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Anyone else had their daily rate cut due to school budgets?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by brunetta, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    I live in an area where there aren't any LA supply pools so I rely on getting supply work through agencies.
    I'm a primary NQT (qualified last June) who still hasn't been able to get an induction post and I've been doing supply since last autumn. You'd think that, as an NQT, I'd be cheap enough as it is.
    I was shocked to get a call from one of the big supply agencies yesterday offering me a day's work for £85. My usual rate with this agency is £95/day. When I queried the £10 reduction I was told that it's due to the school's budget: there've been cuts in budgets and some schools aren't prepared to pay as much as others. I feel quite disgusted about this, surely the agency is making enough money out of me anyway? I'm with a couple of agencies and this one doesn't pay as well as the others but does give me more frequent work.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Given the inability to find an induction post I'm thinking of giving up teaching and supply anyway and finding a job that'll give me a regular income. However, in the meantime, when there's supply work, at least it's some money. Yet this has really left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I feel quite exploited.

  2. i am sorry to hear of your plight, which is all to common, these days. At least you were told of the low rate of pay before you did the work; some agencies lower the rate afterwards, or simply let you find out when you get your pay slip. Another humiliating twist is for agencies to expect a 'cut rate' for longer term bookings, usually at least a reduction of £10 per day.
  3. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    Thanks for a prompt reply albertdog.
    So, it's just the way things are going...I suspected as much. At least, as you say, the agency was upfront about it so I should be grateful for that. I felt bad enough as it is but I imagine I'd be really upset if I found out afterwards or via a payslip; I can't believe some agencies do that.
  4. So supply teachers are having their salaries cut because of school budgetary restraints. But some schools are destroying the arguements about limited funds when they advertise for CSs rather than supply teachers but at salaries of up to 145 quid per day or 650 per week (in Camden and Bedford)
  5. I long for a day's work at the moment so 85 pounds a day (usually 115) would'nt get taxed at all for me anyway. Agencies just want more teachers on their books, to look after their own backs.......
  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    An Academy local to me thinks (like most Academies) that they have a God-given right to bend the rules so they've knocked a tenner a day off the agency's usual daily rate. It was my great pleasure to half promise them I'd work for their measly rate for a few weeks, then blow them out at the last minute in favour of an offer from a school that still pays to scale. I told them quite bluntly I had to go where the money was.

    My worry is that as Academies spread and form consortia for buying in services, the above mentality will spread to other schools.
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Check your contracts with your agencies. If they've specified your daily rate, don't accept a pay cut! They're trying it on by approaching you and mentioning needing to reduce the rate. If you agree, that becomes the new contracted rate.
    My LA agency have been trying it on lately. They started accessing my on-line timesheets, before I got homw to do it myself,and entering fewer hours for my day's work. The system pays based on either a complete day (entered as 5 hours and paid as1/195 of annual pay) or based on complete hoursworked inlesson contact time, with minutes rounded to the next quarter hour.
    There is no such thing on the system as a morning or afternoon rate but they tried to make out that there was and expected me to accept 3 hours of pay for a morning session at a school that has a late lunch break and where I taught 4 lessons. I asked if they'd pay me 2 hours if I was only booked for the afternoon session at that school! I made a huge fuss with the LA ,have been vindicatedand will be getting the missing time paid. I do wonder how many other supply teachers have not noticed this underhand move by the outsourced agency. I can't work out whether the school or the agency are profiting from it.
  8. I had to respond to this post as this has happened to me... Initally I was offered 14 days guaranteed work which I thought was great considering it's the end of term but to accept this I had to accept a pay cut of £10. After a heated discussion and the usual, well the school will go elsewhere and you can't really afford to be picky as there isn't any work at this time of year, I reluctantly agreed on the condition that I did no planning! The agency came back to me telling me how excited the school were that I was going (yeh, yeh) but they could only now guarantee at least 7 days.... OK, I have to accept this then to my beamusement wihin 10 minutes of putting the phone down from this paticular agency I get a round robin email from them
    What can you do with them eh????

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