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Anyone else slimming for their wedding?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by missenglish84, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Hello all!

    I'm just about to go and join slimming world as I want to loose 2 stone and be a size 12/14 for my wedding next December! I just wondered whether anyone else was doing the same...I have struggled with diets in the past and thought it might be good to have someone to motivate me (and help motivate in return).

  2. I am not slimming for my wedding as lord knows when that will be as I dont even have a boyf at min but I am trying to slim down by xmas too. Have put on over 2 stone recently as my medication causes increase in appetite and weight gain and want to slim down at least a stone by xmas and be toned with it (not just lighter).
    I havent joined slimming world or WW but have promised myself I will not buy rubbish so I am not tempted to have snacks that are calorie laden and have rejoined my pilates and yoga classes (stopped going when my depression was too much). Have also signed up for boxercise once a week.
    Def up for motivating e/o!!! xxx
    PS if you want to motivate yourself that you can do it you should check out bulging brides on Living! They are not really bulging but usually a dress size or so bigger than they want to be for their wedding and you should see what they can achieve in just six weeks when motivated! You will do it by Dec.... and we will cheer you on!
  3. Not slimming for a wedding but do slimming world after stuffing my face silly to cope with emotional stuff.
    If you need any advice or anything, don't be afraid to ask!
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm not slimming for a wedding either (been married for 2 years...where did that time go??!) but i'm wanting to lose more weight. I've got a 14 month old baby and I lost my baby weight and am back in my old clothes, but I still want to lose more.
    I did lose 3 stone for my wedding though, so if you want any tips/advice feel free to ask!
  5. I am slimming for a wedding, but hoping that hitting the gym will work rather than doing any dieting. I love food so and can't cut anything out without losing will to live. I'm dress shopping in a few weeks so that might spur me on or send me home crying!
    I've been watching quite a few eps of "Bulging Brides", though some of them start with a figure I'd be perfectly happy with! I'm considering a personal trainer when it gets to about 6 months away.
  6. Thanks for your response guys! I think it will be a massive help to share ideas with other people who are trying to shift the pounds.

    I went to join slimming world last night - the leader seemed really supportive and got me feeling motivated. The only downer was when I was weighed I weighed more than I thought and am the heaviest i've ever been. :-(

    She reckons if I stick to it, I should have a good weight loss in the first week, and I think for me I need to in order to keep me hooked, especially as I am at V festival in a couple of weekends so might not be able to be quite as good.

    Of we go then...fruit and yoghurt for breakfast...
  7. Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast? A full english is much tastier! [​IMG]
    RE the exercise thing. You won't lose much weight at all if you are exercising but still eating the wrong things or overeating. At most, you might lose a pound or two, but realistically it will only work to maintain your weight and stop you putting on any more. Ideally you should be increasing your exercise and changing your diet too. Are there any small changes you could make?
  8. Slimming world full English breakfasts are definitely on the menu this weekend pinkfilpflop when the fiancée will be at home to enjoy them with me!

    One of my big downfalls is definitely exercise - I've been a member of gyms in the past but I don't go because I find things like running on a treadmill so boring, so i'm in awe of anyone who can keep up a regular gym routine! Any suggestions for alternative exercise that might be a bit more interesting are greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi all.
    I would like to join this thread as well because I am trying to slim for a wedding in June next year. Finding trying to restrict my eating quite hard at the moment so am trying to do as much exercise as possible. Just started a Zumba class which is really good and have also got myself a personal trainer once a week to motivate me but too expensive to keep doing that long term. I always struggle with having breakfast and trying to drink the right amount of water. Have you been to Slimming World before Miss English84?
  10. Hello thescientist!

    Yes, I have done Slimming World before about 2 years ago but only for about 3 months as a family crisis meant I had to give up going to the classes and this meant I fell off the wagon! I like Slimming World simply because it allows you to eat - there is always something you can eat if your hungry and there are lots of slimmer alternatives available to all my favourite foods, so you don't feel at all like your starving yourself - if anything I think I eat more on it than not!

    Well done for getting cracking with the exercise - that is my biggest downfall. I've never heard of Zumba before - what is it?
  11. I don't do gyms. I can't stand them.
    I either jump on the cross trainer at home which is nicely positioned in front of the TV or have a little workout on my gym ball.
    My fave exercise is powerwalking. Just walk out of the house and off I go.
  12. Zumba is a Latin American dance/aerobic workout. I really liked it because the music was good and it was really fast. Was not particuarly good at it as my feet do not move fast enough but it was fun.
  13. I find a gym routine can get boring easily, but I my gym is great for offering a wide variety of activities. Sometimes I go to classes if i'm around at the right times and other times I amble along to the machines. I really like weights and my gym has the resistance band ones which are the ones they use at curves.
    I've noticed a difference already in my shoulders and back (but this is my slimmest area!) Also my arms aren't so wobbly anymore and that's in 2/3 weeks. I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to motivation so it really helps to see something changing, even if it's small.
    Also i've been on quite a few hikes with the dog in the last 2 weeks too. It's been very low impact and I haven't got out of breath or anything because it's been flat but each walk has been about 5 miles. It's helped me get started on the fitness road anyway! I won't be able to keep this up when I start back at school though, which is a worry!
  14. I am already starting to think about how to fit this in when I am back at school. I do not go to a gym because I do not particuarly like being inside to exercise so when I have personal training, it is all outside in the countryside, interval training down country lanes with weights, which I really enjoy. I have found a number of different classes again none at a gym but that is fine when I have no school to think about. How do the machines with the resistance bands work?

  15. Hello, slimming for my wedding in a year's time. Bought "my fitness coach" for nintendo wii (wii fit board not needed) and I exercise most days.... I used to be a complete slob now have lost half a stone :) .... All thanks to this wii game, it's changed my life honestly!! (I used to hate exercising now I keep going back for more!!)
  16. I too have my worries about going back to school - now I have time to prepare lots of healthy fresh food and cook, but I know when I go back in September it could be easy to slip back into old habits. I'm also worried about exercise when I go back as I won't have time to go for long walks (the only exercise I've found at the moment that doesn't bore my senseless!). I've just got to make sure I keep the wedding in mind - I'm going looking at dresses tomorrow so hopefully this will spur me on as I really want a size 12/14 wedding dress and not the size 16/18 I am now!

    A good tip with the Wii game irigami - we have a Wii so I might go out looking at games this afternoon! Zumba also sounds great thescientist - I might also look this up and see if there are any classes in my area.
  17. I didn't think about the food aspect of going back to work too. I haven't had a takeaway all holiday, when I can have up to 3 a week when i'm at school! I'm changing schools too this Sep and it's no easy school either. I always find the Autumn terms difficult in terms of workload, but at a new school it's even harder. Plus Ofsted are due any moment.
    When I'm organised I try and make massive portions and freeze a few more servings so that I can avoid takeaway temptation.
    The resistence band machines look like normal weight machines but instead of lifting weights you change the resistence of the elastic pulley instead. There is one machine for each muscle group of the body and the idea is that you do a circuit or two. They are great in a circuit training class (which is what Curves do) where you have an instructor and you blitz a machine then do a minute of old-school star jumps before jumping on the next machine. The classes are only half an hour which is good, but they really make you work!
    I haven't got a Wii, but I found starting out with DVDs (espec. Davina) was a really good way to get into regular exercise, so I felt more confident to go to the gym. Also it trains your mind to get into the habit too. I read some where that if you do something religiously for 3 weeks, your mind accepts it as a new habit, so week 4 shouldn't seem like you've dragged yourself into it. I wouldn't know because I only get to 2 1/2 weeks before I give up!

  18. Just wondering what your date is, mine is in year too = 6th August.
  19. Apparently it takes 28 consecutive days to form a habit be it good bad or indifferent. So if you can stick to a routine for 4 weeks you are in for the long haul.
    I too find going back to school the time when I start to drop off...body getting used to long working days etc again plus early start. Thats why I have picked classes that I can go to either on way home from work or late enough that I can pop home for dinner and do few bits before they start.
    As for food- I always cook in bulk and freeze then I just pull a portion out in morning ready for me when I get home. I keep a fruit bowl in my classroom too so I always have a nutritious snack.
    Fingers xd I start getting some results x
  20. If you get yourself super organised it is possible to continue with the exercise and healthy eating. You just have to make it a part of your essential routine, no excuses.
    I get up early 3 times a week to do a half hour workout in my living room and make sure I leave work early on the other 2 days to do a long power walk. The weekend then has one very long powerwalk.
    The best thing I ever started doing was writing everything onto a planner to make it a must do rather than a could do. I also plan every single meal and make sure I stick to it. There are loads of SW dishes that are really quick and easy to do.
    I've just had stuffed chicken wrapped in parma ham.....lush [​IMG]

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