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Anyone heard anything from Aberdeen for PGDE Primary?!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by karen7eor, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from Aberdeen yet? I seem to be checking track more and more each day waiting for a decision!
    Karen :)
  2. Hey,
    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from Aberdeen yet? I seem to be checking track more and more each day waiting for a decision!
    Karen :)
  3. Hi Karen,

    No, I haven't heard anything either. I was sure I would have heard by the end of this week. I'm going on holiday this weekend and won't be able to check Track! I've been checking it so frequently I'm worried I'm going to cause a Denial of Service attack! :p
    I'm kind of relieved that I haven't heard of anyone else getting a decision - no news is good news perhaps?
    Hope you hear soon and it's what you want to hear :)
  4. Hey there,
    Haha, I think we should be quite happy that they don't have a denial of service! :) I thought we might hear this week too though. Hope you're able to enjoy your holiday without worrying about it too much. Lets hope it's good news when we do hear :)
  5. I just heard back and I got a wonderful unconditional from Aberdeen! Absolutely stoked, can't believe I'm going to be a student teacher in August!
    Hope you hear soon!
    Georgia :)
  6. heya guys i got my unsuccesful today :( good luck
  7. Aw I am sorry Dora, are you going to try again next year or do you have a second choice.

    I also heard that I got an unconditional yesterday. So pleased. What a relief.
  8. I got an unsuccessful as well :(.

    Congratulations to those that got a place.
  9. Congratulations ! I got an unconditional offer aswell..so exciting :D are you from aberdeen?xx
  10. Congratulations Nicola!
    Yes I'm from Aberdeen, did my degree in Edinburgh but am back up in the grim north! What about yourself? :)
  11. Hey Guys,
    I was unsuccessful in my application to Aberdeen Uni PGDE primary this year. Got an interview but didn't get an offer. I'm currently undertaking the English Access course the university runs and plan on applying next year. Just wondering has any of ye done this access course and would it give me an advantage for next year? Also do they tend to offer places to more mature students rather than people who have just completed their degree? Any advice and information would be much appreciated.

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