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Anyone got a GTP interview for 2011 start?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jemmavause, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Just thought it would be nice to find others who are looking for a GTP placement. I have got an interview with EM direct in a couple of weeks and a little nervous already.
    I am hoping to do primary and my old school are supporting my application wo ho!
  2. Hi Sarah
    I too have an interview with UoR on 7th Jan, I am already nervous about the presentations. Like you I am also concerned that I will not know enough about current educational issues but all we can do is read anything anybody suggests!!!! So any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Good luck with the interview.
  3. I think your passion for education will come well before current theory as it all comes round in cycles any way!
    I don't have to do a presentation, just a 10 minute lesson started and a written exam. I'm busy revising maths as I haven't done it since GCSE.
    Keep reading the TES for stuff thats around.

  4. I have an interview, lesson starter and a written exam in maths and english.
  5. I had an interview day at a secondary school yesterday. Found out today that they would take me but can't afford it due to the intake next year. Is there anyway of getting funding so that the school could take me ? Unfortunately I have ran out of holidays from work so can't apply to any others school and to be honest I really want to do my GTP at the school I went to yesterday. I have already spend time 7 days in the school to gain experience and I really like the school. I think I would be a great asset to the ICT department and it is a really shame about funding. Is there any think I can do, or do I just have to sit and wait until the 2012 in take next year ?
    The government say they want more people to train within schools but then reduce the funding. Personally I want to do a GTP because I feel that is the best way I can learn to teach and I would have to take a 10k drop in pay to do so but I really want to teach and help student gain a love of ICT as I have.
    Any advice anyone can give would be great. The school have said they will stay in touch and for me to do the same as you never know what will happen with the white paper but time is ticking for 2011 intakes and I really just want to get into school now. After my week in school during July 2010 it was so hard and is still so hard going into the office every day.
  6. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    I know GTP is an attractive option but the reality is that despite the publicity less than 10% of Initial Teacher Training takes place through GTP. Many schools and providers are reviewing the options this year in face of budget problems. Any GTP candidate this year needs to keep their options open by also applying for PGCE programmes.
  7. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Jemma
    Just wondered how you got on with your interview? I have an interview early Jan with Derby Uni and wondered if you have any tips or advice that you could pass on.

    Many thanks

  8. Eamaz

    Eamaz New commenter

    Is it for Primary or Secondary?

    I'm on the GTP with Derby this year for Secondary History - it's really good and Derby are very supportive!

    My interview consisted of a group interview where myself and 3 other candidates had to discuss educational issues and then we had a more traditional interview.

    I'm unsure what they were looking for from th group interview - we had to introduce ourselves and give a backround to our previous experience. I went first and spoke for a minute or two then the person after me went on for 10 minutes! We both got on so, i suppose it depends on your delivery and confidence + your ability to listen to others opinion whilst trying to get your own view across.

    In the other interview, they gave you a topic and asked you to think of a starter for it. It was relatively simple like Holocaust or Industrial Rev, something your bound to know. I suppose that would be the same for any topic / subject / key stage.

    Anyway, good luck!

  9. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Congratulation on getting an interview and you make it sound so easy. How did you find it overall?
    I have an interview with Derby in Jan for GTP Primary and I am excited but very nervous. Do you have any useful tips or advice I could apply.
    Did you have a maths and english test?

    Crossed fingers for you - hope you get a place!!

  10. Hi lynette

    Interview was fine x I didn't know everything but who does?

    Questions were

    What's an inclusive school?
    How do you aid transition?
    What's ECM agenda?
    What's the creative curriculum and an example of how it can be used.
    What are the EYFS strands of learning?
    Why do I want to teach?

    I had to deliver a starter. 10 mins wasn't much.
    A maths exam- probably year 9 sats or foundation gcse
    A written exam- comprehension exercise
    Group exercise was to put a list of tasks in order of importance.

    They were lovely and so were the other candidates so try not to stress too much.
  11. Hi lisa

    Sorry to hear about ur situation. As far as I am aware schools have to contribute 5 k toasted the cost and that bit isn't funded. Could you try get private sponsorship?

    No providers know about the funding for September yet and it might all change anyway.

    I hope you manage to sort it out x

    Jem x
  12. Hi fez

    See the details about the interview above x
    I haven't got a place yet so don't know how well I did x

    Just be yourself and be passionate about being a teacher!

    The maths and English tests were quite hard as you forget stuff from school! Revise basic gcse maths x

    The day was tough and I'm mentally and emotionally drained as I want it so much.

    Fingers crossed it goes well for you x x
  13. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Thanks for that I need all the luck in the world. Let me know if you hear anything. xx
  14. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Thanks for all the advice and sharing the questions you have asked - well done for getting through it, it sounds tough.
    Good luck and I hope you get a place x
  15. Hi all,
    I just had my interview for GTP Primary at the University of Reading so i thought i would give my feedback.
    Number one and most important: Don't Panic!! All the tutors are lovely and really kind, they just want to find people who are passionate about teaching.
    we did not do a maths test, but had to do 2 presentations, oneabout a book, and one using a resource/artefact/visual aid about anything of interest to yourself. I did about flying/cabin crew experience, one guy did rugby, another did about emotional aspects of learning, another: VLEs, another: behaviourial difficulties. An essay follows; (1 side of A4) "Are teachers technicians or professionals?", and then a personal interview (mine was with 2 people - a tutor and an advocate)
    Prepare as best as you can for the presentations. STICK to the 5 minute rule stringently: they have a timer and will NOT let you talk for anymore than 5 minutes.
    The interview is your time to shine. Research the standards for QTS, you don't need to know all 33 stds, but be able to say there are three areas and maybe give an example of 1/2 of the subcategories within one of the main areas. Know about the ECM agenda, a bit about creative curriculum, inclusive schools. Also I found it relevant to talk about the Cambridge Primary Review (e.g. raising starting age to 6), particularly for the question 'do you think much will change in schools over the next year'.
    Example questions:
    What transferable skills do you have from a past career that you will bring with you to teaching?
    Do you think education will change in the coming year? and how?
    Why do you want to teach?
    what qualities does a teacher need?
    how would you be inclusive in a school?
    what do you feel is a hot-topic in education atm?
    give an example of a time when you experienced a difficult teaching situation.

    Good luck to everyone going through this nerve-wrecking process.

  16. Hello all

    How did everyones interviews go? Had anyone heard back?

    I called today and letters have been sent out so I should know in the next few days. I feel a little bit sick! After all this waiting I will be devastated if it's a no.

    Fingers crossed everyone x
  17. ?

    Wow! really? who is your ITT
  18. Hi Craig

    I'm with em direct. I got a call this aft and have been offered a place!
    Don't know what terms will be set to the place yet but still chuffed.

    Who are you with?

  19. I am waiting on funding news from the Essex Schools ITT Partnership. Been told the week beginning 28th I will have an answer. The suspense is killing me [​IMG]
  20. I had my final interview within one of the partnership schools today and was offered a GTP place for drama to start in September, It has been a long old slog but i am really pleased i can relax now before the hard work starts in September.


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