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Anyone got experience teaching WJEC?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by surferboy, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. When I swapped schools I swapped exam syllabuses from AQA to WJEC and find the WJEC alot more interesting and approachable for both staff and students!
    We do spec B with the Religion and Life Issues (covering relationships; prejudice / discrimation, aid agencies, beliefs about life after death; beliefs about God, environmental issues and animal rights) paper acting as our compulsory Short Course paper, sat by all GCSE students. We then offer the Religion and Human Experience paper (which covers war & peace; medical ethics - abortion; euthanasia etc, religious expression and crime and punishment) as our full course top up. This option is very popular.
    We have a vareity of specialists and non-specialists teaching both Short and Full course papers. Students who have opted for Short Course have 1 lesson a week over the 2 years, taking the exam in May, Year 11. Students following the Full Course have 2 lessons a week, and sit Religion & Life Issues in May Year 10 and Religion & Human Experience in Year 11. Both staff and students seem to enjoy the course and we always get better than the school average results. The papers are accessable for all students.
    Since the new specs have come out there are a lot more resources for this spec (textbooks and teaching materials from both Pearson and Hodder; free interactive materials from the Welsh Grid For Learning; revision books from CGP) and it is one of WJEC's most popular papers. It seems to be growing in popularity down by me, and on here plus there's quite a few markers lurking on here too.
    I wouldn't consider using anyone else!

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