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Anyone going to the NASUWT 'Welcome to Teaching' seminar?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by smartblonde, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Would be nice to hear from anyone who is going or who has been before and can give a little insight into what it entails!!
  2. Went to the three offered over the course of the NQT year (one now, one mid year I think and one in June)... all excellent. Can't begin to tell you just how great they were IMHO. The presentations were relevant, the accommodations were excellent and the ability to catch up with uni mates working around the country and make new friends and contacts was a worthwhile experience. Make sure you register for Moira Healy's behaviour management sessions - they are the best.
    Day usually starts with an opening address by someone in the Union - the last one was by Chris Keates, the General Secretary, and there are always high ranking officials around. Then a couple of whole room discussions about life as an NQT... then lunch... The afternoon sessions are the elective workshops - last one had sessions on behaviour management, pensions, academy schools and one other that I can't remember. All good and very relevant to your experiences and needs.
    I am not a militant unionist, but these conferences/seminars were an excellent inclusion to my NQT year. Yes you have to give up a Saturday, but the free CPD is worth it, especially in this economic climate where schools may be hesitant to send you on a paid course that requires you being covered.
    Don't miss them.
  3. I'm booked onto the Bristol one - looking forward to it!
  4. Oops computer posted twice!
  5. Im going to one on the 23rd August in London.
  6. Me and a lot of the people from my PGCE course at Keele are going to the one in Manchester on 12th August.
    Looking forward to it :)
  7. Sillow

    Sillow Senior commenter

    I went two years ago, it was great just to find out a bit more about how the union works, what they're there for, what to expect from induction and other things. I met lots of people in the same boat, which was nice for boosting the confidence, and there was free food and drink! We had Moira Healy, too, and she is very good.
    I must try to find another one soon, I haven't been to one since and it was useful.

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