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Anyone got a GTP interview for 2011 start?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jemmavause, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Hi edrama

    Fab news! Who are you with?

    Jem x
  2. Craig

    I feel your pain! Fingers crossed for you.

    Jem x
  3. It's with the Stockton-On-Tees GTP x
  4. Hi Craig,
    I am waiting on Essex schools too. I am so nervous! Best of luck for next week!
  5. The Head at the host school remains positive, still. Fingers crossed.
  6. hi everyone and anyone who can help ive got my interview on 28th for written test 45 min piece on education related topic given on the day and 1st march got 10 min presentation on 'how to engage the learner for literacy' primary, totally freakin out about educational topics at the mo, any suggestions on what to swot up on feel like time trickling away far too quickly, in a school voluntary for the last 18mths 1.5 days a week and they supporting my app
    good to know not alone it's so nerve racking it means so much to everyone doesnt it!
  7. Hi Craig and Teach1020,
    I have applied to Essex too. So very nervous have not heard anything since I applied I thought they may have acknowledged receipt of the application but nothing how about you? I guess we will all hear something next week so best of luck to both of you!
  8. My application was accepted, Interview undertaken and job offered. I am just waiting on the funding to come through. My School have been excellent in keeping me up to date with progress.
  9. I think it is really nerve-wracking because we have no idea how many applications Essex ITT have recieved, compared to the places they have on offer. My school seems to think I stand a good chance, which I think will make it all the more devastating if I fail to get a place. After all, everyone being considered will have found a school that is willing to support them, so the standard must be pretty high.
    Did either of you actually have an interview with the provider? Mine was just with my supporting school.
    Best of luck to both of you.
  10. My interview was just with the school too. As you say it is really nerve-wracking, everything went very well with the school and they are really behind me but as you say that must be the same for everyone. I have not had any contact from Essex ITT and I don't think the school have either since the joint application was submitted how about either of you.
    At least we have not got long to wait now. Good luck to both of you, keep us advised if you hear anything.
    Fingers crossed.

  11. My interview was with the school but a representative from the provider was present!
  12. That seems strange! Surely they would have to do that for everyone to ensure the providers weren't biased towards one applicant over another. I am primary though and I think you are secondary so maybe that makes a difference.
    I haven't heard anything from Essex in the interim and am not expecting to until an offer is made, or not!
  13. Hi!
    I have also applied to Essex ITT Partnership for a primary GTP. Jut waiting for the results of the application. Just like the rest of you I have had no contact with them, not even confirmation they recieved my application. My interview was jsut conducted in my school, no representative present. It is so nervewracking! have any of you applied to STTP as well?

    Good luck to you all!

  14. I heard today from my school that I have been successful! I didn't think I would hear until later in the week so am over the moon!
    Good luck everybody [​IMG]
  15. Congratulations, I have not heard anything yet. You must be so happy and relieved.
  16. My stomach turned when I read that, means we must be all getting very close.
    Congrats on your confirmation !!
  17. I wasn't expecting to hear today, as people have said that Essex were sending out letters today so I was expecting to hear on Weds/Thurs. But I am guessing my school had heard via telephone or email somehow, and then they contacted me straight away.
    So there shouldn't be much longer to wait for everyone else!!
  18. I am in Norfolk, and have got my interview today. Have read loads, practiced my presentation, felt nauseous. Think I am ready now! Well done to all the successfull candidates in Essex! Hopefully we will be as lucky up here.
  19. Still nothing, feeling really down.
  20. Hi,
    Really sorry to hear that sscj2.
    I still haven't heard anything from Essex, via my school, the post or emails.
    Getting worried, especially as most of you seem to have heard either way [​IMG]
    What do you think you will do now?

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