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Anyone had a work ban imposed on them whilst working in the UAE?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by lovely.lady, May 17, 2011.

  1. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    OK not sure if my experience was truly like yours but when I was in AD I didn't have a visa or work permit - nothing! We had to do visa runs every 8 weeks with an extension inbetween! This went on on for more than 2 terms. I didn't have any trouble coming into Dubai (my flight left/returned to there) but I did have all contact details for HR dept beforehand. I was questionned once by immigration on going out for a job interview in Germany - they were concerned with the amount of stamps in my passport. I was held for approx 1 hour but eventually allowed to continue following a telephone call and lots of questions!
  2. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    The Arab teachers I work with say that there is a way of buying your way out of this with the MInistry.

    That said, if your current school gives you a 'Letter of No Objection', you should be clear anyway. Down to them really
  3. rednelly84

    rednelly84 New commenter

    Thanks guys. [​IMG]
    Just wish the rules were clearcut but I have a funny suspicion that is never going to happen here. So much misleading or confusing information out there and that is the problem.
    To give you a bit more info...my new employer is a very large, powerful company here in AD who have experience of dealing with work ban employees. I did state at interview I would be breaking contract and if this was to pose any problems for them, I would stay in my current school another year and re-apply for the following year. They then looked into it for me and say they would be able to "find a way round it" and then told me about previous employees in the same situation.
    My current school are not granting me a letter of no objection so the work ban is a definate. My Visa will definately be cancelled by the school's PRO when I depart in July.
    I have heard about this from a colleague...I pay 500dhs every month until my work ban is lifted or something? It is always another option to consider.
    Will just have to see what happens after the Summer I guess. Like I said in my OP, I am probably thinking about it too much. And it won't kill me to go back to the UK for however long.

  4. I had a work ban placed on me after working for one of the Chew-the-fat schools. I simply said I didn't want to sign on for another year, and I guess they took offense because somebody (they all denied it) slapped the ban on me. When I got another job in Do-buy, I discovered the ban. My new school offered to pay the 5000Dh cost of lifting the ban (I had to pay them back). This was possible because the former school just sneakily went through the Ministry of Labor and didn't tell me about the ban. Had they told me, I wouldn't have been able to work in the UAE for 6 months.
  5. rednelly84

    rednelly84 New commenter

    I assume you mean, working legally in the country?
    Can't believe some schools aren't upfront about these things with their staff. At least mine told me straight away, which I knew would happen as they have a reputation of being a little difficult with these matters.
  6. Be careful - this was in Kuwait so prob not the same but my friend changed jobs and was told it was sorted out but ended up spending 4 days in jail!!! Horrific to say the least and i'm sure it was just because the former employer carried more weight than the school she moved to but check it out carefully xxx
  7. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Anyone trying to dodge the rules in Dubai is an Ejit. The possibilities are horrifying. Forget tales of "I managed to get away with'. Any school not organising visas is to be avoided. Jumping ship to another school mid contract is a no-no. A day or longer is a Dubai jail is not to be laughed at; when I was there someone I knew got into trouble; not a happy experience for them.
    The poster who claims the school put a ban on them because they didn't extend a contract doesn't sound plausible. A ban will be imposed if the contract is breached, but otherwise the Ministry have no reason to do so. Leaving one school at the end of contract and then moving to another is fine.
  8. Clearly you haven't worked for Chewthefart.

    But this is true - unless you have been lied to (which of course never happens in international schools).


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