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Anyone else struggling financially?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by FEsenco, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    Yes have been to the students union and applied for the hardship fund but have been turned down for this due to the number of people applying for it.
    My partner had been claiming benefits when he has been made redundant but its only £50/week and this doesn't even cover his rent for the month.
    We don't pay council tax in N. Ireland, though this might be the same as rates on our house which we already pay a reduced rate.
    I think we will just have to try and get a loan out from the bank and hope to repay it somehow but we don't want to be getting into more debt (we already both have student loans) and not be able to repay the loan to the bank.
  2. Solution is for your partner to take any job till you start earning.
    Also remember there is no need to state all your qualifications if your applying for 'over-qualified' jobs.
    If you have a spare room consider getting a lodger, if not consider moving in with a girlfriend or moving back to your parents till you start earning.
  3. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    Believe me if my partner had been offered any job he would have took it!! He isn't being picky here!! He has been applying for loads of job - ALL jobs not just ones he would like to do but he either gets rejected straight away or gets to interview and there is someone more qualified or has more experience than him.
    He has tried not putting some of his qualifications down but then there is a gap in his application form or cv where he went to uni for 3 years and is always questioned about what he did then and it comes out that he has a degree therefore doesn't get the job - so it isn't that easy just to not put down certain qualifications, especially when all job application forms state you must fully explain any gaps in your employment or education.
    We do have a spare room but as we rent the house we can't then rent out one of the room and especially with our landlord selling the house atm he is around every week so would notice!
    Unfortunately my parents live over 100 miles away and a 2 hour bus journey to my placement school or uni everyday is not realistic, wouldn't get me there on time and the added expense is not what I need.

  4. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    Forgot to say that we are contracted into the house we are in till June and even if we move out we are still liable for the rent and bills to be paid up until the end of our contract so moving out or in with friends isn't an option either.
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Has he looked at the online freelancing sites? People PerHour, Office Calvary etc? Also temp agencies? Hays etc?
  6. Has your boyfirend considered tutoring locally - March is a good time for this - up front costs are low.
  7. You could also try employing your boyfriend to do some of the mindless paperwork that comes with your course thus freeing your time up for your existing part-time job.
  8. If your a member of a teaching union, which you should be, they will have a hardship fund.
    If they are not interested - because your a student - change union.

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