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Anyone heard from Worcester for primary?!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lucycook87, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    So the 10 days passed and then some since my interview and stil no update on my application! After 2 weeks I emailed Worcester to ask what was going on and they emailed back saying that I was successful at the interview and that a letter confirming this would be sent to me by the end of the week. That was last week and I stil haven't received anything and no update on my gttr.

    I'm currently traveling too in Cambodia so quite hard to keep up with anything that's happening with the offering of places and things, so any info on what's going on would be greatly appreciated! At the time I took the email to mean that I was being offered a place, but now I'm thinking they might just offer a provisional . . . So confused! Has anyone else from Worcester been offered a place/ received a letter?

  2. Hello! Yeah it took ages but finally got an offer in the end! Think it was like February, I think my interview was on November 23rd too, I know it was just before I went away on the 28th so must have been. I was in a discussion group with 2 boys and another girl - so bad can't remember any names!
  3. haha i think it could have been you in my group then!! Did yu get interviewed by two men? Dont worry, im rubbish at remembering names too!!
  4. yeah I did! I thought I recognised you're name, i was so nervous at the interview don't think I took names fully on board. I just remember really trying not to laugh all the time as I had hurt my chin the weekend before lol. Good to hear you got on though, did you get an unconditional offer based on you doing another placement and completing a CRB?
  5. How did you guys find your interviews? I have mine in May!
  6. Haha, its definitely you then, i remember you trying not to laugh with your chin! Glad we both got in, I wonder if either of the lads did??

    I got a conditional on me re-taking the english test but since then I've been told I'm dyslexic so I'm hoping they will say I dont have to, Ive emailed twice but she hasnt emailed me back yet!! It says i need to do another placement, one week in KS1 and one week in KS2.. did you opt for early or later years? When do we need to do our CRB's by? I'm presuming they'll send us one out to do??
  7. I thought it was alright, a lot less daunting that I imagined them to be!!
  8. Yeah definitely not as scary as i'd imagined. I thought it was going to be an all day thing too but it was over by early afternoon. Good luck!
  9. lol, that ws a total nightmare going with stitches in my face - hardly looked like a responsible person, thought they'd never let me in! Yeah, it's nice to know we'll know someone on our first day..will be interesting to see if the boys got in, they were so funny, still makes me laugh that the one wrote his presentation on a pizza box lol. Ahh that's annoying about your test - I should think it would be alright though, they do take ages to reply, I emailed asking for some feedback from my interview out of curiosity but they never replied! You tried Dervals email and admissions? Yeah that's what my letter said, i'm still travelling at the mo so had to arrange it all by email. I chose early years, you? I'm sure my mom said the letter said they will send us a CRB form to do in May, so should hopefully come soon - did you're letter mention it?
  10. haha, they must'nt have cared if they about your stitches then if they still let you in!! haha i'd forgotten about him doing that! Was one of them called Sam??

    I've emailed Derval twice but she hasnt got back to me so i might forward it on to admissions this week. She never emailed me back when I emailed before.

    I chose early years too so we will know at least each other!! Ive probably had a letter about it but they're all in a pile as Mum kept opening as they all come home and Im still at Uni at the moment!
  11. No I don't, I am from Lincolnshire but my boyfriend lives in Worcester. Do you know when they start allocating places for schools to us, do they not do that until September? Have you received a welcome pack or anything for the Uni?
  12. I have no idea, i think its when we get there but i dont know if they take into account of where you live ect, i know someone who did a primary PGCE there a few years ago who im seeing on sunday so i shall try and ask her as many questions as possible!!

    Not recieved a welcome pack, only the stuff about spending two weeks in a state primary school in two different key stages!
  13. I have no idea what to expect at the interview day, what did you have to do?
  14. The interview day was okay, not as daunting as I expected. We had a presentation off the lecturers to start with and then we were split into small groups and taken off by two lecturers. Then we had a group discussion followed by our group presentations then an individual interview. In the afternoon we had the English and maths test and as soon as these were finished we could go!!

    Good Luck, hope it goes well!!
  15. Hello! You heard anything off derval yet? If not definitely email admissions too. Hmm I think that might have been pizza box boys name ha ha, was the other one called dave?! Probably imagined that!

    Are you going to do anything to prepare - any reading or stuff over the summer? Even the maths I revised for the interview has gone out of my head already lol.
  16. Nope, still not heard anything off her! I think ill email admissions today, it can be a procrastination technique to get me away from the work!!

    haha, i cant remember, i know he had a really dudley accent!

    yeah i think i will but i dont really know what yet, ive been practicing the QTS test cos my friend did them this year and said the english and maths were quite hard... I presume they'll send us a reading list soon?? I hope anyway. Have you got to do the two weeks in a primary school?
  17. Hi Guys just wanted to let you know that I have started up a group on Facebook for people going to Worcester to do the Primary PGCE In september... Join up and we shall get to know each other...

    Just type Worcester Primary PGCE 11/12 and it should come up..

  18. Ahh good thinking! I shall go have a gander!!
  19. Ahh I found it, just can't seem to join it! Lol, says it's a private group?... Maybe it's just my stupid iPod!
  20. Hi, I think i have changed it now.. u can try and join again,


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