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Anyone heard from Bath Spa?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Lu280, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Has anyone heard from Bath Spa since the numbers were announced. It looks like the numbers for the primary course have stayed the same which is hopefully positive but I haven't heard anything at all yet! Anyone else?
  2. Has anyone heard from Bath Spa since the numbers were announced. It looks like the numbers for the primary course have stayed the same which is hopefully positive but I haven't heard anything at all yet! Anyone else?
  3. Hi! I just checked track for the umpteenth time today & my track had changed to an unconditional offer! Hope it's the same for you! Good luck!
  4. Mine has just changed to unconditional too!! Now I just have to figure out if I can afford it without the bursary!

    Are you doing primary Lala?
  5. Congratulation! Yes, I am doing primary. It's going to be a bit of a struggle without the bursary, but I should be able to get through the year.......just hope I can find a job at the end of it, as my funds will be running very low by that point! I am giving up a well paid job so it is rather nerve wracking, but with fees going up next year I have come to the conclusion that if I don't do it now then I never will. Where there's a will there's a way & I'm sure things will work out in the end!
  6. I'm in the same situation, this is a second career for me so I'll be giving up a well paid job too, it's very scary with the thought of job hunting! I have a nearly 2 year old and my husband isn't working at the moment so I'm desperately hoping he gets something in the meantime or I'm not sure how or if we'll manage.
  7. Yes, it's a difficult decision. I hope you can finger out a way to make it work! Good luck!
  8. ******figure****** damn iPad!
  9. You both had me thinking my status had been updated......but no, still awaiting that change to UNCONDITIONAL for PGCE primary.

    It must be tough living on the bread line ( joke ;o) )
  10. Haha! Work iPad only unfortunately.......my current save save save budget certainly won't stretch to one of my own!

    I'm sure your track will update soon - mine changed at about 5.15pm today when I had just about given up hope for the day.

    Good luck!
  11. Mine changed after 5pm too, I bet they gave up then and went home for the day! Hopefully tomorrow xx
  12. Primary or secondary?

  13. Hi Fliz,

    I contacted admissions at Bath Spa and was told that Secondary Art & Design PGCE places should be confirmed (or otherwise) early next week. PGCE Art and Design has been cut to 5 places. This may not even be viable as a course. I have read elsewhere that some uni's are swapping allocated places in order to make courses viable.

    It's just impossible to concentrate fully on anything else with this uncertainty hanging over us.
  14. Hi Littleboat. I know what you mean - I'm logging onto GTTR every half hour to check! frustrating as hell. 5 places! D&T is down to 8 (going by TDA Allocation link). I haven't read this about swapping allocated places, but if it means we get trained then I'm all for it, so long as it's still reasonable travelling distance. I guess we still just have to sit tight and wait for news.
  15. .... unconditional offer for Primary

  16. Congratulations! and best of luck, I hope you enjoy it.[​IMG]
  17. I've just spoken to Admissions at Bath Spa (I know - what took me so long?!) re D&T - they have a deadline of Monday to get their decisions made and GTTR Track should show the results Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed!
  18. I'm in! [​IMG] I was convinced it wouldn't happen, but v. happy now. And excited
  19. Fab news Fliz! Well done!

    I look forward to meeting you at Bath Spa in September (just as long as they don't think I'm too decrepit once they read my medical form.....).
  20. Yes, sometimes I wonder if I have the physical wherewithall to cope with it all.
    What happens now? Have you heard from Bath Spa since your acceptance? do we get reading lists? pre-course tasks? list of stuff we'll need?


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