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Anyone got interview at Leciester?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Naida1, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Just had a look through all the threads and found this one (having already sent you a message asking if you have a Leicester interview ...)
    I'll be there :), feeling nervous as well! So much to prepare isn't there. How are you finding the questions? Hope you're doing ok :).
  2. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Ooh a Leicester thread, at last! I've got an unconditional place to do upper primary, hopefully see you all there, good luck!
  3. Congrats! Bet you're realy pleased! :)
    When did you have your interview and how long did you have to wait to hear back? So nervous waiting and I only had mine on Friday!!
  4. *really ... I can spell just can't type it seems!
  5. Im really nervous too! I have just called them to find out if we will know soon or after the other interviews. We should have a decision by the end of the week. Feel even more stressed now! Argh! Just want to know now.
    The website says they still have places and are still accepting applications.
    Does anyone know how they do this? Do they take so many from an interview or do they just take who they want until the course is full or save some places for later interviews????
  6. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    I had my interview back in October I think it was, apparently it was the first one, was offered a conditional place just before Christmas which was confirmed a couple of weeks ago. So it did take a while for me, I completely understand how the wait is a killer! I have no idea how they allocate places though so don't panic.

    How did the interview go Hazel?
  7. Hi, I have an interview on Monday at Leicester. The round table discussion (where we introduce a topic) how did this go? How would you suggest I tackle this? and the individual inetrview - is this an interview from hell?
    Hope you see this ?

  8. Hi any tips on the round table discussion? I have an interview at leicester on Monday and feel sick already!

  9. clairek88

    clairek88 New commenter

    I had my interview on the 28th Jan and got my unconditional offer 10 days after, I think it was the most nerve wrecking 10 days of my life! When did you have your interview?
  10. The wait is finally over. There are 4 people i know of from the interview and 3 have got places, which is really good. I got a conditional offer with the condition of 2 weeks school experience :)
    I actually enjoyed the interview day after I relaxed. The worst bit of it all was the waiting to hear.
  11. We heard 10 days after as well, and yes I can sympathise with it being the most nerve-wracking ten days! Mine was the same day as h4zelh, 4th March, and I also have a conditional offer (for lower primary), I need to get an additional five days experience in a school. So excited!! Are you upper or lower primary?
  12. Some places do health forms and access peoples medical forms (one person said their uni did). Does Leicester have health forms etc.
    Have you guys got your experience sorted out??

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