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Anyone got a GTP interview for 2011 start?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jemmavause, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. I also heard that I have been successful on the 28th.[​IMG] Can't wait to get going now!! My GTP coordinator in school has shown me a letter confirming my place. Was soooo pleased to see it in writing!!
    I am wondering, though, when we will get personal confirmation. Anyone had that yet?

    Good luck to anyone who has still not heard.
  2. I have been told the letter is in the post. So personal confirmation will undoubtedly follow soon.

  3. Found out today that I have been accepted by Essex ITT!!
    So happy and glad to have finally found out! [​IMG]
    Well done everyone!
  4. Congratulation Tasha, so pleased for you! Does everyone have facebook? We should set up a group for Essex GTP-ers to help each other through the year!
  5. Hi,
    I know exactly how you feel sscj2. Ive been applying to GTP providers in the North West. I applied to Storm, attended an interview and my mentor rang me to tell me I had a second interview only to find out it had been a admin error!!!! They had emailed ALL mentors and schools by MISTAKE!!! I was on an emotional roller coaster!
    This is so hard. I feel like such a failure. I had the support of my school and I've over 6 years experience. I dont know what to do next....
  6. So has everybody heard now?? I've applied to Essex GTP and still haven't heard anything! Makes me think I'm not successful :-S
  7. Hi,

    I applied to Essex via the Harlow one (I didn't know there was a Mid Essex one to confuse things further as well)! Still haven't heard anything from the school or provider... soooo nervous about it now I know everyone else is finding out!
  8. This was my provider and I have been given a positive answer.
    I know that teacher placements have in fact gone UP 4% , so stay positive.

    As for someone who mentioned setting up a Facebook group , I think this is a fantastic idea and could be useful for moral support / resources.
  9. Jennie,
    How did the Norfolk Interview go? I have mine with SNITT this Thursday - bit stressed cos I really don't know what to expect. To be honest I just want to get on with it, so much waiting!
  10. Hi all,
    I found out on the 28th that i'd been accepted, got to say i was more than a bit pleased!! I was told that the best way forward was to try and get some reading done before September as the reading list is 5 pages long! Good books to start with are the "Getting the *** to..." there are three i believe to learn, to behave and to think. Ive ordered them from my local library. There is also a paper that you can access on the DfES website called excellence and enjoyment, i was told to read that too.
    I'm really looking forward to the induction in July to learn a bit more about what is to come to be honest. My head kept the folder from the last GTP they ran so have managed to have a look at that but it will be nice to hear it all from the horses mout so to speak.
  11. Hi Everyone!
    I have been accepted on Essex GTP the Harlow one for 2011!
    Havent had a written confirmation yet, so getting a bit worried about the reading list- I havent got it yet!
    I think this Summer is going to be full of cramming lots of information in my head!
    I cant wait for the induction but again have no idea what this will consist of!
    Any help/information you guys could give me while I am waiting for the information to get sent through from Essex GTP would be great.

    Hopefully see you all in July!

  12. P.S. I have made a facebook group so we can all talk before we start and also share resources/ books to read before we start!


    or search Essex GTP- Harlow 2011/2012

  13. Well done for doing the group, I will definately join!
    I haven't had much info either, think it is just a waiting game until the induction day really!
  14. Hiya,
    just wondering if I could pick your brains a little. I've got through to the final stage of the application and my interview is soon.

    Apparently they give you an object and you have to talk about it for 10ish mins around incorporating it into a lesson or using it across the curriculum (although it changes every year!). Just trying to put a framework plan in place that I could use in the majority of situations and was wondering if there were any headings or main elements that you use in most lesson plans? Having never taught a lesson and very little competitive experience, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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