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Anyone got a new puppy after losing an old dog?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by May2, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    I have not had a very good holiday after losing our poor old boy
    during the first week of the holiday. Being the holiday has made it
    worse as I am home and the house has been so empty.Anyway I obviously
    have known due to age and health that the time was coming and always
    thought I would get another. I have been really upset still in tears
    most days but last week I started looking on the internet for puppies,
    thinking may be October half term would be a good time, thinking of a
    new puppy cheered me up and we have been thinking of a name for it.
    However looking on the internet they all have been too far away and
    somehow I think I was pleased as half of me thinks I'm being disloyal to
    my last one, I know it's ridiculous. Anyway today I have had an email
    from a breeder to say they will have puppies ready at the end of
    November. This has suddenly thrown me and I just wonder if I am doing
    the right thing.
    We had our last boy nearly 15 years ago when our
    youngest child was still at primary school now there are just the 2 of
    us with adult child temporarily ( I hope! ) back home. I only teach
    mornings so am home the rest of the time.The breed we will get will be
    the same as before a large very laid back lazy dog, well our other one
    was. I just wonder how people who may be in a similar position have
    found the puppy stage and the chewing and energy which could come as a
    shock to me. I do remember until our other one calmed down he could pull
    extremely strongly if he saw a cat the other side of the road and did
    once pull our 11 year old over .
    I do need to have a puppy and not a rescue dog as I would miss that lovely cute puppy stage.
    back to school next week I know I will come home and miss my afternoon
    walk, there are fields all round us but it doesn't seem right to me to
    walk without a dog.
  2. Who will look after, and train, the puppy when you are at work? Puppies need company.
  3. PS sorry about your old dog. It is always a very sad time.
  4. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Dear May2
    Sorry to hear about your sad loss. It is very hard when a family pet dies since that pet is truly one of the family especially since you have had the pet many years. It is natural to feel upset and grieve. Although I have had dogs in the past, I now have cats and our two cats give us so much companionship and affection.
    Since you only teach mornings, you have time to devote to a puppy. If you are worried about coping with a puppy, enrol yout new puppy onto an obedience course which would teach you how to manage walking a new puppy and other things.
    I think the last line of your post says it all: walking in fields with your dog at the end of the day. What a lovely way to unwind. You are not being disloyal to your other dog since his/her memories will always be in your heart.

  5. seza-lou

    seza-lou New commenter

    When our old dog passed away we lasted a couple of weeks before we went looking for another one. I don't think it is disloyal at all, the new dog brought us so much happiness and really reminded us of our old dog as she ended up being the same type of personality that it meant we always remembered the good times with the old dog.
    As you only work mornings you would be in the perfect position to be looking after a puppy.
    Good luck with your decision
  6. Pretty sure there will be someone locally who offers puppy visits for the first few weeks when s/he is too little to be left alone for a couple of hours. Expensive, but only for a limited time.
  7. Good luck with the new puppy-I think you could offer it a fantastic life. One thing to point out-there are rescue dogs who are puppies so don't necessarily be put off a rescue dog because you think they'll all be adult dogs.
  8. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    When we got our puppies we had no end of volunteers to come and visit them in the daytime! We didn't need to pay anybody.
  9. Sorry you lost your old dog - there's just a hole left, isn't there? We socialise Hearing Dog puppies and my advise would be to buy the book 'Perfect Puppy' by Gwen Bailey and use a crate. We had our current pup at eight weeks and she was house trained in a few weeks: taken in the garden at least once an hour, after playing, sleeping, eating, visitors etc. However, if you are not able to do that, it will take longer. Neither of our full time puppies - both labradors - really chewed anything in the house, preferring to chew anything they could in the garden!! One B&B guest did chew through my computer flex, though.
  10. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Oh well I have bitten the bullet and phoned the breeder. I thought people on here may have tried to put me off but they haven't. I know I will love it when it comes.
    I think I am 4th on the list for a boy and they aren't due until the end of September so I just hope she has enough boys. I only work 4 1/2 mornings with PPA at home the other half morning so I am sure he will be fine.

  11. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Great news.
    What breed of dog are you getting? Now you can post to get people to help with names! There was a thread on here a few weeks ago for kitten names. I never did find out what was eventually chosen.

  12. I have retired and have a brand new puppy. I am in the perfect position to tell you to think carefully!! You forget 8 weeks is just baby, four hourly feeds, nightmare teeth and not sleeping through the night. Shall I go on? I could not imagine leaving her for a whole morning yet, maybe at 12 weeks I will be happy to leave her in a pen in the house, Have had to rearrange furniture in order to put wires up, reorganise the cat and catfood. Wouldn't change the pup for the world, she is adorable but she is hard work!
  13. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    We never have just one dog at a time-we did have five but that was stupid!
    At present we have two Cocker Spaniels-beautiful but not high on the IQ scale! We got the older one, a boy, from a local person. He's a solid red so is very snappy. The girl is younger and we bought her at 6 months from a breeder. I can't imagine just having one dog but, over the years, we have been left with just one after the terrible journey to the vets. At least, when we came home, there was another dog to greet us so we've never been left with an 'empty' house.
    I love having two dogs as they do keep each other company. We've only had a puppy once and never again!! EVER!! It was a noghtmare, so now, when we want another dog, we usually go to a breeder. They often have an older dog to sell. For example, our younger dog was a show puppy and, although she had won a number of competitions, her sister was prettier and had more potential as a show dog. This suited us as we have no intention of showing-we wanted a pet.
    Obviously, each to their own. As for rescued dogs, my first-before I met Mr D (swoon!!)-was a Border Collie cross from the RSPCA. She was the most wonderful dog, loyal, protective, you name it. I had her until she was almost 20. She did have a couple of problems when I got her, obviously hangovers from being a stray, but once she knew she was staying with me and I wasn't going anywhere, she settled quickly. (Oh, I'm getting all tearful just remembering her!!)
  14. A year and a half ago my dog died. He was also 15 yrs old. We were all devasted as my three lads had grown up with him. My middle son nagged me to get another one and although I did want one worried, as you are, about looking after a puppy. Well we now have a beautiful fox red labrador (Ruby). We used a cage at night and when we were out and have nothing damaged or chewed. She is the love of my life[​IMG] and have never regretted having a georgous little puppy in the house. You will have the usual problems, chewing parts of your body, little wees and the odd crying at night in the early days but these problems soon pass. Go for it and good luck!
  15. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    It will be a Golden Retriever. I am getting quite excited now. After having one I couldn't have another breed. He was just so wonderful being a retriever he just always brought us a 'present' when we returned. He followed me everywhere and when I brought the washing downstairs he would always check if I had dropped anything and bring a sock or whatever and drop it for me by the washing machine.
  16. They are just wonderful dogs. I will always now, have a lab or golden retriever. They are perfect. My old dog was a rescue dog and a bit of a legend but he was a one off! When we all go for a walk with Ruby she leads the way but every so often she does a head count, by running to the back and checking us out. We are going abroad tomorrow and I am worried sick about leaving her as she is my shadow.
  17. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Oh dear I have just told my son( 25) about putting our name down for one and he isn't happy. I know he was very attached to our last one and was here when we had to call the vets. He doesn't think we should get the same breed. Let's hope by the time it comes in November he will be feeling better about it. He obviously grew up with the other one and has been back living with us for a year so was close again. He is a sensitive lad. Oh well I am sure it will work out.
  18. We've asked if we can have a golden retriever next. Buffy,our current pup, had a golden retriever mother. She's black but not blue black; she looks quite bronze in some lights and has little tufts of blond hair in her paws! We are now complete fans of labs and retrievers.
  19. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    We had a brilliant dog, but at the age of 13 she was starting to look worn out. Her muzzle had turned grey and she didn't want to do much. We didn't expect her to last very long. My wife was adamant she couldn't be without a dog and pestered me to buy a puppy. I felt it would be entirely the wrong thing to do and would be terribly unfair on the old girl, but in the end, my wife had her way.
    How wrong I had been. The puppy gave the old dog a new lease of life and she survived another four years. It was lovely to see her mothering the pup and she didn't seem to mind once the young dog reached the stage she could beat her to the balls I threw for them.
    I do miss the old dog. She was so intelligent. The "new" one will be getting on for 7 years old now and although she is also a boxer and fairly bright, she has an entirely different character.
  20. Arrr Kinsa, that does sound like love[​IMG].

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