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Anyone had/going to an interview for Hull Uni's Lower Primary PGCE?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Bedella, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all!
    After completely giving up hope on this course and moving my application on, I recieved an email this morning inviting me to interview in April! Haven't recieved any info yet (coming in the next few days) but I'm wondering if anyone out there has been/going for an interview or even got a place. Slightly nervous now because I simply had put it out of my mind and now don't know what to expect!! So any advice or info on the process would be grately appreciated, even if its just to so that I know someone on the day!!
    Thanks! [​IMG]
  2. Sorry to bump this up but there seems to be no-one from the scarborough campus and with the interview next week I thought they might be some now!
  3. Hi afraid not applied for that but didnt want to read and run as found no one going to my pgce or gtp interviews either and felt really lonely! My advice would be read other posts about lower primary to give you general advice- don't worry about it being exactly specific for yours. Good luck!
  4. Have you heard back from them?
    I got on!
    Generally shocked but so happy and relieved.
  5. Well done :)
    it says mines a conditional on gttr but i havent been told what i need to do im just assuming i need a 2:2 in my degree. fingers crossed. I didnt get a call i just got an email, which was nearly deleted without reading because i found it in my junk :s I emailed accomodation but they didnt get back to me. I will wait til after easter and maybe give them a call.
    yeah i will be going to the pre course day.
  6. Thats excellent news hun, fingers crossed for you I'm sure you'll get the results you want. Good luck you didn't delete that email!!! I think the only reason I got a call was cos I needed to send it back to them via GTTR. You can download the offer letter via track, mine had the conditions on it but if there's nothing there than I just assume it'll be your degree. Yeah I emailed accomodation too but as yet nothing back, as you say they are prob off for Easter now. Kinda looking forward to the pre course day, I really hope its an informal one as I don't want to be stuck in a suit all day again! If you need any help with anything or just want to rant (I know just what the final couple of months at uni are like) just let me know. You don't have any info on fees at all do you? I've looked everywhere and I want to get through student finance asap cos I'm applying for grants as well as loans. I might just put the maximium and do it anyway [​IMG]
  7. Hey just getting used to this TES website and noticed your convo.. I got on too :) got a conditional offer providing i do 2 weeks foundation so have that sorted n all, was so pleased! have use sorted accommodation yet? I emailed and got no reply so i emailed again and got a reply about a flat for postgrads..so i just said yea im interested.but i havn't recieved any confirmation about it. Have you recieved info on the pre course day? i emailed enquiring about it because im from Belfast and need to book flights asap! tho im so broke atm!
    I think fees are £3732 for postgraduates this year..im currently filling in student finance.
    Look forward fo hearing from u![​IMG]
  8. Hello!! Yay another one, we seem to be a bit thin on the ground! Welcome to TES its been invaluable for me lots of good advice. My conditions were five days more in Foundation stage and five days in key stage one which is sorted too (I'm starting after Easter). We've both emailed accomodation and got no reply as of yet, although they did say that they don't get a full list of availability til the beginning of may but try and get PGCE students in contact with each other. I haven't recieved any info yet, spoke to someone else who said the pre course day is definately on the 10th June and she'd been told by the uni that details would be heading out soon, obviously Easter has delayed it a wee bit. Me and student finance aren't getting along! I'm going to ring them (again) as I keep on getting error messages and can't complete it. My course code brought up advanced early years pgce although it did say scarborough so I'm assuming its right. Blimey Belfast? ! Lots of organising to do. I live about an hour away at the mo but Scarboroughs definately a nice place to be. Great to hear from you keep in touch [​IMG]
  9. Hi everyone! Well done on your places for PGCE! I got a phone call from Scarborough asking me to go to an interview next month! Just wondered if you have any advice for me? I am a bit worried about the presentation and have no idea what to do! Thanks [​IMG]
  10. Hello! Well done for getting an interview the main piece of advice I can give you is to try not to get too stressed/worried about it, all the staff are really friendly and it was no where near as bad as I'd thought it would be. There's nothing you can really revise for the english test its just like a comprehension excersise and I think there were only 6 maths questions that were quite basic. I remember revising all of the areas on GCSE Bitesize and trying to cram everything in but it wasn't bad at all, I can't remember the questions sorry!
    The presentation was my most worried area too, I spent ages trying to decide what to do but most people were worried about it too. We had people doing experiments, showing how to play musical instruments, how to use sign language, how to do different languages basic (I seem to remember Spanish, Welsh, French, and Urdu all being used by different people so it was really broad), Origami, or how to make something. We had ours in groups of five and the assessors were really friendly which made it less nervewracking. My main advice on this is to pick something you are really interested in (cos you then have something to talk about should you forget everything) try and either do a demonstration or use visual aids (handouts etc) and try not to worry. I was shaking and really nervous before but the others said it was good. Everybody else is also in the same boat, people were chatting with each other and it felt very relaxed. Your individual interview will be with either one or two people (I got two) and again it was very friendly, I practised questions that I thought they would ask and then didn't get asked any! Hope that helps good luck with your interview and if you want to ask anything just shout![​IMG]
  11. Just wanted to say hi, I am starting at Scarborough in Sept too... had my interview in January, just getting in my days at school, slowly as I only have one day a week when I don't work! 5 days Foundation and 5 days KS1.
    I gave up with trying to apply for student loan online as it wouldn't let me complete it either...so printed it off and used old fashioned post!
    I haven't heard anything about pre course day yet. Anyone had a reading list? I did ask for one, but as yet nothing - if there are loads of books to buy I'd rather do it now while I'm earning! I live in Scarborough already - it is a good place, so hope you enjoy it! I just hope I don't get sent off all the way to Middlebrough for teaching placements....[​IMG]
  12. Hi Huskii, same conditions as me. I'm going to start getting my days in after Easter when schools go back, I was told it didn't matter how I got them just to get them!!! I rang Student Finance today only to be told "Its an IT problem and we can't fix it now or tell you when it will be fixed" the nice man then told me he would be sending me a paper application form that would take ten working days to get here (which with bank holidays leaves me 2-3 weeks to fill in and sort it before deadline) so yes I too will be giving up on technology for this and doing it the old fashioned way. [​IMG]

    I love Scarborough live about an hour away now so I'm looking forward to living there, I can't drive so I am dreading placements in Hull or Middlesborough as commuting will not be fun but hey ho! I haven't heard any information yet but one of the others I spoke to was apparently told it would be sent out "soon" and that the course day was definately 10th June. I really want a reading list too, so I can start finding cheap books online! Nice to get in touch with you. Am looking forward to meeting people in June, at least this way we will actually know others which helps. Fingers crossed for information soon.
  13. I will wait to hear from them then! God to hear from you, look forward to June 10th!!
  14. hey all! no i havn't heard anything either about accomodation and I have sent emails but no replies. they said we'd get accomodation info in may so i guess we'l just have to wait n see what da craic is! anyone sorted for accomodation?
    looking forward to getting started and meeting new people! we all have to have a brilliant summer lol
  15. Hi, I've recieved accomodation and pre course day info this week so it should be coming soon, Haylousid I believe we are sharing a house together with three others (Norwood). Also a facebook group has been made for anyone interested http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_161423977253240&ap=1, hope you are all ok [​IMG]

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