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Anyone got any good revision lesson ideas?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Daisychain80, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. We're doing a revision lesson and it's going to start with a loop game, followed by the kids playing pictionary with key words.

    I need to thinkof a way of filling 25 min reminding them about fossils and evolution without having to stand at he front and bore them.

    Last lesson I constructed a good revision lesson involving small tasks throughout, but some had obviously not revised adn so, the brief talks I did in between were too quick for thema nd they couldnt do teh tasks. I don't want to bore the more able ones and I dont want to go over the heads of the less able.

    I'm loathe to do a whole class quizz thing cause we're going through a practice exam next lesson. We're getting themt o do mind maps in the lesson after that, then exam tips and preparation in teh one after that along with getting them to formulate thier own questions to ask each other about the topic.

    After planning all those Ideas I'm stuck for 25 min this next lesson... any ideas.

    I've looked all over the net and just can't find anything that would cover it all whilst fittingin to the time.

    There was one thing where they arrange fossils by date and morphology then try to place an unknown in terms of evolution but I think it might take too long or be too dull for the more able ones.

    Perhaps I needn't be over ambitous and just do some teacher talk and quizzing with white boards.
  2. Would it be a cop out to get them to go in to groups and read about one aspect of the topic each then stand up as a class and explain thier topic?

    I'm doing my PGCE but I really think as far as revision goes, it's better for themto be reading for them selves and thinking and sharing. But I don't want to seem like I'm taking an easy out. Plus, teh calss teacher wont have a chance to ok my lesson before I do it.
  3. You could do it as hot seating/market place.

    You put them into groups and give each group a topic in which to become an 'expert'. Then after the set time you put them into new groups where each group has 1 student from the original groups. They then have to teach their topic to their peers.
  4. I like this idea. I'm a big fan of getting them to teach eachother, I think you learn alot through explaining to others.

    Perhaps if I do some overheads to go with it and maybe little cards for each topic with suggested questions and pointers, that would help.

    ITs a class of 25, woudl five groups of five work?

    and in 25 min, how long would they get to study up on thier topics before explaining to the class? I love the idea but am not sure that 25 min is enough.
  5. I am thinking 10 min for them to work on reading text books etc then 3 min each group to present thier findings.

    they've recently finished a practice exam and there were five areas I've identified where people had problems. I might copy the exam questions and ask them to find good explanations for the correct answers.
  6. Sounds good to me!
  7. This is really good idea, I tried it in an observation lesson and the HOD liked it and asked me to share it with the rest of department and gave me a good with outstanding features fro that lesson.
  8. I do a 'question race' I have 5 or so copies of questions at the front, stuck to my desk with the team number on the top.They then have to (1 from each group) race to come and cut off the first question and then answer it in their group to the best of their ability. they're not allowed to move on to the next question until I'm satisfied with their answer. When I am they can then go get the next question and so on. Every group I've done it with so far loves it - and they teach each other within the groups too.
  9. hi i completely agree with you, we spend some much time looking at new ways to teach but some times the old ways are the best.

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