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Anyone heard of the agency Teaching Personnel?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by daisychain79, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Has anyone heard of this agency and how good are they? They have recently opened an office in my area but I am a little weary of them for some reason. Should I be? Also they pay £15 less a day than my current agency does. Will I be taxed more if I do work for them?
  2. Has anyone heard of this agency and how good are they? They have recently opened an office in my area but I am a little weary of them for some reason. Should I be? Also they pay £15 less a day than my current agency does. Will I be taxed more if I do work for them?
  3. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    No personal experience but I met a nice supply teacher in a school the other week who was there with them and he thought they were really good (best out of the four he was with) so...! It may depend on your particular branch though, as to how good they are for you.
  4. yasf

    yasf Established commenter

    It often depends on the area / person who is actually managing the branch.

    You can always sign up and see what happens.

    The one in North London closed due to lack of business. (It may have re-opened recently)
  5. yasf

    yasf Established commenter

    I always found select education very good. In London I always went for one of the aussie ones like teach first. I got a job, ended up staying for 4 years and am now HoF.
  6. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    I found them a bit pathetic at first as they hardly ever gave me any work but they seem to have decided they like me now and give me loads of work. They do pay a bit less and have asked me to take lower pay for more work which I think is a bit off. As to if you'll be taxed more, depends on whether or not you split your tax allowance but if you do pay too much, you can claim it back at the end of the tax year so you could see it as a savings scheme!
  7. Yes loony Tunes. They said that they undercut the main agency in the area because they could get me more work. When I questioned the lower pay I was told "but you get hardly any work with your current agency" which I thought was unprofessional and none of their business! Not a reason to be paying less.
  8. Worked for them in Devon and Plymouth on supply pay was really bad 30% lower than scale - better working direct got so much more work sending my own CV out and to scale with pension as well. Hopefully will deped on office as I believe they are a lot better in the North West
  9. Yes, I have. I have a friend who worked for them last year and she recommended them to me. Not sure about the tax!
  10. I use them in Hull and actually get most of my work through them - this week 4 days and had I not had one direct I think they would have found me work and next week similar pattern. I find them very professional and friendly. I suppose it depends on the local office and the staff they have.
  11. I am with them and they have been really good. Very good communication, lovely staff, good amount of work and very understanding of needs. They pay weekly too. I would recommend them (southampton branch).
  12. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    Yep... the agency that conned me onto their books a few years back.

    They made big adverts in the TES..Guaranteed payment Schemes, holiday pay, pension fund.
    They didn't have any local offices at the time, everything was based in Welwyn Garden City. It took them 3 months to sign me up (from Feb to May) and eventually, after having to go trhough a face to face interview as well, they still didn't find me work until the following September.
    As for the Guaranteed Payment Scheme, I was then told that it wasn't operating in my area any more, because there were now too many teachers. Then the pension fund.... that was a stakeholder fund (which obviously they wouldn't be contributing to). The holiday pay.... well, you'll notice on your pay slips which you receive, that it states 'you have now contributed (x amount) to your holiday pay.... you actually only get a flat daily rate... which appears to be the lowest by most agencies standards.
    I had to work for them a few years ago because it was the only way I could have continuous work..
    Be carefull, all of these agencies treat you like your their best friend, and known you for years when they want something, but will drop you like hotcakes when it suits them

  13. Haven't had a good time with them at all and would definitely not recommend them (London branch) Asked me for money for my CRB at my INITIAL interview! which made me suspicious for the start that they were only after one thing! Haven't had hardly any work from them - it's rediculous. DEFINITELY DEFINTELY recommend SELECT Education though - they are great!

    Hope this helps!

  14. Above post should read from the start instead of for the start soz!
  15. FAO educate 2000

    That is exactly what they have done with me!! They asked me for CRB money straight away at initial interview which made me very sceptical even though I have a CRB check which my other agency accepted. Had my interview last week and have not heard anything yet, not even a letter confirming registration.
  16. You've just reminded me...

    ...they lost all my forms and then couldn't be bothered to go through the process again...

    ...and they never did get a CRB or refund my fee...

    ...I couldn't be bothered chasing them because there was never a straight answer.
  17. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    I'm with two different (other) agencies and I had to give both of them a cheque for CRB at interview/registration - I don't think that's uncommon, is it?!
  18. The CRB is meaningless to everyone but the agency or LEA who asked for it. They aren't transferable. I have had about half a dozen so far this year.
  19. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    Yep... they do seem to loose your forms.... which is why it took them 3/4 month to sign me up... 'It hasn't come through the computer system yet' was quite a favourite of TP.
    I had to sort out my own CRB check... filling out the forms and sending them off, plus making the payment..
  20. I know what you mean about CRB and having to pay out a lot! I think in London Protocol is able to confirm CRBs from some of the other quality agencies. My friend registered with Protocol last week and they told her that they would refund her CRB payment once she'd worked a number of days for them but she didn't have to pay in the end anyway as they checked out her CRB that she already had through her other agency. I haven't met any supply teachers from Teaching Personnel in London so maybe the don't operate here?

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