivvying positions so £95/day is very, very acceptable to me right now!
    In short (!), I'd recommend them. Certainly the Leeds branch.
  11. Hence the CRB is a money grabbing RIP OFF!
    They are transferable, referrable and actually VALID for three years. Get this: the police, insurance companies etc ring up the DVLA to validate your license so why not the F********* CRB? There is a unique reference number.

    I will not pay for a ECRB and suggest you do not unless you want to play stupid games and agree to a corrupt system.

  12. The Brighton branch are very friendly and used to get me a lot of work, I've lucked into a long term supply stint via another agency but they've emailed me this week asking about September plans already. Really nice staff - i won't comment on the pay rates as think they are all similar these days as they all compete for the same business.

    The expenses if you are on KeyPay you must submit otherwise you may as well be on normal PAYE rate - the taxes and expenses will increase your pay and you don't have to post them. I email a PDF copy each week - I recopy a master sheet each week and use PDFViewer to type in the amended text for each week.
    If you aren't tech minded just scan a copy you have handwritten entered and email that.
    Keep any receipts in case IR ever want to see them.
    Honestly, it's not worth being on KeyPay unless you offset your expenses.
  13. teacha

    teacha Occasional commenter

    I'm with the Brighton branch too - it's my second favourite agency in Brighton - there are 3 that I always recommend to friends and TP is one of them - although the manager has just joined a rival agency so we shall have to see what happens now.....
  14. Hi I worked with Teaching personnell for 6 yrs then the management changed in my regional branch.I found them to be pathetic they offered you work and expected you to take a drop in salary this was for private tution whereas county pays 125 per day they only paid 100 ..also they ASK schools for a refernece on you and if the particular school didnt like you and gives bad feedback THEY believe the school which is preposterous..I was left to teach the same lesson to yrs 7 and 8 in a middle school ..I did my best the kids loved me i was popular BUT when the teacher came back she didnt like it because I had produced better results than she did with the classes and some of the work she had left was inapropriate..however 4 weeks later teaching personnell decided to complain to me about the school I was like WHAAAAT I have never had complaints before ..i had been working with them for over 6 yrs I argued my point they said well the school says etc so I wrote an email to the school asking why they had gone behind my back to the agency NO reply ..so I left this pathetic agency and now am working with 5 others and have had no complaints whatsoever just compliments !!steer clear is my advice they are not professional !
  16. I was offered an interview by TP last year. Although there was a branch local to me, I had to travel to East London. As most of an 'interview' s taken up with filling up forms, I arrived twenty minutes early. I was told to go away and come back at the appointed time. When I did so, I was then told that the 'consultant' who was going to see me was 'running late', giving me the option of either waiting or remaking the appointment. I opted for the latter, but I heard no more from them.
  17. They were the first teacher agency that I ever signed with and I did a great deal of work for them for several years. However, they refused to make their pay clear and I found other supply teachers were being paid more for similar assignments. When I asked about this, I was told by an astonishingly rude individual, "We reward loyalty and there have been issues when contacting you." This had never been mentioned before and I had always returned phone calls and replied to letters. However, I could have critised them for rarely, if ever, acknowledging or replying to my phonecalls, letters and emails. As is so often the case with teacher agencies, they treat honesty, reliability and hard-work with contempt. They are unprofessional in their disregard for employment law and, as always, unregulated.
  18. Needless to say, I never worked for them again. I would urge anyone considering showing commitment to this agency to be very cautious indeed.
  19. Key told me they would not accept emails, particularly scans. When I sent the original documents by post, they ignored them anyway. They are inconsistent if nothing else.
  20. Hazel, I honestly email my copies every week without a problem, the only time my pay is messed up is when the school hasn't authorised it in time.
    They may not accept a scanned one but they definitely accept forms properly entered on a PDF. If you want any help just ask.

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