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Anyone else want a moan?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by anon2189, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Didn't get the job today because of my lesson observation. All time new low.
    I have been qualified for 2 years. Love my job. I get good results and Ofsted said I was good. I know I'm not outstanding yet but I know I'm imporving. Unfortunately you seem to need to be superhuman to get a teaching job. I've managed two temporary jobs covering secondments but I can't get that permanent job I need. How can I improve as a teacher if I have to go back to supply? (especially when there isn't any)
    My collegues who've been at the same school for ten to fifteen years do not know how lucky they are. There seems to be very few people who realise how fierce competition for teaching jobs is. Last week I was shortlisted from 300. Yes that's a great achievment but I will still be unemployed in a few months.
    I would like to break this cycle of applying for jobs and get on with my life. Anyone else?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    YEs, yes and yes!
    I feel as if I need to put 'professional jobseeker' on my application.
    My situation is also compounded by my age, cost and now elderly parents complicating what, realistically, I can apply for and there's few jobs advertised each year anyway.
    I do feel really down just at the mo' so won't moan on any more- just wanted you to feel you're not alone.
  3. Yessss!! I am beyond fed up and lately been finding myself getting really upset over the whole thing. I have just qualifed, applied for about 15 jobs (doesnt sound alot but its so time consuming) and had one interview which I obviously didn't get. I just can't bare the thought of never having my own class, all I want to do is teach and I have worked my butt of to get a bleedy degree. There are just too many qualified teachers yet so little jobs. I would take anything right now to get the NQT year but couldn't imagine doing this horrendous process again if I got temp. So I can definitely feel your pain about dreaming for that permanent position. We just have to keep our chins up, good things come to those who wait (apparently!!)
  4. Hi folks, I have also just qualified and haven't managed to get a job for September either. Applied for 6 jobs (very few have come up) and had 4 interviews but no joy. Really can't see myself getting a job. Two places I've worked said they'ed love to give me a job as they need a teacher but there's no budget. All a bit depressing really. I'm considering applying for temporary pastoral/ support roles, just to have some money coming in. again I dont want to do supply and Im worried they'll be few supply jobs. Not really sure what to do? any advice?

  5. I must be the most fed up from all the above users as I have not even had the experience of an interview yet.

    It's the end of the year now and so I know there's not much chance of jobs so I am looking for other jobs now. I still want to remain in education but I know I won't be doing my NQT any time soon. Very disheartening and disappointing but I have to get on with my life (socially and financially). Supply is just too irregular, don't plan on going back to that full time.

    I'm happy for all those who are posting the 'I got the job' threads...just wish one of those threads could be started by myself...
  6. ditto! i am so glad that I am not alone! I have had 6 interviews... 3 this week that I didn´t get and feel absolutley wiped out andhave lost all confidence that I am a good teacher.. I will never do my NQT it seems. and I can´t think of anything worse than doing supply.. help!
  7. tavypilgrim

    tavypilgrim New commenter

    I have given up my search for a teaching job after 2 years with no luck. In this time I only managed to complete 1 term of my NQT and my supply allowance + extensions is almost used up. I've come to terms with the fact that I've now wasted 5 years of my life only to end up looking for the same minimum wage jobs I was when I was 18. I love teaching but it just wasn't to be. Sadly I worry that this scenario will become increasingly common unless the government dramatically cut the number of new people they train each year.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    This is almost criminal of the government to raise people's expectations only to dash them!
  9. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    A message off a friend (TA)
    I had a go at a bit of teaching in science - 2 lessons a wk for last 9 wks to cover supply teacher leaving
    lovely girl but can''t believe its been allowed for so long!
  10. I am pretty sure there are thousands of these examples taking hold in schools. Very upsetting. No wonder we never produce enough quality scientists in this country.
  11. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    I know how you feel. Its all very disheartening. When I did my PGCE in a Uni in the South West, on one of the first days they told us all if we wanted to get a job, we would have to move away. I know of friends who have done PGCEs in Wales, and they have been told the same. I spoke to a girl who did her PGCE last year in Wales, and she said no one on her course managed to get a job locally. All are signed up to agencies, along with the many others of us from previous years. Yes, Universities should stop training so many people, but they get money for every student and with many cuts being made in Higher Education, I think they probably need bums on seats. Whether you get a job at the end of it is neither here nor there to the Uni's, but I do agree that when you sign up they sell it to you by suggesting you are going to finish walk into a wonderful job at the end of it all. Maybe this should be made more clear - chances are you will be doing supply for a good while afterwards, possibly not even in your chosen subject.
    Good luck to everyone. I, too, am very envious of anyone with a permanent job. It makes planning for the future so much more easy. I feel like my life is on hold until that permanent jobs comes my way.
  12. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    I've had 7 and for the first couple I just thought its not meant to be but after the 5th, 6th and 7th I just broke down in tears.
    For a couple my lesson wasn't the strongest and my interview was good and for others my lesson was good but my interview not the strongest.
    I've finished second in 3 out of 7 interviews and the latest one basically just so confusing. My lesson was excellent, interview was excellent, most popular with the staff so really ensure what it was they were looking for?! My only thought was that it was just because I was an NQT that I didn't get the job?!
    They've told me they are going to keep my details and if anything comes up then I'll be contacted but its just so disappointing. I never thought it would be this difficult - I expected to do my course and get a job as a teacher (the only thing I've ever wanted to do!) but now its reaching the end of term and I could just cry at the thought of not having anything.
    I have a temporary maternity cover interview next thursday, and I've applied to another job which is permanent but the interview is also on the thursday. Then there is only one more job left that I could possibly apply to in my area without having to travel nearly 2 hours everday morning!!
  13. After qualifying last summer believing that I would get a job...I have now applied for 30 primary teaching jobs, securing a mere two interviews this time last year!
    I have personalised my letter to the school, met the person specifications, added executive summaries, you name it, I've probably tried it. Including reading Theo's clickables, contacting the university careers service, having head teachers read my letter for another opinion and attending the TES job seminars! I fear that it is because I am a supply teacher, which some other posters seem to be finding is a problem.
    I don't see how you can win - you can't secure a post because of cuts, use of TAs & CSs, so you do supply to keep in the loop as it were (I thought this would have been favourable). If you get a job as a TA and you are a teacher, you struggle to secure a post because you haven't been teaching. If you get a job as office staff in a school, you struggle to secure a post because you haven't got any recent experience of working with/teaching children?
    Do head teachers really not understand the dire situation we are in? How are we meant to earn money to support ourselves, if ultimately we commit career suicide by choosing something just to pay the bills.
    I am filling in my final application today and then that is it....I'm out!
  14. From January 2010 to May 2011. Applied for nearly 300 jobs: no interviews. Registered with 26 agencies; 6 days work, 4 paid. This is for maths and science in London. Mind you, I was on UPS 3, and I was nearing 60.
  15. How did you keep going?
  16. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    I am on UPS2 and began to despair about getting a job... highly qualified, very experienced but expensive... felt I was spending most of my time filling out applications only to never hear! Like many others in this threat, felt disillusioned.. and worried about the mortgage. Thought about other careers but love teaching.

    Followed advice from Theo re. ES etc.. but also read that I do not have those three magic letters.. NQT..
    However, this week I managed to secure myself a job... so, don't give up! It is possible!!!

    My advice - don't try too hard, which does seem contradictory I know, but my last interview I decided that I was not going to look too desperate or eager to please... I decided that they needed to prove to me why I should work at the school and as well as the other way round... a big gamble, which paid off!!! I also took the advice of Chris Evans who said that day on the radio, 'Commit or Quit - but do not fudge it!' :)
  17. Yes I do need a moan! I'm also still without a job for September, and really worried that too much supply and temporary jobs will not be in my favour in the future. The worst thing is, I know I really had a chance for my dream job at my last interview (of 5 this year), but I messed it up. I blame myself and hate myself for it, have nightmares about it and wake up really early every morning thinking about it. Lots of tears, needless to say. My husband says I should put it in perspective, and try and be more positive about the future, and I know he's right but I feel I'm sliding into depression, even though I'm really not the depressive type usually. I'm going on a little holiday next week and hope very much that geographical distance and time spent with good old friends will help me through this.
  18. Hi Gila, I totally know what you mean about the depression, I had a case of it related to stress illness late last year by being overworked, but this time it is a boredom/unmotivated depression type. It is nice to know your husband is there to support you. In my case, I really have noone to talk to about my plight and as a consequence I tend to hope that my career will get back on track soon.
    Yet another rejection this morning which incidentally was posted to me 5 days before the closing date!!!! This really is great is'nt it? Getting considered for all of the time to produce a rejection letter. I am spending what seems to be a lifetime to fill these applications in and making them personalised but it seems to no avail. Yes there are success stories out there but really, why should it take us so many interviews to get a post? Bloody stupid. It is so easy to say 'keep going, it will happen' and to a certain extent - I agree in being +ve, but I just can't see me teaching any more. All of the expertise I have acquired thus far, seems to be corroded and corroding further to a point where there will be no return. I said a few months back that it was the end of my teaching career but then got appointed an assessor for a examining board - this is the reason I am still 'clinging on' to education. I just can't and do not want the hassle many of us are going through no matter what our age. Society has changed for the worse, everyone is just so greedy now and wanting to make a quick buck.
    I think some of us have to be realistic and say that it is a crock and that we can't keep putting ourselves through this continuous torture of:
    Application after application --> Infinitesimal probability of Interview or outright rejection --> Sucking up at Interview whilst gritting teeth teaching badly behaved pupils --> Waiting for job offer/rejection.
    Then this cycle keeps going and going.
  19. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    I sympathise with you all, particularly the jobseekers cycle of spending hours preparing for a fab lesson, interview questions etc... only to be told "I am sorry, I can't offer you a position with us today". Although I still have no job for September, It helps to know I am not alone in my constant pursuit of a job. I am doing a maternity cover at the moment and I am fed up of people asking "got anything for September yet?" and of course the old favourite "something will come up". I know people are trying to be supportive and its difficult to know what to say, but the majority of my colleagues got their jobs years ago, and it was their first - and only - teaching interview. I think its hard for some of them to appreciate how stressful it is when you have put yourself through the mill time and time again, for nothing to turn up at the end of it.
    I have tried it all - writing to schools in my area and sending my CV and photographs of pupils work, arranging visits to schools when adverts come out to show I am keen and enthusiastic and to try to secure an interview, trying to make connections with departments in local schools so that I hear of any posible job opportunities before they are advertised and have people read my letter of application. You name it, I have probably given it a go. I have even looked into going back down the payscale, in a desperate bid for someone to employ me, but apparently this is not an option.
    Our quest for a job continues, good luck to all. I wish you all the best.

  20. I wish going down the payscale WAS an option: why don't they make it an option for people who are prepared to do it to get a job? They could then have more experienced teachers for less money, it would make sense! I'm M6 and have been out of teaching for 4 years (though do have some recent experience now from an RTT placement). I have sent off about 30 applications this year and not even a sniff of an interview. I too, like many here, have read all Theo's clickables and followed the advice, and tried lots of different tacks, written an individual letter every time, visited the school when they have said it would be "welcome" in the job ad. It's completely disheartening and I don't know how they justify training more and more new teachers when there are no jobs for those of us who're already trained, let alone anyone else.

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