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Anyone else broken up today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by matryoshkadoll, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    So have I!! Just got back from an after school drink with colleagues. Planning on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow though.... Will start tidying on Sunday - but need a day to chill completely!
  2. This is the first summer since 2004 that I don't have that long lovely summer break to look forward to (not working in schools any more).
    Am seriously envious, but wish all you hard working teachers a very happy, sunny and restful summer. You deserve it!
  3. I plan to look for a new job as I've been made redundant. Boohoo.
  4. Oh I am sorry, dipsue. :-(
    Been there, done that and got the t-shirt four times. It's ****.
    Hope you get something sorted out soon. Lots of luck. x
  5. Thankyou. I'm being positive and planning to do some voluntary and some supply. Oh and I'm going to go on holiday September. LOL
  6. (DIpsue) sorry to hear this. I broke up today too. Didn't go to the planned lunch with some colleagues as I have next to no money left til payday. I came home, ate dinner, had a glass of wine and began spring cleaning. As is summer holiday tradition. Although it usually starts the next day not same day! My flat is a tip! Bedroom successfully spring cleaned and same with kitchen except for windows and mopping of floors in both. Trouble is, the lounge and bathroom still need doing and the lounge is the worst room by far currently. Do I start it now or tomorrow?
  7. Tomorrow, disguise!
    Wow, you put me to shame. :) You've done lots already, it's Friday and it's 8.30 p.m.! Curl up with the pusscat and relax with the telly or a good book and some nice music.
    And perchance another glass of wine...? ;-)
  8. I will have more wine, yes. Mainly because in the process of tidying up the kitchen I dropped a jar of pesto and glass fell in my wine :( And don't get too excited - I ahve been productive, yes, but I have a very small flat!
  9. Just had a brief tidy up in lounge to make it bearable. Think I'll take a shower then watch some tv in bed.
  10. Avatar's on Film4. It's a bit ****, but passes the time. :)
  11. Still got two more days to go! Children are tired and crochety and staff all utilising reserve tanks of energy. Monday is Sports day and family fun day. Tuesday will hopefully be a little calmer.
    Enjoy your holidays all those who are off -Sunday evenings are the best bit of the holidays I reckon!
    Will soon be joining you! [​IMG]
  12. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    Broke up at 3.20. At 3.46, in car whizzing to this country house hotel. Gorgeous. Am clean, fed, lounging in bed and happy. If somewhat knackered.
  13. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    I've had a virus all week and have been trying not to do wheezing and sneezing near colleagues so they don't catch it too. HAving only been back to school for a few weeks, I've already picked up two 'bugs'.
    I'm moving rooms again next year and so have had to do a lot of packing and boxing up my things. So glad it's all done.
    I've had a lovely TA; she's been wonderful. I think she really liked the prezzie I got her, which was a relief, since I'd actually bought three potential presents before getting the right one.
  14. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Thanks to the joys of long-since departed year 11, today consisted of no lessons for me, bar dealing with tutor time. Nothing like winding down on a Thursday :D.
    So piled up many folders for the cleaners to deal with...
  15. woohoo! I have.

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