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Anyone heard from UWIC?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by mjkthorpe, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Yes ive applied for lower primary, ive got my fingers and toes crossed that i get a place!! Im going to give them till monday and then ill call them. Althought the help on this forum has been great with preparations...im really excited now!!!
    Are there any interview dates before the 21st? Or are we the first??
  2. I'm very nervous! I think it's going to come around really quickly and I have so much else to do before then...oh well I'm sure it'll be fine! Well, I haven't heard of any earlier dates so we might be the first! Don't know if that's a good thing or not...a good thing I suppose as they'll still have all their places left but there won't be any info available online from anyone who's done one before us!
    Are you doing a degree at the moment or have you already graduated?
  3. 8.30 is really early! I am nervous now, starting to panic with prep for the presentation. Haven't got a clue what to do! Do you think an area of interest is like a topic in the news at the moment? Help lol!
  4. Yeh I guess so! Or just a general 'hot' education topic? Or something that interests us? I don't really know?! It's a very vague title! I'm worried about totally getting the wrong idea and going off in the wrong direction!
  5. I think its something that we're interested in, like SEN or something to do with the extension of the foundation phase. The nerves are definately mounting!!! Last thing on my mind at night and first thing in the morning!
    8.30 is soooooo early, im going to for a test drive to this weekend so i know how to get there and how long it will take! And by the looks of it it will be over by 12!!! Then 2-3 weeks of worrying till we find out of fate!

  6. lauly101

    lauly101 New commenter

    I have mine on the 20th of December! Preparation is going well!

    I must say - I found the application process a bit difficult - there were a good few 'bugs' ! It also felt like ages between application and finding out when our interview was! I wonder what proportion of applicants get n interview!

    Are any of you living in Cardiff at the moment? The earliest bus from the city centre leaves (I think!) at 8am... hopefully it will get up to the university by the 8.30 start time! - Im not sure how busy the roads will be then, but the schools should be off. Maybe a taxi would be a better option! Safe than sorry and all that!

    Good luck everyone! :)
  7. It was a really long time between applying and finding out, hope they don't take that long after our interview to let us know whether we are successful or not! I'm travelling from Newport but (luckily!) have managed to get a lift...I hope that bus gets you in OK, strange that the earliest is 8am! I'm going to have to leave home very early to make sure I'm there OK. I'm worried about traffic too! Hope yours goes well :)
  8. Hey, my interview for primary is on the 21st december too. Is yours at 8.30am? or the afternoon?
    where abouts are you coming from?
    Lindsey x
  9. my interview for primary is on the 21st too at 8.30am.
    Im coming from carmarthen and have to get the train in. and I am also going home to Kent that day too so I'm going to have my case with me. Such an awkward time.
    There isn't anyone else travelling to UWIC from carmarthen that day is there? and what are you all doing your presentations on?
  10. There seems to be quite a few of us for the 21st for the 8.30 start!!
    Ive recently moved to just outside cardiff so ill be driving in, or getting lift i think as i dont think the parking will be all that great.
    How is everyones preparation going? Anyone else getting suitably worked up and stressed out?
  11. yeh not quite sure what to do my presentation on. thats the only bit im worried about. all the stuff im interested in ive sort of already researched in my current degree, or im studying it next term. so not quite sure.
    I've also spoken to them (because snow and trains dont seem to mix) and admissions said that if it is still really snowy, then they may cancel the interview so keep an eye on their website for updates on monday.
  12. nooooooo interviews are cancelled for tomorrow. [​IMG] i supposed its best to be safe.
    Have a lovely christmas everyone and we can get back to being stressed out in the new year!
    Merry Christmas
  13. Very annoying [​IMG] I need to try and switch off now and get into the Christmas spirit! Just in case anyone is wondering I rang them earlier and they said the interviews are likely to be late January, but they probably won't let us know until the New Year.
    Merry Christmas!
  14. Has anyone heard when the cancelled interviews are going to be rearranged for? I rang yesterday but they hadnt decided yet. This is getting frustrating!!
    Also if any one has had their interview as yet, how did it go? Any hints or tips?
    Happy New Year
  15. No, haven't heard anything yet :( I really want to know! Did they give any indication on the phone of how soon they would decide? I hope they give us enough warning...
    Oh well, happy new year!
  16. no havent heard anything yet, i have just emailed them literally a second ago, so hopefully hear back this week i would have thought.
  17. They still havent decided on the rearranged dates, the course director only came back from his holidays this week so they think it will be end of January before we get interviewed! Im so frustrated! We were supposed to be the first interview group not the last!!!!
  18. Heard about the rearranged interviews... anyone elses on the 9th feb?

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