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Anyone else still waiting to hear back from student finance?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by darcymay, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Sent my application through the post 9 weeks ago and still haven't heard back from them! Have received my marriage cert back though so hoping that someone somewhere has my application!

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    x x x
  2. have you checked your account online?
    Apparently (this is what they told me yesterday) if you send any documents in, they forward the post to Glasgow, who scan it, then they send it back to Darlington to process.
    Give them a ring to chase (they have assessed me on non-income for now and have requested loads of info, which they said they didn't need me to send when I queried it weeks ago)
    Bit of a nigtmare!
  3. darcymay, I really would ring again and insist on confirmation that A) they have your application, and B) your documents are safe.
    They can track your info, they did for me. I spoke to someone in the Specialist Support Team who took 24 hours to have physical searches done and did ring me back when the documents (copies of my children's birth certificates, partner's tax certificates, mortgage info etc) were traced. Still haven't had them back though so can't relax until then.
    If the person on the phone is unhelpful again ask to speak to someone in the complaints department.

  4. They told me yesterday there was a 10-12 week backlog of delays, then some rather 'helpful' advisor said "You could have applied in January" (which did not go down well!)
    When I spoke to a supervisor, he said some of the problems are, if you have been an existing student before applying for PGCE, the system recognizes this and pulls your existing details forward (in my case it didn't ask for my husband's financial details - queried this at the time several times and was told they already have figures from last year - then they said would need to re-send them as new course, this is the delay) but this is no 'marrying' of the financial details because the LA dealt with them beforehand and because this is a new system it doesn't tie the details together (even though it appears as though as it has online)
    He did say you can be put through to the assessing team if you ask.
    I've had problems each year with assessing, but this year has been the worst so far!!
  5. ditto, to most of the posts. still waiting since early may. have had one lot docs returned, others presumably still with them AND they returned two additional birth certs to me, not mine!! I sent them straight back, but hey ho, leaves you feeling a little less confident with the process.
  6. This forum is starting to worry me... i called 4 weeks after submitting my info in April as there was no update on my applications status (awaiting documents - which had been sent) and was told there was a 40 working day backlog and my documents would be somewhere in the system. Magically the next day my application status had changed to being processed. I believe the 40 working days are now up but their website is currently unavailable, I have had no documents back, no emails, no letters. I think they have forgotten me... :(
  7. HI, was told yesterday that all applications have been dealt with as non-means tested to ensure that everybody has got some money for starting in September. The means-tested applications will then be looked at again and re-assessed (this is happening in date order from when any additional information was requested - at the moment they are working on the beginning of May) So some applications will have to be worked on twice (maybe being cynical but wonder whether it is a way of 'cooking' the figures as it looks like applications have been finalised in a given time scale! erm...)
    Spoke to a manager in Darlington who informed me that they were bringing additional bodies in, overtime etc... to work on backlog because the amount of applications from some LA areas was much larger than anticipated. Apparently all additional information to support claims is physically boxed up and they are being opened in sequence of delivery.

  8. I'm still getting no where with them! My husband rang yesterday to find out where his payslip was (sent that & marriage cert had the marriage cert back but no payslip!) only to be told they have no link with him to my file and the only thing on my file was my previous student finance from 6 years ago!

    I then rang last night and was told my application should definitely be showing on the system after 10 weeks and I would need to speak to the processing dept! Rang today to get through to the processing dept and low and behold the syatem is down for maintenance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I GIVE UP!
  9. Just read you post again CurlyShirley....... so are they telling you that all application that have been received have been assessed, even if just non-means tested?

    I'm starting to really worry now that my application has been lost........ They have definitely received it as i've had evidence back but so far no one seems to see it on their system! Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do if they finally turn around and say they don't have it! I will be so annoyed if I have to apply all over again! Then what happens to when I get my payments if I apply now???? Like most people I need that money to pay my mortgage etc........................
  10. They will eventually sort it out, no doubt. But it may take time. To assess all applications centrally from 2009 was a bold move, which conincided with an explosive growth in people applying for teacher training, which was unforeseen, and it seems to have put their new system severely under test.
    If your assessment isn't through by the time you start, you will still get the full amount, as everything will be backdated. Meanwhile you may have to get an overdraft - free with a student/graduate account up to ca £2000.
  11. I sent my form off in April...waited till June then phoned.....apparently they never recieved it (I'm just glad I only sent off photocopies of important documents as I can seem to retrieve them!!) Then I was told by Student finance to send another form to my local LEA. They then sent this back to me and told me Student Finance were wrong and to send it back to them again!!! So finanlly I have recieved a letter telling me they have recieved my application!!! Hopefully it'll get done by Sept but someone out there could be stealing my personal details and my parents etc..... So badly organised!!!
  12. Hi Darcymay
    Yes they said they were working at getting everybody's application through as non-means tested as this was a straightforward process, that way some income would be available for the start of term in September. Then re-assessing the means tested part would then be done on a rota basis, from the date they received your information and it was scanned onto their system so you would still get what you would be entitled to but as Alec2005 confirmed it would be backdated.
    I applied online in May and mine has been assessed as non-means tested for now. I sent all documents in by recorded delivery and also by registered delivery (which ok is £4.95 but didn't want to take any chances with marriage certificate admittedly I got that back within a short space of time and it was returned by registered post also)
    I would ring and ask to speak to the assessing team and if you do need to send in more info, send it so you can track it (they use the same tracking numbers so can confirm receipt by this also)
    My LA warned me last year, it would be chaotic this year and they were right!
  13. HALLELUJAH............. just spoke to someone at Student Finance who has confirmed that my application has been received! It's not been processed.... but at least I know they have it now and that's a step in the right direction. Lets hope we all get our money in Septemeber..................!!!
  14. HALLELUJAH............. just spoke to someone at Student Finance who has confirmed that my application has been received! It's not been processed.... but at least I know they have it now and that's a step in the right direction. Lets hope we all get our money in September..................!!!
  15. Hi
    I have just spoken to them too, they now have an automated message saying not to worry and everyone will receive their first payment ontime!! (hope this turns out to be true). First he said my mail had not been received but there is up to a 9 week delay for incoming post to be processed, so not to worry. Then he said my mail must have been received because someone had processed my application, he said there was a problem confirming university course codes (do these change each year? I assumed they stayed the same) before July as university's don't always confirm them until the end of July. Hopefully once the university confirms the course then it will all be sorted.
    Good luck everyone
  16. Hiya.
    I applied in Feb but only just heard back (after ringing up to see what the problem was). Apparently I had written the wrong course code so maybe they do change them. My application had been put on hold and then forgotten about. When i did hear back they hadn't awarded me the non-means tested grant and when i rang them they hadn't heard of a non-means tested grant, i had 2 keep ringing back until i got someone that actually knew about it! Hopefully it's being sorted now though. Just to let everyone know to make sure they get awarded the non-means tested grant via student finance (it's about £1000) if they are doing the PGCE and aren't being income assessed, they might have missed yours off too!
    Leanne x
  17. Hey - not sure if this is right because all the people on the end of the phone seem fairly confused, but they told me the only way to apply for the non-means tested grant on the online form is to say you do want other forms of support, and then to actually fill in the whole means-tested bit....does anyone else get the impression that it would be a whole lot easier if they just wrote a whole different form for pgce applicants?? so so frustrated with this - i need money to pay rent!
  18. This - the special sitiuation of those doing PGCE - has always been a sticking point with student finance, when it was largely done by each local authority, or centrally as from this year. Many staff don't seem to be aware of the rules, and give misleading and conflicting advice, not helped by ambiguity of the PN1 form itself.
    There is no chance of a separate form for PGCEers being produced, as from next year the non-means tested grant will be abolished and they will only get the same entitlement as undergraduates. So those who decline to give financial info will only get the loans, and those with a household income above £34k will also not get any grant.
  19. grholden

    grholden New commenter

    Completely agree with all setiments here that the system is a joke.
    Granted, they have a hellish task, but the service that they're (allegedly) getting on with is pitiful.
    I think it was the end of April when I applied / submitted online. From this point forward, my partner attempted to support my application online. When I heard nothing back, I gave them a call only to be told that there was 'an error on my part of the system' and that I was better printing off a form and submitting it that way. So, I did this and my partner submitted both form / letter from former employer around mid-May-ish. From that point, despite lots of phonecalls, my status is still 'awaiting further information'.
    Come on, I understand some backlog to some degree, but its ridiculous!
    When you guys log onto the online system (https://signin.slc.co.uk/pls/orasso/slc_login.oaupk002.p_get_username?site2pstoretoken=v1.4~A4C9C46B~5BBD7BB82E9ECCD938A05FF73346D646C8C79D54792938F3F6F2AF03AF546E49E298510FCFABC8642EB2C553F91B87866666687164667E5F7A3885DDF6FD55435542870BAD04878823125178461D3F43A21A26B1D09A1A75C40B0EE73124751966A34033797A18A2BA0D039ACEDB125FE1CDEFEE71F2DC56240AD6CAF1C17152B3CEDEC3C97E141B3BE252AC9D9C26312093254EE71C856C986B1E505242C2EB65A8F8B86D466E908C20047BCCED5D5FA259A9718038C06F3BB00B2DD99AAF3FC384CB12B45A8DF921748DDA757941F877AB1C1983B67D90BAA7B95FA81726689805034E64C91724&p_cancel_url=https://secure.studentfinance.direct.gov.uk&p_submit_url=https://signin.slc.co.uk/sso/auth), is your status showing as 'awaiting further information' or something different?
    Admittedly, very worried too!
  20. grholden

    grholden New commenter

    Sorry about the stupidly long link above, didn't realise it was that big!

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