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Anyone heard anything from Goldsmiths yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Mimii, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    Hello everyone!
    I thought I would start one of these threads as most other institutions have one, and it would be nice to hear from other Goldsmiths hopefuls!
    I have had a 'Conditional' offfer from Goldsmiths for the Art & Design PGCE since December 2010, and am still waiting to find out whether this will be confirmed now they have the place allocations. (For those doing Art & Design this is 14 places I believe..!)
    Whatever your subject at Goldsmiths - keep us updated on your progress!
    Mimi P
  2. Nice idea Mimi!
    I too have had a conditional offer from Goldsmiths-for Upper Primary with Spanish-since my interview in early January and am now just waiting to see what happens. I hope we hear something soon as I'm really excited and want to get started!
  3. Hi,
    It's good to know I'm not alone! I have a conditional offer for Upper primary too. I'm trying not to think of it too much but I can't resist looking on here every day to check if any one else has had any news.
    Fingers crossed for everyone!!
  4. I have my interview there on Monday for Upper Primary! eek I hope it goes well! Wish me luck :)
  5. Hi folks,

    Likewise I also have a conditional offer from Goldsmiths for Upper Primary! I was contemplating starting a thread but decided to just lurk around in the background and wait for someone else to...so hats off to mimi for starting it! Really excited now and can't wait to start! It's a big move for me as I'll be moving over from Northern Ireland, but that just adds to the excitement!

    All the best to those who still have interviews, and well done to those of us who have been fortunate enough to be offered a place! The preliminary hard work starts now I suppose!

    And I guess now is also the time to start making connections with people with regards to potential accomodation sharing/networking and resource sharing, so let's keep the thread active and build up a bit of community so that when we all start it will be like a duck taking to water and not a bunch of strangers sitting looking at each other from across the table!

    With regards to resource sharing I'll start;

    1) www.classroomtales.com - good blog from a recent PGCE graduate and now NQT. You will be able to download a PDF Book called "PGCE Survival Guide" for free. I've nearly finished it and have found it to be informative albeit at an introductory level. Best thing though is that it's free- I nearly bought it on Amazon until I stumbled upon the blog and got it for free!

    2) Succeding On Your Primary PGCE- Graham Birrell, Miss Helen Taylor, Hellen Ward (Authors)- you can get it on Amazon...... I ordered a copy yesterday and when it arrives I'll read it asap and let you know how good I think it is!

    There's more but I'll leave it at those two for now! I'm sure everyone has something useful to share :)

    P.S- where are you guys travelling from? Local to London or moving a fair distance like myself?!

  6. PS- apologies for lack of paragraphs in above post........formatting issues with Google Chrome I think?!
  7. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    My friends offer at Goldsmiths for English has been confirmed
  8. Nice to see some more people on here already, and thanks Grant for the resources-I'm planning check them out in a bit :)
    It would be really lovely if we could all get to know each other a bit before we started-it's a scary thought going back to uni when you've been away from it for a while and I'm sure having some friendly faces there will make it easier on all of us!
    So I'll get started...I'm 25 and from Scotland (hence the user name!) I graduated with a Spanish degree in 2008 and have been working in various fields of childcare since then, both in the UK and overseas. I'm currently working as a live in nanny for two boys in north London, but obviously will have to leave the family when the course starts in September. Luckily my partner lives in south east London so I'll be able to move in with him while doing my PGCE and not have to worry about finding a place to stay [​IMG] I've been wanting to do this course for years and I'm very excited that the starting line is finally in sight!
    So who else is out there and cares to share a bit about themselves?
  9. Hi,
    Has anyone heard yet? I was pinning my hopes on today but the postman's been and there haven't been any emails. I'm (hopefully) doing Upper primary at Goldsmiths. The wait is killing me!!!
  10. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    I visited Goldsmiths Admissions in half term to hand in my certificates for copying, and was told that the head of admissions would be emailing applicants over half term to let them know whether their Conditional offfer was now Unconditional, or if they were unsuccessful (this was for my course only, sorry)
    I didn't get an email :( so I called Admissions today. No one knows yet what is happening, the tutor for my course is away, and the tutor covering her needs to try get hold of her to make a final decision.
    I am really stressed out! My school were advertising my TA post, and have had to remove it, as we are unsure as to whether I am leaving them or not! I just wish I knew already, so I could get on with life..
    Sorry to rant! I know we are all in the same sorry position.. if only the Gov could see what they are doing! So many TAs have lost their jobs already, its very sad.
    Hope you are all well,
    Mimi P
  11. Hi guys,

    I'm new to this , I've literally just signed up. I had my Interview on the 28th January and found out i had a conditional offer on the 10th of Feb for the Lower Primary PGCE at Goldsmiths. I also went over to the Admissions department last week to hand in my certificates. I was told that I need to wait for the University to sort out the CRB forms. I just want my status on track to be Unconditional so that I am definitely sure that I have a place on the course. This thread is a good idea, i was trying to find a thread on the student room but there does not seem to be a thread about Goldsmiths PGCE applicants. I'm from London so I will be commuting to the University, I don't think i could manage being a student living in halls again.

    Anyway hope everyone is well.
  12. Had you filled in a CRB? They told me I didn't need to yet?!? I am waiting to hear about Upper Primary. I rang admissions and he told me that they have offered the same number of places as last year and that the Primary numbers have increased slightly. This seemed like good news but I don't want to get excited till I have it in front of me in black and white.
    I live in Croydon and will be commuting in. I've also got two boys at primary school. I'm wondering if I'm going to see them much next year!
  13. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    When I recieved my Conditional offer letter for Art&Design they sent a few forms inside, one of which they use to apply for a CRB for you.. did you recieve anything like this with your offer letter?

    Mimi P
  14. I filled in some forms but I was told that they weren't sending out CRBs because they weren't sure if we would be required to have one yet. I don't know what's going on. Perhaps they didn't want to pay for my CRB when they haven't actually given me a place yet... grr!
  15. Hiya.
    I wasnt given a CRB to fill in only the GTC Form and an Occupational Health Form. I was told that CRBs would be sent out once the University had confirmed whether they would be paying for it. So i'm assuming we should find out in the next
    few weeks (heres hoping!).
  16. Hi Bebbie,

    Thanks for the post. It provided lots of information so it was good to read through it!

  17. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    Hi everyone!
    I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything from Goldsmiths recently? It all seems to have gone quiet on the TES Forums...
    I try to ring Admissions once a week, keeping the pressure on and stuff. I just feel like if I don't call and ask, then they will just keep taking forever because they might think we don't care.
    Anyway, let me know how you are all getting on etc :)
    Mimi P
  18. Hi all,
    I received the CRB form yesterday so i'm just in the process of filling it out.
    Anyone else received the CRB?
  19. I haven't got my CRB yet. I'll be watching the letter box this week (I usually am anyway!)
    Mimii, what have admissions been saying?

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