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anyone get a TLR?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ucan2, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. What do you have to do to get a TLR these days? Just read on another thread that some people get TLR for leading a subject i.e. ICT. We don't!! All we get is loads of extra paperwork and hassle!
  2. What do you have to do to get a TLR these days? Just read on another thread that some people get TLR for leading a subject i.e. ICT. We don't!! All we get is loads of extra paperwork and hassle!
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I lead English Welsh and P.E. and still can't have a TLR! Very annoying and I will ensure I will do the absolute minimum possible until I get one.
  4. I have been ICT coord for 2 years without one - you generally dont get them in Primary unless you are a member of SLT.
    Ive just taken on the role of KS1 Coordinator and SLT member and I get a TLR for that - albeit the lowest possible one! Works out around an extra £100 a month.
  5. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I had one for leading Drama and this current year will get one for being Head of Year. I am in a middle school and people are recognised and paid for the work they do. I will be movinng to a primary school in Sep 2012 when the middle schools shut and will be expected to lead a subject for free. I certainly will not be doing anything like the work I would have done when paid for it.
  6. Seems really unfair how it varies from school to school. We don't get a choice about leading a subject - not even which subject, surely there should be some recognition of the extra work.
  7. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I'm Literacy, RE, History, Geography,G&T, NQT/student mentor and the only other member of SLT apart from the Head. I get the lowest TLR level there is.
  8. <h6>I am so shocked by this thread- and feel incredibly out of touch. I have always gotten paid for co-ordinating. Moved schools this year and joined SLT and got &pound;6odd for it. If you are taking on additional responsibility you should be renumerated for it!</h6>
  9. Every single member of staff in our school has a subject coordinator responsibility, some have two. How can we expect to all recieve a TLR for it?
    I am ICT coord myself and would say the work level warrants one, along with PE, Literacy and Numeracy - but then every other subject coordinator worth their salt would probably say the same.
    In a huge school, it might be possible, in an average sized or smaller school where everbody has subjects its daft to say we should all have a TLR.
    Saying that, the joy of it is knowing that come Ofsted you can't be held accountable for your subject.
  10. You should not coordinate a subject without extra payment. Colleagues in secondary schools do not do this - on the same pay scale and at the same level... and the TP&C does not differentiate.

    Just say "No!"
  11. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    simply not so, impulce, this thread and many others point to this fact.
    Our contract stipulates that we should not coordinate (be responsible and accountable) without a TLR.
  12. I'm on the lowest TLR for ICT <u>and</u> Assessment. [​IMG]
  13. I've been ICT Co-ordinator for 3 years, and was Music Co-ordinator before that. I have never received a TLR. However, whenever I ask for time out of class for my subject, and I do have to ask, I always get it.
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm Literacy, SENCO, Child Protection, INCO, LAC, Extended schools, SLT, student mentor KS1... (I did have ICT too and there are other responsibilities not listed) and get the lowest TLR
  15. I should add that everyone in my school co-ordinates a subject, but it's only the people on SMT who get a TLR. It would be nice to get a one but, although I have nothing to do with the budget, I don't see how they can afford pay everyone a TLR.
  16. At risk of sounding like a broken record I am shocked by this. I am on my 3rd school now and in ALL of them anyone who co-ordinated anything got a TLR. I have been on a TLR since M3...increasing every year as I do more and more. It may sound naive but I wouldnt dream of doing extra work I do for no money- maybe Ive been lucky in my schools but you lot have def turned me off moving schools! I need the money too much x
  17. I forgot to add that, whilst we don't get paid for co-ordinating, we do have 1 staff meeting each half term where we can work on action plans and get a subject leader day a year. Not much if you have a lot to do, but now that the staff understand that I won't (and can't) fix the photocopier, printers, laptops and whiteboards, apart from subject monitoring, auditing and ordering the odd resource every now and then, I don't find that there's much extra to do, and on the few occasions that there has been, our Head is good at making sure we have time to do it. Perhaps I am not doing something I should be, but it's been like this for the past 3 years and all seems to be fine!
  18. if you work in a small school like mine everyone will have a subject coordinator role. It also depends what is expected of you in your coordinator role - everyone at my school gets coordinator release time and any "extra work" is done in this time. The only TLR's at my school are for SENCO and EYFS. As it is an infant school EYFS leader has considerably more responsibilty and work to do than say science or music coordinator.
  19. I would say that this thread actualy supports my original point - lots of people are saying they have subject coordinator responsibility, and no TLR.
    I dont understand how it is financially feasible for everybody with subject leadership to have one in an average sized primary school where everyone has a subject. There would also be huge amounts of unrest. Yes please, I'd love to coordinate DT or Art and get a TLR for it!!
  20. bonniconni

    bonniconni New commenter

    I agree it wouldn't be feasible for all subject coordinators to have a TLR in average sized school. I co-ordinate English and get time to do it (half day each week) as does Maths co-ordinators. I think this is fair, so I wouldn't ask for a TLR as well.

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