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Anyone heard from UWIC?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by mjkthorpe, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Hi.

    Ive had an email from UWIC confirming that they have recieved my application and are considering it but haven't heard anything else - this was almost 2 weeks ago.

    Anyone else applying to UWIC? ANyone one else heard from them?
  2. Hi.

    Ive had an email from UWIC confirming that they have recieved my application and are considering it but haven't heard anything else - this was almost 2 weeks ago.

    Anyone else applying to UWIC? ANyone one else heard from them?

  3. Hi,
    I applied over a month ago now and had a confirmation email about 2 weeks ago. Still haven't heard anything though! Hope they let us know soon...
  4. zippy113

    zippy113 New commenter

    My application went to UWIC on the 9th (so last tuesday) and i got an email the day after saying that they were processing itbut i havent heard from them yet.
    They are my second choice as i got rejected from my first : ( What subject are you applying to do, I'm applying for drama.

  5. mines for primary.

    i think we might start hearing soon as the draft budget has come out today...heres hoping
  6. Hey,
    I had the same email saying they were considering my application. Got an email a week later inviting me for interview, so they were quite quick for me.
  7. zippy113

    zippy113 New commenter

    Yeah they were pretty quick for me in the end too. Found out yesterday i had an interview for drama. Can't wait!
  8. I found out today I have an interview for primary! it's on the 21st december - scary! nice to know when it is though :)
  9. I'm so pleased.

    My gttr status has changed to interview :)
    how do you find out the date???

    what do you think we have to do?
  10. zippy113

    zippy113 New commenter

    Yay well done,
    A day or so after my track changed to interview i got an email from them saying i had an email and then a letter which confired date and time etc along with details of what i'll have to do.
  11. Hey if you click on the course title (mine says Lower Primary, not sure which one you've applied for - it'll be in red) then it'll show you more details, one of which is the interview date :) hopefully we'll get an email/letter soon!
  12. well done to you guys as well

    mines for upper primary and the date says 12th Jan :)

    i want that letter now....
  13. ah well done! :) yeh same I really want to start preparing! I think last year they had to do a presentation on a research proposal for an in-school intervention...wonder if it'll be similar this year?
  14. I have just heard that my interview at UWIC is on the 21st Dec for Primary! Not long to prepare, haven't had a letter yet either, just saw it on Track. Anyone got any ideas what the interview entails?
  15. Same, I'll see you there!
    I had an email about an hour ago saying congratulations on the interview and that details would be sent in the post - so hopefully that will come soon! Have you applied for lower or upper primary?
    I think..from what I've read about other years it's a group interview, an individual interview, a writing task and then a presentation. Last year the presentation was on a research topic, so something you would carry out as an intervention during your PGCE year. But it might all change for this year! Hope they tell us soon, I want to start preparing!
  16. Awesome!
    | had my letter today, it says we have to do a group task which is about a problem solving activity (doesn't say what though). We have a literacy and numeracy task and a presentation on an area of interest relating to primary education (which I have no idea what to do on!) and then of course individual interview.
    Feels like we don't have much time to prepare all this now!
  17. Oh and I'm doing lower primary by the way, what about you?
  18. I'm doing lower primary too :)
    Apparently my letter has come today too but it's gone to my home address not my uni address so haven't been able to read it yet! I think my parents are going to scan it in later for me...oh gosh that is a lot, hope the literacy/numeracy tasks aren't too hard! problem solving activity sounds a bit ambiguous, wonder what that will be on :S and no idea what to do my presentation on either! I'm worried now!
    Seems like a lot to prepare for on top of everything else I have going on at the moment! Oh well, I'm sure we'll be fine :)
  19. Hey There, I also have an interview for primary on December 21st!!! Its very scary but oh so exciting!! have you had a letter saying what we need to do yet? Im in the process of moving house and im worried that its gone to my old address!
    Congratulations on the interview
  20. hey, congratulations! looks like they'll be quite a few of us there on the 21st :) are you doing lower primary too? I had my letter yesterday...I'd say if yours doesn't come soon I'd give them a ring to check where yours is :)

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