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Anyone ever used the agency - The Education Network or racs group to claim back tax

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by hol75, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Just wondered if anyone has used the supply agency The Education Network ( Warrington branch) and if they find people lots of work!? I registered with them today and they talked the talk so wondering if they are any good! Also has anyone used racs group to claim back tax on travel, lunch etc? I have never heard of them.
  2. I used the RACS Group for office temping work last summer after my PGCE. I claimed for travel and lunch. I found their payslips a bit hard to understand and at the time they had teething problems with their online expense form which got sorted out. Apart from that no complaints. They gave a good service and claiming expenses was quite straightforward. I hope this helps.
  3. Yes - thanks
  4. I know it has been a few years and you may not even check this, but do you have any feedback/advice/info about The Education Network, I have a Skype interview with them soon and it is hard to find any reviews about them. Anything would be great
  5. useless

    useless New commenter

    I work through Education Network in Newcastle. They are as good as any of the other agencies I use ( Teaching Personnel, Capita amongst others} Where do you live?
  6. I work through The Education Network in Warrington and find them to be far more professional (and pleasant) than most. They haven't found me a huge amount of work but that's probably because I'm quite fussy and won't accept CS placements. The other supply teachers (and CSs) that I've met who work through TEN seem just as happy with their experiences and it makes a pleasant change to be given an honest opinion of a school rather than be told that somewhere is "a lovely, friendly school" when it's clearly not.
  7. I used to work through the Education Network in Brum and they are a small outfit - VERY professional, sincere, friendly and got me loadsa work for over £140+ a day. Think I was on £147 a day and went to some goodish schools.

    I hope they are like that in Cheshire - one of the best agencies I have ever worked for and they value their teachers.

    I cannot rate them highly enough.

    I then got a permanent job, but if anyone asked me to recommend an agency then I would say - The Education Network.

    I am secondary, but did a lot of primary work through them and they never sent me to just dives and were actually quite human and caring.

    I did supply for over 10 years and they are the best agency. For me. you can lose faith in them(agencies) and some get too big and see us as commodities or have their "favourites".

    Hope your experience is as positive as mine was.

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