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Anyone elses TA doesn't listen ??

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by May5, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. May5

    May5 New commenter

    I try and try but my TA just doesn't listen to me. In fact she does the opposite of what I ask and then I have to fix it myself. This takes so much longer!!! I don't want to cause tension but it's getting ridiculous now. Any words of wisdom? please?
  2. May5

    May5 New commenter

    I try and try but my TA just doesn't listen to me. In fact she does the opposite of what I ask and then I have to fix it myself. This takes so much longer!!! I don't want to cause tension but it's getting ridiculous now. Any words of wisdom? please?
  3. hello,

    I had a similar situation with a TA. She would be having a chat with certain pupils while I was trying to teach... and she fell asleep a few times during my lessons. A great confidence builder!

    A member of SLT asked me about her after observing a lesson in which she was assisting and I told her all this (didn't really feel comfortable telling on another member of staff) but the fact that this was kind of known to them indicated it wasn't just my lesson she was doing this in.

    Long story short - she's left the school. I don't know if it was my damning evidence though!
  4. Hm - some TAs can be a real problem. I had one that continually undermined me, insulted me in front of parents, children and teachers, and the school took no action "as she was not very well" - a nice understatement of "off her ****** head". At one point she blamed her illness on me (despite it being fairly common knowledge that her husband was taking the eminently sensible step of legging it, and that she was suffering from this illness on a long-term basis!). It transpired that she had completed most of a teacher-training course before bailing out....felt she could do better, I suppose.

    I just kept going despite her, reduced her interaction in the class to the bare minimum, found her tasks to do that were outside the class.

    The sad thing was that she was employed specifically for one child, and the child did better when she wasn't there (but I think her parting shot was that I had set him back 2 years....!) She was more concerned with his "emotional" state (read transference of focus for that one) that his learning - she even used to help him cheat on assessment tasks so he wouldn't feel upset!

    You don't have to grin and bear it though. The school should be more helpful, not like the school I was at that buried it's head ever deeper in the sand, and I should realistically have elevated the problem to SMT level to be sorted out.

    Initially, give her scripted lesson plans that she has to follow, ensuring that she has to record the outcomes as you expect. If she can't do that, then push that up to SMT because she is preventing your children from learning. Get an observed lesson where you know that she will deviate from the planning, and make sure the observer takes a close interest in her focused work.
  5. Get an old exercise book and write down the jobs that you want her to do each day. This way she or yourself can mark off the ones done and then she can clearly see the ones that need doing.
  6. May5

    May5 New commenter

    Thanks for all your help guys. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one and its not personal (I hope). It just seems a shame that people are allowed to get away with this. I know of a similar situation where the TA has been allowed to get away with something similar to the things you have been saying for about ten years.
  7. Give them some really boring filing to do that will take aaages, then tell them theyve done it wrong and you need it done another way. Sounds nasty, but if you can't beat them, join them and enjoy it :p

    Also, get them to strip display boards but dont give them staple removers, and send them round the school looking for things from other teachers whose classrooms are really far away.

  8. Not only does my TA not listen but she critises me all the time (despite recieving 'outstanding' on my reports from observations). She is a govenor at the school and sees this as her postion rather than a TA (ie above me!!!) She refuses to help with resources and doesn't work with children she doesnt like!She told me that my job as an NQT was to build up my own resources! She said that she is not used to working with such inexperience and it really shows that im still learning. I have been told by other teacher that im a good teacher but with all the negativity every day I find the positives hard to hear! I have been to the deputy who has already had to speak with this TA after complaints from other teachers. She is making my working life hell-so much i may leave the school at the end of the year just to get some sanity back. I worked as a TA before i became teacher and know it can be a hard job but you should support the teacher you work with. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. May5

    May5 New commenter

    wardy2, like your thinking!! But I don't think I could be that mean. I'm too nice for my own good!

    farmergirl, Oh dear, I thought I was bad. Don't let her push you to leave. It's not her classroom. Just tell the people higher up that your looking for a change next year, ie not working with her. If everyone else thinks you're a good teacher, they won't want to lose you for that stupid reason and will try to accomodate you next year. Let someone else take on the problem next year and just laugh it off for now.
    That failing, take Wardy2's advice!!!!

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