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Anyone heard back since submitting application?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by sparkleshine, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    I submitted mine 10th September and still haven't heard a bean aside from the standard GTTR welcome letter. It can take a while sometimes I think, last time I applied in mid-November when the app cycle was well underway and it took 2 months to be offered an interview even.
    Just a waiting game now...
  2. I think you mean 10th October glitteratiglue... I know because at the beginning of September I was on the GTTR website constantly refreshing until it finally opened in October!
    I also applied at the beginning of October. The 11th to be precise. Still waiting...
    yup! ...bit painful though isn't it!
  3. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    I applied the first week the GTTR allowed applications and I haven't heard anything from my 1st choice yet. Its early days yet......
    Good luck![​IMG]
  4. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    Sorry, yes - I did mean october!
  5. I heard back today from my first choice (UWIC). They have invited me to the first stage of the itnerview process, which is a test day. Tests in literacy, maths, science and one for the masters section. I'm really nervous! I'm worried about my maths and science quite a bit...My application went off on the 12th.
  6. Congrats angel night!! for maths i guess it would be basic things like algebra, fractions,ratios ect ect, but not sure about science though. Did the uni give any info on what you might need to revise or you could phone them up and ask for more info
    ......I guess its still early days but hate the waiting [​IMG]
  7. My application went through just a couple of days before yours and I have been invited to an interview.
    I'm sure you will hear very soon - after have to reply within a month don't they?
    If you have met the basic course criteria I am sure you will get an interview so use this time wisely to revise for the interview. I had a plan of revision but the more I researched (and read forums etc) the more work I added to my plan - there is loas out there and the more you get your head round the better the interview will go!
    PS - Good Luck.
  8. Hi angel_night. UWIC is also my first choice and I have the first stage ofthe interview process as well. When is your test date? Maybe I will see you there
    The science test is bascially on stuff like flowers, the human body, materials, food chains and stuff that you probably covered at GCSE. The maths doesn't look to bad either just a look of percentages and fractions and stuff that like. Although I amstill nervous, haven't done maths sincde GCSE so trying to cram it all in now!
    There are loads of websites that you can go on to help you to prepare for the tests even though they won't be quite the same. If you go to the UWIC address below then there are lots of links for practice maths, english and science tests.
    Good Luck, I am sure they won't be as bad as we think that they are going to be!
  9. Hi :)
    Yes, I've been working through all the online tests and have been gradually improving. My maths is quite good, but when it comes to the mental maths and doing things within 18 seconds sometimes I'm just not quick enough...Science I';m feeling better about as I go along. I have been working through bitesize to get me up to speed with it. i have forgotton a LOT inthe 5 years since I last looked at science! What does make me nervous though is that there is only one science test online to look at. I;m worried they'll chuck loads in which wasn;t on it lol.
    My test day is the 16th, so a week Wednesdayat 3pm :)
    Good luck to you too. Hopefully we both get through to the interview stage! I wonder how quickly they will let us know.
  10. Sent my application on 13th October, and had an email today confirming interview date :)

    Good luck
  11. I sent my application off on October 28th and heard back from Derby University today. I've got an interview for the Primary PGCE on December 13th. Rather nervous and excited!
  12. Same here! Nervous too!!
  13. Me too, me too! So that's three of us already, I'm starting to wonder how many of us there'll be!
    I'm so excited and nervous too, and there's still over a month to go...
  14. I'm just glad we get a month to prepare! I haven't done Maths, English or Science properly for over 4 years so I've got to brush off the brain cobwebs!
  15. Has anybody heard from University of Birmingham?
  16. StuartTooting

    StuartTooting New commenter

    Anybody applied to the Institute of Education? I sent mine off on 24th October but not heard anything back.
  17. Thanks glitteratiglue, I too applied early october (UEL) and was panicking so much but then my 2nd choice will probably be filled up by then [​IMG]
  18. Hi, I got my interview date via email. It hasn't even shown up on the GTTR tracking system yet. They emailed me on Fri (11 Nov) informing me I have been invited for an interview on the 16 Nov.
    I kept on calling them aswell and they told me about shortlisiting candidates etc, they have a thorough process, but it is very frustrating especially when you apply so early (on the day GTTR applications opened), and still dont hear back from anyone a month later.
    Good luck, I am sure they will contact you soon.
  19. Thanks Stuart, Im sure you will hear back from them soon enough. Just keep checking your emails as Institute tend to email direct. The interview hasn't shown on my GTTR tracking system. Also, if you dont hear by the end of the week, get in contact with them.
  20. Hi! I submitted mine on 2nd Nov to Bath Spa and haven't heard back yet, although I've seen in another topic that a couple of people have been offered interviews there already, so I'm getting quite anxious!!
    The waiting is driving me crazy!

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