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Anyone have a short luteal phase but still got a BFP?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mollymillions, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. mollymillions

    mollymillions New commenter

    I always have a very short cycle and ovulate pretty much in the middle and I didn't have any problems getting pregnant. My understanding is that for some people the whole thing is sped up so it doesn't necessarily pose a problem. Good luck :)
  2. My LP varies between 9 and 10 days, I've taken vit B6 since I found out it was short and not sure if it's extended it or not, also I use natural progesterone cream that's meant to help. Anyway, I got pg just under a year ago but sadly mc, have recently got another bfp so fingers crossed for this time. So despite short LP I've managed to get pg twice within a year so hopefully you'll get BFP soon as well.
  3. I thought I'd bump this thread as I know when I was ttc I got very worried about having such a short luteal phase (8/9 days) and spent a long time on google driving myself crazy that it would stop me getting pregnant. Well for those who might be worrying about a similar thing I got my bfp 15 weeks ago despite having such a short LP. I didn't use b6 or any other pills etc as when I did it made it even shorter! So, just like the ladies who replied to me originally, you can still get a bfp despite having a short LP. Xxx
  4. Congratulations! [​IMG]
  5. That's fab news Claire, huge congrats!

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