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Anyone fancy looking at a Team building booklet I have made?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by pippylargestockings, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. It is on resources - Look under pshe - 'challenge'
  2. max5775

    max5775 New commenter

  3. msmac

    msmac New commenter

  4. ictbev

    ictbev New commenter

    pippy, that sounds great. i've just taken over as head of pshe so anything new would be fab as i have no decent resources at all


  5. Hi,

    Could I be cheeky - is this still available? If it is, could you send me a copy to:

    Much appreciated.
  6. vicky*

    vicky* New commenter

    Hi, I am PSHE coord and have a form for the first time next year so would love to try it out for you!

  7. ljjh

    ljjh New commenter


    have just been asked to take on new Y7 form from Sept (currently have Post-16). If this is still available, please could I have a copy?


  8. sxn


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